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  1. Well there is Mario. But seriously Ghost Recon 1 rocks. I only wish I had a few hundred dollars to upgrade my computer so I could get GRAW. O well.
  2. You need to go to school to learn spelling but I see your point it is however not fair for them to be using extra gas.
  3. I was wondering the same thing i would like to make a mission where the ghosts are spys and look like russians etc.
  4. I have been waiting for this mod for so long its sure to be a classic
  5. if you want to have fun in a MP game like script it so your insertion zone is inside a building that no one can get into and then you play your brother like i do and shoot him and he can find you untill you leave the building. anyway anyone else ogt stuff
  6. I was wonderting if people could post like a list of maps that have hidden places or hidden stuff done to them, cause it would be cool to know about some of them.
  7. not to hijack well okay i am but worm when you gonna realase that map?
  8. I looked throught the land warrior system at the national scout jamboree and it is a pain at least the part where you look throught the eye piece it is little more than a novelty and will be just more heavy equipmnet to carry around
  9. ok yeah i was just kidding i knew they didnt wear them in the field
  10. I have a theroy about why gas prices go up and mileage on vehicles drops, it is because of obesity you need a more powerful enginge and more gas to haul the more filled out types. My dad and i discussed this as kind of a joke but you know it my actually be a little true.
  11. I hope all the enemy dont glow and flash in the HUD etc that would be gay
  12. You know, this is a little OT but in the pic on the article I noticed he is wearing a red beret so if he is worrying about cover and concelement he should change caps. lol
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