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  1. Yes and agree !! I have tried this Mods and find that such Mods cannot play in multiplayers. Some of Maps are obviously conflict with other Mods, you're right ~~~
  2. Sorry, the download links were dead ~~~ Are there others ??? THX ~~~~
  3. if you like maps for mutiplayer you will really like tof's mod traffic columbia posted by rocky awile back has 2 sweet maps with lots of cover. heres the post---->> GR.net also there is the white skull vally mod here >>GR.net Downloads<<very nice big map, both are great for all game types, i enjoy coop myself great mods to add to the collection.. enjoy Thank you for your kind suggestion ~~~
  4. Dear all, While I act as Server for multiplayer, I want to see the individual player's accumulate score in result page after several games is over. What setting I need to do ??? THX all
  5. 十 分 多 謝 你 們 的 幫 忙 及 提 議 ~ Thank you for your kind suggestion, I'll try my best !!! THX ~~
  6. Hi Check out this thread here Hi, Avey Thank you for your reply. Can you tell me what's the meaning of "Total Conversions" ? Actually, I want to get some Maps for playing "multiplayers" especially in "Fireflight 3 and 2000" Thanks a Lot !!!!!
  7. I come from China and have played GR for few months. I like playing fireflight 3 and fireflight 2000 in HX5 and DA49 very much. Does anyone can advise me some other recommended Mods for multiplayers as good as the said HX5 and DA49 ?? Thank you for all your kind assistance in advance.
  8. Please refer to : http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...=0entry206546 Problem may be solved ~~~~
  9. This is great. Threat Indicator in HX5 (Red Sun) is appeared now. But I don't know how to change the size of this. Any Advice. THX ~~~~~~~
  10. Dear ARDelta, Thank you for your kind assistance. But unfortunately, all the Links which you gave me are dead. On the other hand, I've found the relevant Mods in the following Site : - http://www23.brinkster.com/clanfod/XSdownloads.htm I'll try to download the Mods and clarifiy whether they are working or not. Thanks again ~~~~~~~~~
  11. Thank you for your kind assistance. I'll try my endeavours to solve this problem. THX AGAIN ~~~~~~~~
  12. Can anyone advise me about the relevant settings when I act as server for multiplayer. I dont't want to respawn and restart from the original location. Is here anybody understand what I mean ?? I am a chinese pig , English is not good ~~~ SORRY !!!!
  13. Are you ensure that you have properly registered with the Sites. You can try to remove all the relevant cookies from your PC and login again.
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