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  1. Thanks bossman. Shemyaza is en-route now !
  2. Hello everyone - just a quick query but after having to buy a new PC (old one bought the farm [and the orchard by the look of it !]). I need to get the address where I can download the relevant patches to bring a "basic" GR installation up-to-date. I have GR, SD & IT (plus loads of mods on my old hard drive if I can get it read) so where can I get the 4th patch/do I need the 4th patch ?
  3. Hi all - just a quick query as I've just had to buy a new PC (last one took a sniper round to the head) but where can I find the patches ????? I may have to look at reinstalling.... But since all I have are original disks and patches... all I have to do is remember the sequence. LOL Let me see if I remember this correctly... 1.2 is in Desert Siege but 1.3 has to be installed before TI which has 1.4? ←
  4. I just don't have the patience to be a true sniper, (crawling like a tortoise from shadow to shadow). Once I got the intel, I was glad to get back my license to kill. However, you've posed a challenge, Azza. I just might try that using the specialist sniper "praetorian" who has the highest stealth rating. Maybe I won't get a MOH, but it sounds like fun. I will, of course, take along my trusty silenced hunting rifle, the M-21 SD, just in case I screw the pooch and have to shoot my out of Dodge. Too bad about that 10th mission though; it was a rough day at the office even with OICWs and I would have enjoyed partying with some of those Russian beauties. IP PS. I just tried Mission 5, playing it "No Kills" and found that after getting the intel from the Hokum and the Control Tower, upon reaching the EZ the game didn't end. I was pursued by some tangos that began shooting and when I returned fire, I got the "you're dead because you're stupid" message. Very strange! ← As you say, you have to be patient to creep around to get the intel without the exitement of shooting anyone - it does make for a different type of game & makes the next spot of carnage all the more enjoyable. I've never had the problem you had at the end though - I'll have to try it again soon to check it out ! And thank you, Iceman Polar, for using the correct version of one of my names ! Shemyaza.
  5. I also ran into the missing 3rd tank on the last mission so it can't be completed. Good thing it was the last mission. All in all, Free Russia is a good campaign though; you can even get a MOH ( a first for me ) if you survive the tricky 5th mission as a lone sniper. IP ← ← Thats' the best way to complete the 5th mission - try not to kill anyone for added difficulty/exitement/realism ("They never knew I was there !"
  6. The missions that come with mods ca all be played without completing the "stock GR campaign" - and many provide added enjoyment levels ! However, before you go to the trouble of dowloadinh a mod ENSURE that it does not need the Island Thunder/Desert Seige expansions Check out the MOds pages for more info ! Welcome aboard !
  7. Conflict Desert Storm (I & II) are quite good - individual control of each specialist in a 4-man squad, play as SAS or US Special Forces, skill improvements (that DO make a real difference), good maps and involving missions - in outdoor & urban environments. You can them get them quite cheap these days (£5-£10 in the UK), so give them both a try ! OFP is fine if you update to the most recenty version, though the graphics are dated as noted above. It does give you a real sense of freedom in that you will drive many vehicles (I used a farm tractor in one area) and you do get the opportunity to fly an attack helo - the story is compelling also. The mechanics and weapons effects are also quite realistic (1 bullet can kill you). Delta Force (in its various incarnations) is not,as correctly stated above, a tactical shooter - it is a glorified shoot 'em up with a basis in Special Forces operations. It is quite exciting to begin with but the attraction soon fades & replayability is limited as the missions always replay the same way - if you can find them for less than £3 then give them a try,otherwise they waste hard drive space & time! I haven't played the Rainbow Six games (though I have the original somewhere around) so I cannot comment on them though other player's comments seem favourable. I don't know about any of the WWII games as they are not my period & I have only played the "Dawnville" demo from (COD ?).
  8. Simply disable XP's firewall as you originally did - the default configuration is "ON" but this can be turned to "OFF" as easily as before. This should cause no slowdown or lack of efficiency in your gaming experience.
  9. Well said ! I too am not a modder or a scripter but I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to those people out there that have taken an excellent game system and extended it in many and varied directions. "THANK YOU !"
  10. Well I'm calling it the "Uranium Edition" because I listen to a lot of Death/Black metal when I'm playing GR - Morbid Angel, Kayaklysm, Darkthrone, Immortal etc ! Seriously though, it is amazing what you can find in these bargain bins - I also got the Mig-29/F-22 Raptor double for £0.99 + The Sum Of All Fears DVD for £1.99 at the same time from the same bargain basket ! So I say "Shop at ****, you know it makes sense !" Blessed Be.....
  11. Well,it says "Gold Edition"on the box?!?!?!?!? But ,so what, because I managed to find the other "Gold Edition"(GR/DS/IT) in a bargain bin in a famous high street supermarket (the one linked with milk) for a massive £2.99 !!!!!!!!!!!! Yes folks,you read it here ! £2.99 - I guess the folks in the shop didn't know what sort of a gem they were virtually giving away ! Yupindeedy - the Goddess smiles upon one of Her followers again ! Blessed Be.......
