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  1. Guys, Forgot to say - any messages to pass onto him RE: mods and ######, PM them to me and il pass it on in person!
  2. Hi Guys! I am Chems real world best mate and a quick message to say (as Rocky will backup), Chems hard disk failed after he ran a "registry cleaner" as recommended by an "unnamed" source on this forum! He brought it round mine last night but unfortunatley, the read write sectors that are needed by Windows, DOS and every other recover program to identify and copy data have been damaged permantley! He is therefore out of action for a while but will be back asap! if ya see him on and off, hes using his laptop which no doubt wil break soon too Chems says he is sorry and that he will be b
  3. As a developer I hav had this patch for over 6 months now (from BETA testing - current). The first thing we noticed in our company was the useful features such as popupblocker and firewall. we also were not affectred by trhe recent sasser and mydoom HOWEVER, u hav to ask urself, wot kind of company, builds in an option to reboot the computer from the command prompt (via a program) usign the simple command as shutdown. this is asking for hackers to make a program to remotely do this. al it needs is a bit of web programming experience, an innocent website infected and ur away
  4. great stuff chems. downloading now excellent matee
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