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  1. yeah i tryed it with 2 tango but no avail I get so tired of trying to make stuff work
  2. hopefully there are aot of eneteralbe buildings are there?
  3. I play LAN against my sister yeah i know but i traind her so shes decent at it but anyway i was on the farm map and i was sniping at her in solo mode when she ran out of ammo in her sniper rifle cause she love to shoot out the glass in bulidings so anyway all she had left was a pistol and i shot her in the leg from the hill just out side of the farm gate and she was in the house i then proceeded to shoot every limb and one in the chest for fun and all of a sudden she shoots me from 200 meters with her pistol right between the eyes replay even showed it.
  4. i talked to him on msn and we couldnt get it to work he suggested i post here and ask a scripter btw i have done th ewhole player platoon thing and driver etc but k\no one not even tangos gets in it.
  5. there must be someone who knows
  6. no its already tagged i think but im not sure
  7. I was wondering if anyone was able to ride as the playerplatoon in chems' DC3 he realased. thanks
  8. holy crap i love the back pack part of it it really adds to the feel
  9. thats really nice i wish i had your talent!
  10. Thanks alot el nino that helped a lot
  11. O and i have another problem i can assign myself a kit in game with out a ctd here is my script Group: <Default> Comment: Trigger Event: The simulation is starting. Responses: Set Playas to (The player-controlled platoon). Place all members of Playas in Jeep. Make CARDINAL undetectable. Make Guard house man undetectable. Make all members of Playas undetectable. Assign "m1911 only.kit" to (The player-controlled actor).
  12. In igor when you play it are you supposed to be able to see the models like the vehicles and actors or only the yellow circle if i am doing sometihng wrong becasue i do not see models could someone tell me how to fix it thanks
  13. so is there still gonna be the forest area to ride in?
  14. remember that it may be moddable so we can make it exactly as we want it.
  15. well people might not like this because it doesnt work for MP but in SP press enter on the num pad as soon as you want during game then type "teamshadow" it is a cheat built into the game i use it for testing mods personally but if you wait until the enemy is like really close quick type it in again then engage btw you men will not engage till within 5meters or whatever or neither will the enemy
  16. well if you have Traffic Colombia the SUV doesnt make noise and i dont think the van does or the ferrari umm there is a truck with noise in Hx5 and other kinda vehicles. Hope it helped
  17. you can download chem's destroyed blackhawk sorry im not much help id like vehicles to bu no luck
  18. is it possible for us to add any of the climbing and stuff or is it hard coded?
  19. omg i sure know how to stop a thread is there an update?
  20. o do you have a link i can download it at it sounds awesome
  21. Maybe a tractor too. I am thinking about making a mod for the farm map.
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