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  1. I´m very happy to see that ...


    ... after the last few days on this board!

    Is this a Single Weapons Modification or

    part of something big?


  2. Dear Snowfella,

    since four years now I´m every day at this Site. I know I did not

    write much in this time but your works were one of my favourites.

    I´m working since ten years as a professional graphicdesigner and

    there is one thing I can say: As harder your work - the less you get.

    You made this for yourself - in the first way - and then you can decide

    to enjoy it with others ...

    I wish you the best personally and for your designs and hope

    to see something new, eventually.



    P.S. I believe that some people not really know what you exactly meant.

  3. Im trying to put together a fast paced singleplayer.

    so far I have:









    9:Silent Warriorv3




    11 and 12 are server-sided mods,so Im guessing Im out of luck,any advice on getting around this for singlepayer is needed.

    13:looking for the mod where I can roll from crouched and shoot over walls blind.

    so what Im want to put together is:

    realism+weapons +100 killer bots+bad weather+city map = goodtimes.

    ... that´s too much Armament.

  4. :: UPDATE ::

    :: TOML Beta v.2

    Download Here From Fileplanet

    :: What's New?

    - New Characters (HybridMenace)

    - New Attachments (Cobaka)

    - New Reticules (HybridMenace)

    - New Graphics (Silent_Op)

    :: What's to Come?

    - New Weapons (from Prozac's M4 Mod)

    - New Missions (Various...)

    :: What Can Be Done?

    - New Music (Contact HybridMenace)

    - More Missions (Contact HybridMenace)

    Thx a lot for the new beta!

  5. Hi Mamon,

    i got DS, IT and Patch 1.4, after installing your Mod and

    activating the Campaign Button my GR chrashed. I´ve tried

    it more than one time ...

    please keep at this,


    Grüße aus Deutschland!

  6. Thx, I try this - my thought too. Have I bring all Prisoner singly back?

    I seem to recall someone else having this problem, but I am not sure. As I recall, they had recovered the captives out of order. I've only played it a few times in SP, but countless times in MP (Krast where are you). I have never had trouble with it not ending when it should. Of course, most of the time, we all get slaughtered trying to get the second captive from the East island.

    I am confident that you do not need to bring them each back one by one. I know I have been involved in victories where we bring the final three back together.

    Thx too, everything is fine - I´m on Mission 10 now.

    I´ve involved Pozac´s M4´s. Changed a few kits and so on.

    The scripts that gives the atmosphere are very nice!

    Thx to Alpha for their massive work!

  7. Keen,

    I did not script the mission so I don't know about its scripting insights. However, I played the mission several times in both SP and MP and never had the problem you described.

    My hint is to execute it following the directions given by the various message boxes you see during the mission. Also, try extracting Garner last (the last guy, the optional objective).

    Thx, I try this - my thought too. Have I bring all Prisoner singly back?


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