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  1. Hi YOTM Staff, about Insertion and Extraction. Today I started Mission I again - I'm actually at Mission 9, unfortunatly I had the same Problem as days ago as I started Mission I the first time. The Chopper simply failed the touchdown at the Insertion Zone. He stopped at the Ground for a few seconds out of the Screen, you can only see the end of the Tail. Then the Machine flies with the Seals to the end of the Map. The Unit is then placed on a Rock and can't move. At Mission IV, I had to steal the Sampan, I used stealth and placed the charge and set my Man at the Extraction Point via the Boat - nothing goes. I had to kill all Enemys to ectract my Seals. The Extraction Cinematique shows the Sampan leaving without my Unit. All the other Missions and Cinematiques worked great! Greetings, Keen
  2. I've seen it 20 years ago at the first time. What did you mean with crazy kid?
  3. ... just bought the movie "Full Metal Jacket!"
  4. There are hundreds of people where dl this Mod since it is out. I'm sure not everybody has the "Perfect Ghost Recon" installed or Operatingsystem. This Modification is for free - there is no UBI Hotline - you guys can be very lucky - me too - to get Support from the YOTM Staff. This people worked two years for nothing, just for a few "Thanks". I hope everybody has enough esteem to have such a "Big piece of work" now on his PC.
  5. Yes I did but I swear Patch 1.4 was installed before. Now I can enjoy this!
  6. Thank you Don Miguel, the Intro is working now - after reading the head of the ike.log: Ghost Recon (RELEASE) version = I just installed GR Patch 1.4 a second time.
  7. Well, I check this and keep you updated.
  8. It worked fine for me Keen, not sure why it would crash for you, but it does work ← Thank you Rocky. Nevermind if thats the only Problem. The Mod is Brandnew, I'm sure they will create updates. P.S. I bought last year a new PC with a Gigabyte Ram.
  9. Dear JOTM Staff, unfortunately, the Insertion Cinematique of the first Mission crashed ... At the second time I breaked up the Intro and started playing. Everything was right but can you tell me what can be done to play this with the Intro? Keen
  10. A very big Thanks to all you Guys where made this Mod come to life! I'm dl now and I'm sure that this Modification is really something special. "Good Things need time to get finished." In other words, thank you all for that Gift! I'm sure GRI will stay alive with all this superiour Mods that where Released since it is out! In my opinion, the first Version is the most Realistic of all three. Greetings, Keen
  11. Hi jay316, any news about Centcom?
  12. Really cool. You have a good sense of humor!
  13. Is this Mod still alive?
  14. Hi jay316, it's great to see that you have made a M60E4/Mk43! What did you think about creating a "M60E4/Mk43 Mod1 Commando" Upgrade from your Original? This is just an Inspiration. Greetings, Keen
  15. It would be a great pleasure to see that this mod is alive and in his final phase!
  16. Thank you for the "update".
  17. This all looks so promising!
  18. Wow, very realistic Details.
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