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  1. Hey Joost, did we see this as a GR Mod or is it something of your work? Greetings, Martin
  2. I think not one Mod that was made for GR is worth to talk bad about it. It's for free and nobody forces someone to install it.
  3. Your Artwork looks very interesting. I'm very glad everytime I see a new Map.
  4. Pretty impressive material!
  5. Hi MM, do you got you´re Beta Testers complete? Greetings, Keen
  6. Thank you guys so much. You are Ghost Recon Saviours!!!
  7. This was the first mod of weapons that totaly impressed me and is still running every time I play GR.
  8. This pictures looks really promising!
  9. Sounds really busy. It would be great to get "Armenia SCAred" in this month.
  10. ... that´s a word. Thank you for all of this!
  11. ... it would be great to see his work in game!
  12. The artwork of this two maps are really cool - It would great to get more from you guys in this direction!
  13. Thank you a lot for this new Map and Mission scripting!
  14. Dear DTD´s, thank´s a lot for the final version and keep on modding! Keen
  15. Don´t forget to check this gear ... http://www.russiancombatgear.com/underwear.php
  16. That´s really nice!
  17. Really cool - the best are the Types on the Weapons ... beautifull detail!
  18. Sst... don't say to anyone but it seems that a new total conversion called A*****A mod (Working title) is on development ← ... Well, I talk to nobody.
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