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  1. ok iv been wanting to restore my whole comp anyway.... any1 here use a dell??? if so what CD is it and what do i do?
  2. but c thats the problem... if i uninstall i cant install again... it keeps going to uninstall after i did uninstall
  3. no i just got the CD and the lil books.. som1 told me to uninstalled xp or somthing then reinstall it
  4. well..... STILL SAYS NEED CORRECT CD!!! WAHH!!!
  5. OK now... i use DS and try to go in DS games... and it says Sorry for the Inconvenience but blah blah blah error... then wen i try Regular ghost recon... it says PLEASE INSERT THE CD WEN I TRY AND USE GR WITH GR CD!!! im thinking maybe its a fake CD..
  6. i DO that... and it says please insert the CD wen GR CD is IN!!!!
  7. now its getting errors wen i try using DS CD... the GR just says insert CD wen its in!
  8. i dont need to anymore... PHOBOS I CANT THANK U ENOUGH!!! what i did wrong is i picked the date i uninstalled... so i did it again and picked 1 date behind... YES!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
  9. god..... it didnt work!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!!! i tried uninstalling it like 50 times... i dont no what to do!
  10. ok i was TRYING to play GR after a month or 2 and it kept saying somthing like Wrong Version... YES i had all the patches, so i decided to uninstall it. I UNINSTALLED IT AND TRIED TO REINSTALL IT! but i dont no what happen but. it says its still in the Add/Remove Programs thing but not anywhere else. so i try to install and it says UNINSTALL. so i uninstall and try to install and it keeps coming up as UNINSTALL!!!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!
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