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  1. Goodness, how on earth could I have missed that. The book the movie AND the game? *hangs head in shame* I've been a bit of a fan of Tom Clancy's work after the Hunt for the Red October. Read the book and seen the movie. Makes it all the more shameful to have missed this. I've been slowly trying to buy some of his other books as well. Guess I'll have to do a bit of more shopping this afternoon . Hoak: thanks for the link. I'm reading it now. Ledanek: Actually, I am from the quake scene , but I grew bored of the whole frag 'n roll kind of theme. Even played some fair amount of CS back the. I've been trying to get my friends interested, and even family so who knows the future is bright! edit: I miss-edited the edit. go figure.
  2. Actually, I probably will be spending most of my time playing Doom III by then. If I'm not playing Doom III, then I probably will be flying IL2 or Lomac. Or race Nascar or GP4. I may still play GR occasionaly, not all too sure about GR2 anymore.
  3. ok silly question. What is SoAF? I tried a search but I only got more confused lol Haven't found anything yet that actually explains the abbrev.
  4. Say what!? You actually bought this game!?? Haha, sucker!
  5. I kinda liked the handsignals, it made me believe they were in a non-radio zone. It's rather surprising why the ghost don't seem to use comm systems tho. Its the future, but they have to do with less? As I've said in another post, if I have to go by the movie that I have seen I probably wouldn't buy it. But its rather silly for me to base my view on a xbox movie. The obvious movement of the ret and chars annoyed me to no end. Its not how I am used to see things move on the screen. As far as the graphics go, they don't have to be all that wow and out of this world, just convincing and real enough. Besides, I don't have a computer system to support the 'wow and out of this world graphics'. So I'm hoping that if it runs on a xbox, it might run on my system as well. Tho the newer games I alread cannot play, specialy if a P4 is a minimum requirement.
  6. "I bet it is all your fault, arcade freaks!"
  7. Being able to make your own maps (without needing 3d max or other high end 3d modeling programme) would be great. I love that part about games, to build maps, your own locations and etc. So besides having an Igor 2, I'd like to have a means to make my own maps.
  8. The more I'm playing Ghost Recon the more I hope it will be just as good. Although they focus on the xbox, it doesn't mean the pc version can be improved upon. A prime example was Splinter Cell. Originaly for the Xbox, later a PC version was released which had all the good things of the original and improved upon it. So they CAN do it, the question remains if they think it is viable enough. There are also games I bought which had very lame box art, but I got the game anyway and loved it. Like they say about books might as well be applied here. Don't judge a book on its cover.
  9. Ohh good to hear, if its not too late I'll sure wuold like to try and join. Strange thing is that I cannot play single player, unless I go through the campagne in one go (impossible). It somehow doesnt seem to be wanting to safe my campagne that I started and after redoing the first mission for the umpteenth time I just gave up on sp, tho I'd love to play it. Eraser: I love the idea! I'll type up some framework for you to go by and see what you can make of it Sounds like great fun. If my English was good enough I'd try and write it myself (tho it would include more romance then you guys care for lol - just remember, the ghosts can be husbands too)
  10. Awww man, I just downloaded and installed this mod so I could finish up the last mission with new and improved sound. I then realized that the sound didn't sound all that much different. It seems I activated the wrong mod lol I'll try again
  11. Ohhh, lets all head for Toontown and shoot up some toons! weeeeee! Lets ask Mini if she comes out to play and have a dance the bullets while Daisy is stuffing the barrels with flowers. But where's Goofy? He's off ghosting somewhere else. Stay tuned for more exciting games. Goofy's recon shortly to follow! Don't miss it! Guess we'll just have to wait for the uncut version of Ghost Recon on the PC. You know, when I was playing Splintercell I was actually hopeful that they can make it better (which they did), but they can also seriously screw it up. Btw, Ghost Recon was rated 15+ in the Netherlands as well. Guess in the States they had to choose between PG13 or M?
  12. I think ruggbutt quite nicely illustrated how PB isn't fool proof. That it isn't a matter of running a program and that's it. To consider PB as the one and only means to prevent and deal with cheating isn't necessarily a good thing. Yes its good so long as it works, but we shoulnd't be blind for eventual flaws and hick ups.
  13. Well I guess I am 'lucky' then to only recently having discovered the wonderful world that is tactical squad based games If it wasn't for Ghost Recon I'd never try out that copy of Rogue Spear that have been catching dust forever in my bookcase. Since I don't have the same familiarity of said games I can hope to enjoy them all equally.
  14. If there are games that offend me, its not so strange that it can offend people in power. For me its simply a matter of not buying the game and encouraging my friends to do the same, but I wouldn't run to the Dutch Military and advice for an immediate red alert. They'd send me off for a mental institution I'm sure! But the 'its a game' is being used as a too easy of an excuse in thinking that everything goes as long as it is a game. There are limits, some are easy to see others are a bit more tricky, but once we step on toes we have to tread carefully.
  15. Well more fun is good, but i'll give both rifleman and demo a go and see what i like better. Though seeing how GR takes place in the future we haven't really build anything extra ordinair then. Remember, GR is realistic, so this is how war is fared in a few years! not Kidding aside, realism is a tricky thing to get right in a game. For one realism is not having the ability to save, but then you can still restart the game (and wow wars would go on forever if they could restart whenever the odds are not in their favor). I have problems with games that have limited saving. Often turns so frustrating that I quit playing them. I mean, you only want to go through a mine field so many times ...
  16. And why is that? Please keep in mind I don't play this game for a long time nor do I have a favorit kit or weapon yet. they all make noise and seem to hurt the opponents.
  17. Then how did Tom's Clancy's name get attached to the game?
  18. Uh ... what the heck is a sprog? Eventhough it may mean that you think you won't do well, I still like to know what it means
  19. Heya Crimson, thanks for the offer but I already race in two leagues (euro based), so I'm only looking for some 'no string attached' racing in a relatively green environment I checked out the website and forums tho. Looking good. I can see the reason for needing TS, but I can barely run nascar lol. i never liked these voice thingies myself, its like a phone that never rings and never shuts up.
  20. and the static download on page 1 is very static now ... nothing to download there
  21. thanks for the welcomes everyone, sorry I spaced that yesterday in my previous post
  22. For €85 a month I can get a 1536 kbps downstream and 1024 kbps upstream. Now I don't know how much is needed per client (I believe nascar only needs about 22kb per client) so I couldn't say how many would be able to connect. I'm not sure how much 60quid is tho ... and you'd still need a pretty decent system. Hmm, plus you need to be in an area that is somewhat central for all the users, idealy (or restrict yourself to a certain region).
  23. I have to admit that at first, a few days ago already, I started playing the game with a sniper as my main toy of pain. When I went online, the first few sessions I indeed picked again the sniper. Tho I soon found out that it wasn't really practical for me (you need to shoot, hit and move again, if you miss you're dead, too often I was reloading and AARRGGGHH). So I went from sniper to the support role and I seem to like that a lot better.
  24. i think we're a bit wandering down the path of off topics ... anyway, as for servers - isn't it cheaper to just run a dedicated server yourself? (see i can be on topic) Green flag, green flag (camo), go go go (its what they say in game when we start playing )
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