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  1. embassy= very nice embassy in over the shoulder view....very lame
  2. while I appreciate GRINs activity here, I think they should spend more time comforting those who are worried about cheats in GRAW more than anything else. If nothing is done about the cheats, it doesnt matter how much you can hear yourself get shot and jerk to the side, this game will blow. I know its been said the AC in a future patch, but theres always a new thread with someone broken hearted and letdown due to the cheats.....ive not seen one post from them saying all will be well soon.
  3. someone from GRIN did say that the enemy AI wouldnt be like the 360 AI..."super soldiers".....I think they are worse tho... I agree that the AI are hackers....they use AA and retlock....maybe names....I dont know....
  4. Oh my friend, you are in luck. There is indeed something that GRIN can do, and HAVE done regarding cheating. Bo had the foresight not to include PB, or Replays. Then to ensure everyones fun, you can't kick or ban on the Gamespot servers... And Dom Mode, well, Bo got that one right too! This is why there about 50-100 playing at any given time! Maybe June patch will save GRAW MP. Doubt it. funny.....but so true
  5. will the AC(if and when its released) affect that or other types of non cheating scripting?
  6. 9 pages so forgive me for not going thru and seeing if this has been discussed, but while playing MP last night I noticed tons of people sliding and shooting. If you cant run and shoot there should be no way you can slide and shoot. To me its the same as run n gun.... I enjoyed a few hours of MP with my squad, and yea I was the victim of a few slide by shootings, and I gave a few but IMO it is the opposite of what graw is trying to be about. I mean its bad enough you slide for 10 ft, but you have total control of your weapon in the process and great accuracy? Any thoughts? Heres a link where
  7. I understand the gripe with the type of maps in MP but cmon fellas, if the story takes place in anartica, why would there be desert maps? Yes GR1 had a great variety of maps, I know this. I wish GRIN would of taken some of the maps from the campaign and made em MP.....then we would of had a better variety. Like the night map, the dusk one....etc.... I would like more info on what this "June patch" will include. Detailed info I might add....all in all Ive been too busy playing sp....again to play the mp. If the Mp doesnt become what most want .....theres always crysis and OE2
  8. If you look at it from the other direction you have people rehashing the same "positive" issues. There's no difference except from which point you're standing. My comment still stands in that it "seems" that it's ok here to reiterate from here to eternity about the good points, but that negative points (no matter how much or how little discussed) are not welcome. I'll be the first to complain about something but I'm also not afraid to post praise. There are many others here who feel the same way. There are fantastic points about GRAW that are completely overshadowed by it's bad points.
  9. Im thinking of getting these: http://www.turtlebeach.com/site/products/e...producthome.asp cheaper here: http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=361104 Oh yea i have an xfi xtreme so Im hoping the 2 together is leetness : )
  10. great video! Its always fun to blow up teamates....AI or real people. Ive shot many enemies in the head, with single shot, only to have them get up and look shoot directly at me.....of course I was being stealthy and in great cover but the AI hack.....Ive been saying that since tecmo bowl..." the computer is a foooookn cheater!" I read here that the AI wasnt like the 360 but in some instances they are worse.....nevertheless Its not enough to prevent me from enjoying the game, which I do.
  11. Keeping it......been playing the sp like crazy. This game is real intence. I like more about the game than I hate, and what I hate has to do with MP so.......keeper here.
  12. when you peek, tap the strafe button while peeked and you will move while scoped...
  13. in the dom mode u can kill tons of ppl but if u never capture any zones ur points go nowhere.....so it forces you to be active in capturing and defending zones to accumulate points. i dont hate it
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