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  1. Yes the AI ranges from utter stupidity to inhuman genius As for the server, I usually play with a friend and he doesn't have all the expansions yet. Will be fixed soon enough tho I have the full set tho. Heh, for giggles I tried the OFP demo, but I guess I am already too much used to GR. Besides, GR looks more convincing, eventhough OFP has brilliant gameplay (I remember playing it a while back after seeing the chitchat with the two troopers). I race cup/pta/trucks and as for piloting ... I used to have both Il2 and Forgotten battles, but I soon just stuck with Forgotten Battles, and I love to take a dive in the sky again. Been about 8 months since I last flew.
  2. heehee thanks whiteknight sorry to hear about the loss of bits on the other ghost line. and i got bitten by the nascar bug when i lived for two years in the state. I even been to phoenix, saw the track but there was no racing during my 3 month holiday in AZ. :'( And one thing lead to another
  3. Ehm, they don't have GR in their selection. Plenty of CS tho Oh and RtCW nevermind CoD. I'm not sure if they can help, but who knows if you ask nicely. I'm not entirely sure how it works - just browsed through their selection of offered game packages.
  4. Hello everyone, I have visited ghost recon a few times sinde a day or two, and as you can tell I only recently bought this game. Ironicaly the game was in my posession since year, it came with my gfx card, tho the patch made the cd non-functional. I always intended to try and get a replacement, but its just one of those things easily put off. I also noticed that it was a tactical squad based game and I generaly don't like those. I tried rogue spear and etc, swat 2/3 and I just didn't get into it. So I was reluctant to buy it. Two days ago I found a deal I couldn't resist (it was a war pack with 5 games for about €20) and it had the complete works of Ghost Recon. I feared that working with seperate teams and giving orders that it would distract my attention from actually playing and thus enjoying the game, but it was fairly easy to do. Almost a matter of point and click and move forward step by step. Of course, it still had a rather steep learning curve, compared to most shooters I used to play. Mission one took me about a whole day (24 hrs) to complete, getting used to the game and etc. Mind you, that is on the EASY setting I think I took about an hour ingame time to finish it. 59 minutes or so it says after completing. Tho it uses the MP name, so now it has been completed by defPlayer I fixed that immediately. I started doing some missions and getting used to the very different way of playing. I have played FPS games (bhd, vc, moh are one of my favs atm) prior to this and sim games (nascar/gp4/il2). I'm also one of the older gamers, so I kind of like the slow pace of GR compared to running like mad in quake/unreal type games (not to mention all the tricks they do, I'm not about to try a rocket-jump in GR using a bazooka). I'm having a blast, that's for sure. And the game looks still good to me, and at least it runs smooth on my slow system with all settings up. Most upcoming games I won't be able to play anymore, and I can only hope that GR2 will. Going online Getting Ase and Ghost Recon to work over a router wasn't an easy task, but with some IM's back and forth I finaly got it to work. Yay. The dueling went well, but got a bit boring. So I toyed around with some of the server settings and added some AI backup and made it a team vs team game type. At first I was having too much fun to notice some of the weird things, but the longer I played the more it showed. I had a couple of times happening that an enemy shoots me in the back through a wall. At some points you could see the gun stick out. In some areas I could see the enemy run for cover and its shadow would strangely flick over the wall. I tried shooting at it and to my amazement I got a kill that way. Other ways I got kills is by shooting the very top of a hat, in the hand or foot. I guess that's like instant bloodloss? Wink Don't get me wrong, I love the game, I'm just summing up a few things that I notice which most of you guys know about. Is there a way to fix it by using a mod that doesn't permanently remove other thigns that I still use (like threat indicator and recticle etc). Tho the recticle might be the easiest to part with, since I can have an alternative view on the guns (with sights). not sure if that works for all guns, kind of like vc. haven't tried it. Another thing that I noticed was that the AI can be complete idiots at one point and utter geniuses the next. For example, I tried setting up a small ambush using two corners and a doorway. I wanted to space the men a bit wide so they don't all get instant killed by a grenade, launched or otherwise. I wasn't able to do this. Whenever I picked a guy, even on hold, as soon as I move they move. I also had one group near a doorway. I had my view across the side of the wall, but when I switched to another team they were all trying to get into the corner of the doorway o.O I had hope that they would direct fire the direction I was facing before switching. How can I do this better? All in all I had a blast and we went on into the wee lil hours. We tried hooking up on other servers afterwards, but with him only having GR our choices were pretty slim. Anyway, after having reconned the download section I figured an extensive AAR was necessary Ciao Meow!
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