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  1. Haha, yeah those kind of end-boss things. They also take a huge amount of time to take down. Some even require a puzzle to sort out before they go. I just don't have the patience anymore to fight with a monster for 20 min. I could perfect my tactics on certain GR missions in that time hehe trigger happy with swat isn't a good thing no. And as I said earlier, SWAT 3 does have multiplayer, but they came with it a little too late. As far as Rainbow Six goes ... there is too much planning which I don't like. I don't mind planning as I go along, but to pre-plan an entire mission without ever set foot in the place wasn't something I enjoyed. I also hate the fact that you cannot save, which at times makes it a very frustrating game if you want all your guys to survive each mission. I mean, if you cannot save during the mission they should give you an AI that can take care of itself. I also never really understood how they can provide mission plans that don't even work. I might touch Rainbow Six again when I'm more patient, and that's not now As for what other games there are ... right now I'm not so sure anymore.
  2. Yes I agree, there were a lot of problems having vietcong run smooth and consecutive patches often did more harm then good. People still got the random CTD's and so on. However, my interest in the game is based on the interest in that particular war. And I did enjoy playing through the single player version, eventhough Nhut was a nut lol and the friendly AI was giving me headaches at times too. I never bought Vietcong for MP tho, it didn't attrack me. Ghost Recon only attracks me if it is co-op, i don't care much for deathmatches or hamburger hill whatever As for SWAT 4, don't know much about all the problems you speak off, I haven't realy followed it. I know it has been delayed at least twice now since it was already suppose to come out lol. I really liked SWAT 3 too though. Its one of the games that really made me feel part of a team, more than with Ghost Recon, where often I felt I was babysitting them. And SWAT 3 does have mulltiplayer tho, it was added later. I got my niece and nephew a copy and they seem to love the paintball version
  3. and why removing 512mb? If you want, maybe take out the 256 but keep the 512, tho i'm not sure why not keep the 768? as for finding people, have you tried ASE? Or are you using ubi? Just do a search for the 'all seeing eye' to get a download. I'm lazy today
  4. I'm not too fond of OFP myself either. Fan of the game keep saying that it is one of the best combat simulations, but that's not going to matter much if you don't like the game to begin with. GR has kind of spoiled me. Its funny how a certain type of game has a certain amount of influence. As I've written before I tried some FPS games after GR but they were just not as good anymore (Chrome, and I even tried the Farcry demo which I just didn't like either). So although many new games are coming out where I've said earlier i probably would be playing those, but now I'm not too sure anymore. when something doesn't feel right (I guess I keep using GR as a reference) it kind of spoils it to me. If I have to hit a guy with no helmet like 10 times in the head before it goes down then ... *yawn* Or when a machinegun sounds like a fart gun without being a SD version, or when enemies go flying when hit ... I don't know ... I also grew a bit tired of these 'end bosses' you can find in various FPS games or the silly hunt for the key or code kind of schemes *yawn*. So I guess I kinda grew out of those, and perhaps GR is to blame. So really, if GR2 isn't worth playing (I do hope it is), I probably will continue playing Ghost Recon. Heck I even tried replaying some of the games, like MOH and Vietcong, which aren't bad games to begin with, but they just don't do it for me anymore. *shrug*
  5. Yeah and its a very very old expression too. I know it for as long as I've been on the net since '94. In fact, it was the first thing that was told me when I asked obvious questions ah good flames, good times. It isn't really a nice way to say it, but its something that will happen when people insist in wanting to ask obvious questions which they could have answered themself easily. Read The Freakin' Manual. of course, the F word can be used in many ways. Be creative O, I guess the forums doesn't allow much creativeness either oh well. you get the idea.
  6. since i usually have the same guys with me, its kinda annoying if one gets hurt and starts to limp on the next mission. I could swap it with another guy, but then the lesser skilled will kind of pull down overal performance. Its kind of like being with a squad of vets and suddenly one vet is replaced with a rookie. dunno. doesn't do well for morale I'd say i know i know, its just a game hehe, i guess i just get too much into it and really want to have them go through it in one piece. If they really were part of your team you wouldn't want them to get hurt either, would you? i don't really care for the medals tho. i don't think i could ever play it without a save tho, that would be too frustrating for me. I like to be able to retrace my steps and try from there, and if the plan realy is faulty to just start over.
