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  1. A big white van like the druggies or survalence people use would be nice.
  2. I think tom clancy needs to step in and kick ubisoft in the butt i cant believe he'd let his name be put on a run and gun type game based on the way he writes anyway.
  3. this should not be such an obituary of the game it may be better lets not be quick to judge as long as it is moddable i think we can make it as good as we want it to be.
  4. I believe that it will be good as long as they have enough woodland and cut down on the sci fi look. And never mind the fact that squels are bad look at homealone 2 it was way better than the first so i think that this being the second and all of the compliants we gave them will be better. Just read my signature
  5. is there a suspected release date?
  6. could you put one under a builing if possibel like embassy map
  7. You were going to have a multi level pariking gargage Sweet!
  8. i think its gotta be tagged as a tank from what i have gathered
  9. Yep definatly the normal city and if possible lots of bulingings you can go in on top or such
  10. i kinda wish this would stay eculsivly to pc since we got jipped last time
  11. Another good idea is that we shoud be able to pick the camo you wear your apperance and well kinda like madden where you cna customize every thing so then like clans and stuff can hve their own look and personality and if the ai could be affected by the camo like if i wear a ghille suit I wouldn't want to be seen at the same spot that i could wearing blue jeans and camo like the original.
  12. looks good im so hungry right now though and it looks like jello i might eat the screen
  13. Gosh i'd hate that if they blocked it here at school they've already blocked all the other sites.
  14. I agree that we need moding tools think how long we are going and we dont have any just think if we did we'd take this along way. And we need at least 1200x1200 maps so we can get lost and really have room to use tactics. Driving stuff would be cool too. More foliage than the original too. Going in buildings is a plus because in the embassy mission we could only go in 2 buildings.
  15. looks good to me you have any shots of the interiors of the apcs
  16. I was just wondering if there was a civel war mod out there with the old single shot rifles gattling guns and picket fence. that would put a whole new spin to the game have the not so good ol 2 sides line up and blast each other scenario maybe having the ghosts, wit differnt niforms of corse be the milita or some sharpshooters from back then. I dont know just and idea i drempt up last night.
  17. I think interiors on vehicles would be nice
  18. how do you do the fly cheat 3rd person and stuff
  19. So ghostrecon can have that nice of characters shown i n your pics?
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