  12. I most certainly do ! I play Harpoon (classic), The Operational Art of War (I & II), lots of flight sims (F22 TAW/ADF, SEF2000, Super Hornet, Longbow II, JSF, Falcon 4, to name a few), Pax Imperia, Star Lancer, Unreal (still), UT, Half-Life (just finished it again), plus various other games at some time or other. My favourites are Harpoon, F22 TAW/SEF 2000 & Ghost Recon. Sometimes I even work ! Blessed Be.....
  13. It seems to me that there is a lot of Hoo-Haa about what is, in essence, a very simple point here: - If you did not design it, do not disrespect those that did by taking it & claiming it is yours ! If you can't do the job yourself then either find someone who can or go and play a different game ! If my son makes a building brick model, then that model is his and if his brother wants to play with it he has to ask first ! Simple isn't it - children know how to behave so why not you folk that take others' work and claim it as your own ????? In other words, Dont' be a rip-off merchant ! Blessed Be.....
  14. A rifleman or demo expert provides more action, more whoopee-doo - more fun ! We have to suspend disbelief somewhere and GR is, after all, a simulation and all simulations must bend reality a bit to work. But yeah, yahoo - nuke em' until they glow then let your snipers shoot 'em in the darkl !
  15. Also, have you patched the game up to v1.4 ? This is the current version number and will most likely be required for mods to work correctly.
  16. Snipers are good in the right (GR) roles: - 1) Forward recon. 2) Eliminating a clearly defined target. 3) Providing a rear-guard so that a path can be kept clear to extraction. Snipers are not so good: - 1) In all-out firefights - though any dead Tango is a good Tango ! However, snipers are amongst some of the bravest and most skillful Warriors we have in the real world today - all hail to thee !
  17. You could also search for and download a program called "Spyware Blaster" (put that into your search engine - you'll easily find teh programs' home site for free download). This program actually sets a "kill-bit" which stops spyware from ever installing itself onto your system. You can also use it to lock the IE homepage to wherever you want it, just like you can with Spybot S & D ! Good stuff, eh ?
  18. Shoot them in the feet with a silenced pistol - works for me ! I did have trouble with the last mission as I had terminated all the tangoes & destroyed all the visible tanks/vehicle targets. However, the mission would not let me complete it because I could not destroy a 3rd tank (T-80 #1 in IGOR) that should appear near the crashed bus/rubble mound - it never appeared ! Still, a very enjoyable campaign apart from that, so thanks again !
  19. Yup - a fantastic mod ! With regard to the Frags/GL in the refinary mission, I had no problems with this as it occured to me that the use of such weapons in such an area could trigger off a chain reaction of explosions - not so good, eh ? So, off course, the mission would fail in such a circumstance. The last mission is a doozy! I ended up simply taking 2 snipers & 1 support section (1 x M-60 + 1 x carb/at) in. The snipers took care of the tangoes in the hill-top stronghold & the support section took out the 3rd Leaders' jeep/truck - all for less than 7 kills ! Oh yes indeed , a really good campaign/mod - thanks !!!!!
  20. Whoa there buddies ! The "Gold Edition" that I was able to buy in England does not include IT - DS yes, but no IT ! Why would Ubisoft distibute/release a so-called "Gold Edition" that isn't ????? The expansion is not available in the shops anymore (unless it can be found 2nd-hand) and I cannot buy online. While I am arranging to purchase the expansion through a 3rd party, it seems a very poor commercial strategy for a company to release a program collection that is, when all is said and done, incomplete !
  21. I don't have access to a Credit or a Debit car unfortunately - do they take other forms of payment ?
  22. I have just downloaded Code Ocelot & Operation Snake Strike and I find that I cannot run them - I can set up my squad, etc, but when I click to launch the mission I am returned to the desktop. I have GR + DS (with FL, SPR, NCW inactive). The write-ups do not indicate that they need IT so can someone tell me what I am missing ?
  23. When I played the 1st mission in Free Russia I found that the 1st truck came from the "West" (left of the map) while the 2nd truck came from the "East" (right of the map) - if you are not quick then they complete their mission and so you fail yours!
  24. I have a problem with Free Russia - last mission (mission 10) on "recruit" level in that I cannot complete it. I have destroyed 2 t80s' and the truck yet the mission will not end. I have completed all other objectives. When I use IGOR to analyse the mission I find that there are 3 T80s' listed: - i) One by the entrance to the Square. ii) Another in the far bottom right corner of the map. These 2 are easy pickings (on this level). iii) A third T-80 is shown as been placed near the central rubble mound, wrecked bus & the crater in the ground - yet this does not appear in the mission itself. This means I cannot destroy it ! This T-80 is listed (in IGOR) as appearing in all 3 difficulty levels. I have tried editing the tank out of "recruit" level in IGOR but this just seems to make the mission crash - my BR is patched to 1.4 & has DS installed also (no IT but that is not needed for this mod/mossion). Does anyone have any ideas what I can do about this ?
  25. I've haven't seen Island Thunder in a shop for quite some time now, which is a great shame as I have only recently discovered Ghost Recon (et al). I live in Bristol, England and the Gold Edition that I was able to buy in a shop has the original game + DS - no IT ! The box does not even mention the IT expansion, so I don't know if we get a different version over here in Limey-Land or what !?!?!?!?
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