  7. I replay a mission until I get it right. So if one guy dies, I'll restart. If one is wounded I'll restart. Only one time I didn't, but that was because it was the last mission on the last part and he would 'retire' after that anyway tho all missions I have gone through with none of my members harmed. that's also how i play soaf (fail on team casualty)
  8. After playing Chrome I definately have to say no to vehicles Chrome made me wonder if I really should bother at all anymore with FPS games, and that while Doom III is luring around the corner. Oh, and lets not forget about Half Life 2. I'm just too afraid that adding vehicles will turn the game into some arcadish shoot 'm upper. Most vehicles in games had horrible handling and physics and you could just tell by the way it was moving. tricky to say the least.
  9. Its also a good idea that once your game crashes to perform a checkdisk if your system doesn't do this automatically. Another thing you might try is uninstall and reinstall the mod and see if that fixes it. Also see if you still have the crash with the two official expansions. The error you posted doesn't tell me anything tho, not my forté - but it might be helpful if you post your system stats as well.
  10. OWR mod What's that and where do you download it from? OWR is the Open Wheel Racing mod for nascar 2003. There is info and links you can find here: http://forum.rscnet.org/showthread.php?t=163768 please read the instructions carefully.
  11. Parabellum: ubi soft need to make money, that's what their roots are. In making money in the game business. If consoles sell more games then pc's they will cut in their own finger if they focus on the wrong market. There will be a PC version, whether it will be good is another question. Again, its up to you whether you want to buy it or not. For Ubi its not the segment in the market that will bring them enough. That are the numbers and facts they believe in. The pc gamers in sales is a small number compared to the consoles, so its not so strange that this group becomes a lower priority. I have played games with a console background yes. Several in fact. The latest I remember, which was in fact a good game is Splinter Cell. Other games I remember are Grandia 2 and Shadows of Memory. Even FF8 made it to the PC, tho I played the console version. I say it again, its a bit unrealistic to expect from Ubi to give priority to a group that is the smaller part of the market, its about making profit. Again, its up to us to either buy it or leave it. Ubi doesn't owe us a thing.
  12. Well I just came home with Chrome, tho I was intended to buy XIII but this one was recommended (I was in doubt even whether I would actualy wanted to buy XIII). It reads on the box that it is a tactical shooter. Ehm. I'm still trying to discover where this tactical part actually fits in. It seems to be just like many of the FPS games I've played. It looks nice tho, and plays smooth even on my system. Not that I don't enjoy this game, but its of course a highly unrealistic sci-fi shoot 'm up. Vehicles look great tho, but they're horrible to drive Which comes to the point, when exactly becomes a shooter a tactical shooter and when is it actually just a shooter. I mean if they say: don't run up and shoot enemies up close, its a tactical shooter so dealing with more than 1 enemy can kill you quickly, shoot them from a distance, is that actually a valid reason to call your game 'tactical'? And ehm, since i just patched the game I'll be replaying the first mission again. Until later
  13. SWAT3 is very fun multiplayer too, I think you want to really patch to latest though if playing MP as some added features. And what made you think I didn't? Tho it was kinda tricky to figure out since my version ended up being a 1.4 elite, not 1.6. nor was it a CQB 1.2 version. I decided to upgrate do the 1.6 update and topping it off with the swat 3 2.1. Tho i am kinda puzzled why the uk and us version differs in size so much. I'm also not sure if these mods and levels you can download are really worth it, some are I think updates from existing maps, others are additions. Hmm, guess i'll have to find a decent swat 3 forum
  14. Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of Ghost Recon I'm working on Desert Siege right now, mission 4. I'm kind of procrastenating this one, because I very much hate these babysit missions, either tanks or convoys I really don't care for them. I much rather just sneak in, search and destroy. Oh well ... I'm playing on vet atm. I haven't tried elite yet, but I fear thats a setting which will be waaaay over my head. Vet is challenging enough for me as it is. I started desert siege on recruit but found it too easy (guess I learned a few things doing the original). In fact, it wasn't until the 2nd mission that I forgot to update the stats I also have been a bit distracted because right now I'm also redoing SoAF on vet/med setting, so I'm playing that as well. (and many other games).
