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  1. I've got an ATI Radeon x600 256Mb.. I downloaded the latest driver..but the problem is still here.
  2. My trees are acting up... has anyone an idea how i can fix this ? Thanx ... Jaxe
  3. Dropkick Murphys - Fields of Athenry
  4. Did this just for fun RVS meets GR
  5. oops, I added head.rsb to the model and....It walks
  6. Last weeK I started again, with modding characters. It's been a while since I created my last one, and now I can't remember everything :'( . I attached the model to the bones (after merging), edited the envelopes en exported it to GR. When I choose the chr in GR, it shows-up in game, but the model ain't moving. I can see the rifle moving. but the chr is just a static mesh. ps. I forgot to use the orginal head.rsb for his head (but this has todo with the blinking stuff......I thought ) Jaxe
  7. I managed to port some chr's from another game. Can I use these for GR or will these be a problem? ( legal rights etc)? Cuz I read this topic and it's not completly clear to me. Jaxe
  8. Takes me one or two weeks to deliver
  9. Only a new skin?? or a complete new model?
  10. Cutting the holes in the heatshield ain't an option I guess? Or.... maybe you could mirror/copy the faces and mirror the normals from the copy you've created?? And since the heatsheild is not the biggest part (poly-wise), i guess it's not to bad for your polycount....... just guessing.
  11. Pantera - Revolution is my name
  12. I had the same problem with one of my chr's. I toggled the checkbox"2-sided" (shader basics parameters) to true. This solved the problem for me. Maybe you can give it a shot.
  13. Lookin' forward to this one...great story
  14. Isn't that pipeline an 'underground" structure, and the only things you see next to the MSR are a kind of conjunction-boxes
  15. The storyline I've been waitin' for. Nice work Chems . Are the characters gonna wear shemags? (like in the movie) Jaxe
  16. Hey Stalker, any progress on these guys
  17. Suicidal Tendencies - Possessed To Skate
  18. Hatebreed ??? you guys should really listen to Deviate Angel Crew Backfire Now listening to : Ill Disposed - In Search of Souls
  19. Yeah, I think you're right one this one... I'm pretty pigheaded, so I hope I can pull it off. Even if this will take me a month to export it to GR.
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