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  1. I work the same way, Just export the model as you used to (no welding and no smoothing) Then fire up max and import the 3ds file. It works for me. Remember when you use solids, you can end up with a lot of lost vertices in Max. Just try it and you'll see what I mean. Sometimes is better to export the model in parts.
  2. Thanx Snow, now it's all clear to me.
  3. @ DVS1 Whooo nice reticule, I realy like to use someone like that.
  4. Thanx SnowFella. About the alpha layering.... I'm not in to photoshop that much, but I guess it works the same as the alpha layering for a reticule? Are there any examples around here?
  5. About 10K The grips, handles,scope etc are complete build-up with meshes. Maybe wasn't this such a good idea. But looks pretty nice I guess. Maybe a remodel the gun someday.
  6. Another pic from the XM109, finished the model today. Just a few hours of texturing and it will be ready for use Oh....I exported the untextured model to GR and the only thing that amazed me was, the left hand of the sniper moves from the barrel to the back of his right shoulder. Looks very silly. What did I do wrong with the helperpoints?
  7. Nice model too DVS.. If you need some extra textures, jus msg. Any nice tips to reduce my poly's , and still keep it as smooth as it is?
  8. This is my shot of the XM, don't think it's gonna make to GR. Ultra high polycount
  9. I've got a video tutorial of it but........ I can't remember the url
  10. Here it is Oh....another thing... Is the shape of the muzzle flash for all the pistol/rifles the same?
  11. Thnx guys for all the feedback I hope to improve my skills and.... tips are always welcome. About the polycount it's 994 ( I guess that's way to big nha?)
  12. This is my first model... I started with a small one, a Glock23C. What do you guys think of it. Can you give me some feedback.
  13. Hi, is there a way to edit or create new explosion types? I'm creating new missles and need a huge blast
  14. Hi there, I want to create a few new models, but i'm short of a few files MissionPackModel_Geometry.max GhostReconBones.max Can't find them on the net Can anyone help me out? TIA Jaxe
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