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  1. Colonel Kilgore from Apocalypse now said the napalm in the morning quote.... Cavalry style hat with a bright yellow cravat inside his olive greens. LOL
  2. Am I dreaming or is there a mod out there somewhere that contains both frag and concussion grenades? I could've sworn I played with concussion 'nades at some point, but my memory is failing me on which mod they were in... Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. "Like SOCOM, On Crack." -OR- "Not your Daddy's FPS. Unfortunately."
  4. Just downloaded the mod last night. EXCELLENT WORK! Played MP with a couple of friends and the only negative experience was found when I set kit restrictions to DTD Spec Weapons...while cycling thru kits, CTD. Happened when I was hosting whether I was solo or had others on the server. Something I am doing wrong or have set up incorrectly? The reticles, especially, seemed to get rave reviews....
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