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  1. Dear Alphas, I´ve completed Mission 5, rescued all captives inclusive LT. Garner - escorted them back to the Truck but nothing progresses. What have I to do to complete this Mission? Greetings, Keen
  2. Always good to see another High Quality Mod from DTD!
  3. ... well Sixpence, thats too much! Mod after Mod after Mod ... Looking forward to see more, Keen
  4. @ Streinger: is it possible that you make cables where connected the lights in the cave?
  5. This is my personally "Most Wanted" Mod
  6. This sounds very good - It is be a pleasure to see this Mod if it´s ready ... Greetings, Keen
  7. Dear Modcreators, I only wanna say: THANKS A LOT to you! Ghost Recon is not this what it is - without your work and passion! Please keep your work alive, a second thanks, Keen
  8. I´ve waited for this mod since i´ve played operation aftershock ... thx a lot for giving me pleasure with this an GR . greetings, keen
  9. Keen

    The Mosque

    Hi EL OSO, thank´s a lot for bringing new "drive" into the download-section and thank you too for your work ...
  10. Hi DTD´s ... using TEAM MOD, everytime I play a Campagne ... if there are allied Characters (Africa Burning, 1st Mission and original GR Missions) all got the same type of face ... What can I do to solve this problem? ... and thanks a lot too for giving me much more joy with GR
  11. ... since weeks i´ve looked at the DTD Site ... i can´t wait to install this piece of art ... and haven´t seen that they made it public
  12. If you would upload your mod, ... ask in the forum how to do that ...
  13. It´s look very good ... I have downloaded "actor test" too. Have you find your weapons now?
  14. Try the weapons of "no easy day" and "colt m4 armoury" ... take a look at "ATWAR" - www.atwar.net ... Greetings
  15. Hi General, I have seen you mixed attachments on your website, ... very cool. Can you upload this mod in the weapons/skin section? Thanks
  16. SR 25 Knights Armament? Try "7,62MM" Weapons Mod, for me ... this rifle looks like a SOPMOD weapon ... Greetings
  17. You find the first riflle in Silent Warrior V2 (Downloads Equipment). The second looks like a M 4 Variant. Check a few Weapons Mods for this Rifle.
  18. Hi everyone, can someone help me, after downloading "7,62MM Mod" from thumper1518 (source fileplanet), more than one try, it can´t be open, ...extracted: crc-fault, file defekts etc. Are there other ways to get this mod?
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