  15. Its rather surprising that I got myself going in this kind of play at all. As I've said before, I have never been a great fan of tactical shooters. Or rather, I never had the patience to actually give them a try However, now that I rediscovered this genre there is indeed a lot of games I never played which I suddenly pick up and give a go. I think Ghost Recon was the perfect path to take for a first experience. I'm still playing this game, and working on the expansions now (desert siege atm). I'm also tryng to get friends interested I'm really enjoying myself with Swat 3. They do have some strange default keyboard setups but that's easy enough to fix. You can load the aswd setup, but you have to change it still because its not entirely set as it should be. I love how the game makes me think. I have been redoing missions to see if another tactic would work, see if I could improve my leader score etc. etc. I just love how my behavior in game affects my career as commanding officer. If I really screw up (I tried just for laughs) you have to retire and start over. The reporting of suspects and hostages turns into a bit micromanagement at times, and you'll have to follow correct procedures or the suspect will be there and if you finish the mission you fail. At the start I didn't realy know how it all worked and I kept failing the mission. Later on I realized I forgot to remove the rifle from the scene o.O. Or a suspect isn't being removed because he still has a weapon in his holster, or yuo didn't call in correctly. Its a bit more difficult also because even if you are in dynamic mode (assault), you cannot just blow out the door and start shooting down everyone. Even if a bad guy is running around, but he's not firing at you, you cannot simply take 'm out. So I start screaming compliance repeatedly, toss in a bang, then he points the gun at me and I take 'm out. I try to aim for legs, body, in the hope that i don't get a one hit kill. I don't always follow the right procedures and I even got one of the guys wounded. Which means my leadership score gets a big hit. Im tempted in starting over, to get it right. Once you get the hang of it, it plays pretty fluid. I'd say its a bit more difficult than say GR or SoAF due to the ROE. Its also more difficult because the career you make is a dynamic one. I wouldn't mind seeing more dynamic there tho. Like, if you're wasteful with ammo, you might get a warning. after ignoring warning you might get low on ammo. You don't have ammo counters so you need to count the shots yourself and predict when you need to reload. You also have to play to save life not to take it. I had a few times that I would shoot a suspect and after one shot he would comply. If i would kill him after that, it would again badly affect my record. So yeah, Im really liking it. It realy makes me feel being part of a team. The AI is also pretty sharp. It screws up every now and then, specially on stairs leading to a closed door (glad it was only a bang, not a nade lol) but in overal they really do their job well. Its fairly easy to give team commands as well. If Ghost Recon 2 would play any where near this, concerning team play and its communication structure, they sure will have a winner on their hands. I like the game so much I bought 3 copies. One for myself, and the other two for my niece and nephew Of course at €5.99 you can't go wrong with this one haha.
  16. I never really understood this betrayel thing, as if ubi or red storm owes us something. Sorry, they don't. Its their call to either listen or ignore the userbase. Its your call to either buy it or not. End of story. Some people seem to have a bit of unrealistic expectations at times, this in general speaking tho. I'm not trying to start a flame war. If I end up not liking Ghost Recon 2, I will continue playing Ghost Recon and I recently got my hands on Sums of All Fears which, although brief, I enjoyed very much. I've restarted the campagne but now with the bloodmod installed. Makes for a whole new experience. I also got into a habit in shootcheck if he's really dead just to see another wisp of blood spraying out. Other games I'm waiting for are Doom III, Half Life 2, Pacific Fighters (finaly, carriers!). Games I want to buy but lack funds, Silent Hill III (old konami fan) and XIII (comic book fan). I know XIII hasn't been received well, but its something different and fresh. I hope they'll learn from this experience and come with a sequal to do better. Strongly doubt this will happen, but hey one can hope. I still have plenty games to play through. Other games I still play are lomac, Il2 and nascar (you gotta try that OWR mod! Its a blast!). Replaying hitman atm.
  17. Well I know better than to pry in situations like that, if they wish to talk about it great, if not still good friends. Though the ones that did talk to me found it a bit hard to settle back in civil life, where everything is so unruly and chaotic. One of them used to get really ticked off when people refused to get into a simple line. He was so used to that kind of discipline, and more than once we had to leave the stores because he was getting extremely agitated. I guess its like a different world entirely. and oh my goodness, we strayed off the main topic again. woe to us.
