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  1. i disagree with the 1000 meters being 2 much just remove fog and then it is fine i snipe on the carribean island map just fine which is 800 meters and wth the tanks are you saying that you will use them to shoot at with rifles?
  2. A good thing i Saw is that they might relase tools for the modding community including a map maker so i dont have to pay for 3dsm 8)
  3. I really wish you guys could get the maps out at least I love maps
  4. cant wait to see some of these on a real building in game shots
  5. Wow that really looks nice what would be cool is to see the buildings enterable or at least be able to climb on them or something. I Cant wait to see it textured.
  6. yep it was great and that was just the militarys section of the jamboree it is like 3000 acres we did all kinds of stuff like BMX mountain boarding and rappelling on the army's towers and even going through their obstacle course.
  7. I am a Boy Scout and I have gotten back from the National Boy Scout Jambree two weeks ago. It was a great experience to learn all about the differnt stuff in the military. I am a little obsessed with that aspect so i took tons of pictures of all of their stuff. I was given the opportunity to wear the land warrior system and look through the sights of the gun and the eyepiece. I was able to hold all differnt kinds of weapon that the military uses from the Stinger Missile system to shooting a berreta pistol. The Jamboree gave me the opportunity to do some things that many of us do only in dreams or games. We were able to climb inside an M1A2 Abrams tank, the M2 Bradley, the huge mobile howitzer( cant remeber the name sry) and sit in the Apache, and Kiowa. We were able to fly an Apache simoulator which shuddered tipped rolled while we controled it. Near to my campsite I was able to see a one of Fort A.P. Hill's boneyards which inside contained WWII tank, Landing craft Apcs trucks and Artillery. But basically the point of this Thread is kind of to see if anyone else here went to Jamboree and to see if anyone needs some pretty good pics of the vehicles etc. Also I would like to thank the US Military for making this Jamboree enjoyable and safe.
  8. I could help also i have some scripting skills.
  9. Thank you for all the great information. I do do other things besides pushup such as High School Football USA style, Weightlifting situps pullups and running but i was mainly foucused on the pushup aspect because there are many kids who can do more pushups than me but have not worked nearly as hard at it. I do take protein shakes in the off season but i eat alot during the season. Anyway thanks for the help i'll try some of that and see what happens.
  10. I am also 15 like everyone else and i was wondering how to increase the amount of pushups i can do because i was doing pushups every night and i would do as many as i could about 40 without stopping and i did this for several months but i saw no improvement. Later i would try doing 250 pushups a night in a differnt form such as 40 rest 30 rest 20 rest 10 rest 40 rest 30 rest 20 rest 10 then be done or i would do like 10 sets of 25 or 25 sets of 10 but still did not see and increase in the amount i could do over all if there is someone out there who knows of a good way to increase this amount could ya help me out thanks O and btw i am going to join the marines if possibe.
  11. those are both very nice i really love the boat
  12. sounds good ill download what size is it?
  13. Download Blackops US vehicles pack and find out it even has a working ramp on it
  14. isnt it ironic hes going to a place where the game takes place?
  15. i have no experience with max but could you remove the alpha texture on the outside and just make it so it was just a frame and not enclosed
  16. be cool to see like the whole bunch of them converted over like
  17. yeah i was ###### off bad but i got her whole team once in the carribean island map we agreed to stay on our own island and since it was so big we'd just snipe across which is really fun btw but anyway see had her whole team on the big island and i killed her adn her only every time she swiched players it was great.
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