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  1. its so the rpgs explode before they can penetate the armor and then they just basically dont do anything to the tank
  2. yeah just make sure you dont make the degrees per second number too high or it will be choppy and you will need to make more path points. O and when i did it i was able to have like them bank around trees and stuff in the caves map its really nice.
  3. i asume the troop carriers will have an interiooor you can ride in? cause thats a selling point for me.
  4. You can do something to make it fly good. you go under igor and then you need to find the vehicle editor option and change the choppers turning speed to 360 or more m/s then it will turn circles and stuff the higher you make the number thugh the more shakie and you want to keep it under 720 cause then it dont bank as well. you will probably need to change the name you save it under to blackhawk 2 if using the blackhawk. It is very nice when this works. try though to make alot of path points to aid in it seeming smooth.
  5. If you want the black fog to be more around you set the near range to -10 or -5 and you won see that unrealistic line
  6. I'd love to see the Rocket lancher in game will it be able to have all tubes fire that would be the best
  7. also more important yet can player platoon ride in it?
  8. Well i thought i had a great mod going but then now the mission isnt working. But any way i am using HX5's null actor and i am trying to put him into multiplayer so i can kick my friends ###### over LAN but it just aint working. I have no clue what to do.
  9. How do i make an actor show up in multiplayer cause i have one but he dont show up. in Simple terms please. Thanks
  10. I'd be able to help mod some missions for you if help is needed. PM me for details.
  11. I think (im not for sure) you can tell it to killactorif then make a zone where it blows up like a radius and then put proximity actor team etc. then kill actor etc. ill look
  12. you know the vikings will do good.
  13. Who will win today? Packers or Vikings. I think Vikes
  14. are there any mods where there are characters with grass strapped on like the Island thunder cubans . that would be cool with grass sticking straight up out of there backs.
  15. couuld you make them so they look like farmers with coveralls also can you make a farmers wife kind of homely looking in jeans. The farm hands need to be with jeans and old shirts or jackets. thanks for your help
  16. Is it on fileplanet yet?
  17. Are you a real force recon sniper? Cause thats what i wnat to be.
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