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  1. Congrats Serellan, a well deserved role for you. Thank you for all you have done for our community. You will be missed, but certainly not forgotten.
  2. Same thoughts here. This type of environment reminds me a lot of Full Spectrum Warrior
  3. Yes, I too would like to thank Rocky for the kind gesture Thanks a lot.
  4. Hey Everyone, I would like to inform everyone that the well respected clan called the Canadian Airborne is creating a 16 week GR League to begin in March 2005!! I think EVERYONE should check this league idea out, and we can each try to get a couple of respected clans to join up, and we'll have a great league developed in no time! Check out the GRL05 Website There are 7 games and the team that wins the most out of 7 games wins. Draws count and if the teams are tied after 7 games then there is a sudden death game. Here are the basic Rules(if you guys are interested): 7 games (most rounds win, draws count) Sudden death game if tied after 7 LMS (Team) Random Insertions ON TI OFF Reticule No respawn No sensors 10 minutes no observers Team Colours 1= red 2= blue 3= green 4= yellow Please note that I am not involved in the organization of the league, I am just trying to lend a hand in its publicity, because I have played GR since its been out, and I think this would be a good farewell tournament to it..it would be nice to spice things up a bit EDIT: My bad in the title, it is a 16 week league, not 16 month Fixed.
  5. WEP_Kabal


    Wow.. this shows that even the people at google have waaaaay too much time on their hands..!
  6. Hey Everyone, A friend asked me today who made the DA4.9 mod for GR that we all know and use frequently.. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks
  7. Just wanted to let everyone know that the FNG Gaming Community is currently a community that is just starting up! We're working on covering everything from all our beloved FPS's(Doom 3, GR1, GR2, AA, Far-Cry, CoD, Halflife anything else anyone is interested in) to the normal BS that we always must have in forums! So please, take a little bit to stop in a register, we would love to have many more people in there to chat with! Also if anyone is interested in becoming a moderator for these forums as we would like to have one for at least each game, that is committed to helping us grow, then be sure to stop by and post that you're interested! Looking forward to seeing some of you stop in!
  8. Well, I was thinking of Ditto-ing a ditto that was ditto'ed previously.. now what happens there then???
  9. You're right on the money with that one.. a sad day indeed.. gl Para in the future, and many thanks from everyone im sure for the effort you put into this mod for the GR Community
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