  18. And here I thought that the F words where supposed to come from the players lips! Atleast that's what happends when I play. Well since I am not English speaking my foul language is usually in Dutch So I only rarely will use the F word. Tho best is just to take a deeeeeep breathe, count to ten, and if you still feel the urge to scream and shout maybe its time for a break
  19. that's a real shame. I was always looking forward to when my brother came home from service and i would shower him with all these questions. when i was in the states for about two years i've met vets from various wars but none wanted to really talk about it. i understand, but i was just curious. tried buying them beers but they were much better drinkers than i am I did get an invite to a big july the 4th party so it wasn't exactly in vain. I wouldn't have mind spending time in the army or the force, but since i'm a medical hazard i'll just have to resort to playing silly games TMI perhaps
  20. imo SoAF plays a lot easier than Ghost Recon. I just finished SoAF in less than 20 hours. I've been playing yesterday until the weeeeeee lil hours, got up early and wrapped up the final two missions this morning. Loved the mansion mission, my favorit by far. Some tricky situations too, very cool. I did have some strange occurances tho, and that seems to be part of Ghost Recon as well. If I restart I sometimes get a more difficult map than usual. I suddenly will find enemies where I haven't seen them before. Yet the ones I do remember will still be where I normaly encounter them. So its not just a matter of them wandering around. Anyone else had this ever happen? And yes I'm about to run to the store to pick up Swat 3. It looks sweet in 1280x1024 Besides its pretty cool to scream comply on the top of your lungs. tho, I don't remember swat members being so overly polite. I miss a lot of F words there
  21. Yub yub, it was thanks. I've downloaded it and it works. Its looking much better, but it makes me really wonder about the 15+ on the box lol. Gray blood you need to be 15 years old I guess. I know its a relative violent game, but without blood and then 15+? Oh well ... So much for rating. my lil niece was 9 when she played quake 2 lol.
  22. I just tried the Swat 3 demo (close quarters version), and if this is the gameplay to expected I probably will pick it up. It was fairly cheap too. I was reluctant to buy tho, because no matter how cheap, if I end up not playing it, its a shame to waste it. It seems a game I could enjoy tho, although the radio part can become somewhat of a chore. And the guy, somehow that voice reminded me of Raymond, out of 'Everyone loves Raymond.' Ever noticed? I could be horribly wrong, but the voice is quite simular. I haven't figured out how to play Raven Shield around the planning phase tho. I mean I can of course just use the planning that came with the game, but its almost impossible to use it and have all your men survive. Rogue Spear seemed a bit friendlier. I haven't even started on Athena's Sword. I've been reading up on various sites, but they all kind of expect you to follow the planning methode. The final verdict on soAF. Its good, but its *short*. I'll be finished by tomorrow in med setting (well med setting, auto aim off, team casualties on). And another thing, it doesn't show blood for some odd reason. If I hit a tango it gives this grayish wisp of 'blood'. Very strange to say the least. Sorry for hijacking your thread
  23. Hoak thanks for starting this thread as it got me curious about SoAF. Ledanek: thanks for the heads up that it might be on sale still. I got my hands on a copy for €14,95. Can't wait to play it. After playing a lot of Ghost Recon, I have retried to play Rogue Spear, but I just don't get it lol. Not to mention it won't save my progress (I had to start over on the campagne 4 times now, and still no campagne saved even after finishing mission one). Raven Shield seems even more trickier. I guess the no saving is what bothers me most. Anyway, I'm off to play the sum of all fears. Laters Update: Wow brilliant game haha. Ok, I am really liking this after finishing just one mission. Its obvious that it has a GR heritage, but it is different enough to feel new. Love the extra Spec Op options (i won't use no save, but the casualty is almost a must, imo). Don't like that you only get a small team of 3 and cannot switch teams, but I think the gameplay is brilliant. It feels like playing Ghost Recon in a rainbow six jacket. Somehow I wish I could play Rogue Spear this way Thanks again for the suggestion, I'm very happy with this buy. naturaly, the next question is, if I like this type of games, what other titles would I likely enjoy as well? I still feel rainbow six is too complex, because I don't really like the whole planning phase. I've almost bought the SWAT collection, but I was afraid it might be too much like rainbow six and much less like ghost recon (planning wise).
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