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  1. Ryan243 mate where in new zealand ? dont forget you are allway welcome at my place
  2. Devil Dog it just ozzies you face in this tread it whole comwealth and our token yank rayn
  3. i said kill the bloody the yanks we have allway be king of bs 143 page of carp
  4. hey mate it must be a kiwi irt was spell right next week a got two off work can you spell v b s and nzsas got a usa unit citation in the stan
  5. bloody work i get back first week 58 hr 2nd week 68 last week 75 hr so i around will try and post more
  6. iam back i just need to time to think everything thought
  7. Wrong Car Damaged At Bathurst Party 11/10/2004 11:32 AM NewstalkZB The dangers of owning a Ford when a Holden wins the Bathurst race have been brought home to a Hamilton man. A drunk man has put an axe through the bonnet of a late model Ford Laser. Inspector Darroch Todd says the owner of the car lived next door to a party being held by Bathurst fans, where part of the entertainment was to trash a wrecked vehicle, but the axeman got the wrong car. He has agreed to replace the bonnet this morning. that life in the fish blowed
  8. murray eng on fire that will teach him for dis fielding for auckland
  9. No she wasn't. You see, SilentNight and I suggested that he try to have Thats a No no ~NYR with his friend (who he wants to be more than a friend). He tried. She told him to get lost. He spent that night getting drunk with a bunch of Americans, blew all his money, and is now married to a stripper. no greek yank on tour of city we had a little wine a little volka and then we when to anotther bar tthe stiper bar we got sting big time barfly buy me a drink just a juice ok end of night get the bill 7500 robuls about $300 usa i should have know better and the bounders where carry sidearm so it was not a fight just hand the money over
  10. Ghostdog post more and welcome Gordo_Viper what award never let out of new zealand or if finded pease return to new zealand
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