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  1. GRAW was crap, just because the weapons looked detailed doesnt n=make it good - it won't be long before new animations and highly detailed weapons are incorporated into ArmA.

    It can't be the part of an community to made "today" better parts for a game (ArmA)

    that is brandnew and up to date and gives his self the claim "...best of all time!".

    Gameart has changed!

  2. I bought the game at the release date.

    ... it is totally different from GR:AW: the weapons from AW are so detailed and well

    animated, in ArmA not even a mag change is really scripted. ArmA is an allround

    man but GR:AW is something special.

    It is really to hope that the GR community will come back to his strenght and made

    the game so great as it was before.

  3. I just ask for information:

    why has everybody problems with the original designed

    scopes and the new modded models? There is always space

    between sight and model.

    Because the aiming down ironsights and scopes is tied to the character animations. It's not a problem to lower the scope via the dummy null in max and make it look like it's attached to the weapon, but then you won't be able to aim properly. You'll be looking at a bad angle making it unusable. GRIN has released no information on how to line up your own sights. If it's something simple, I think they would have told us by now, but I'm pretty sure it has to do with re-creating lots and lots of char animation files. They haven't provided any examples and it would take a lot of trial and error to guess what the solution is. So, the next simplest solution is to put a spacer like Snowfella did in his M4 mod.

    Thank you! But that's not Mod - friendly ... ;)

  4. Well, I ain't about to start porting characters....from the Xbox or any other platform! :nono:

    GR:AW is what it is, like it or not...and if you don't like it well pull a finger out and acctually make something new for it. The exporter plugins has been released for months now and asfar as I know I'm the only one who's acctually released any new model content :wall:

    As my modding career ended for GR I ought to of expected GR:AW modding to take the same turn once I released something. PM's and emails are flowing in about things ppl think ought to be changed, about stuff they want to see and requests to use the models in other mods...and they ain't even been released a week yet.

    I half and half knew it was a bad idea to head down this road but I did it anyways. :wall:

    I'm sorry to read all of this - after such a "new" start. Please don't take this all too

    serious ...

    I'm not in 3D Max but it wasn't hard to read in this thread that bringing this

    mod to work really wasn't easy! What you have done here was in the first way

    for you. :)

  5. @Keen: About the silencer model. I tried setting things up so the M4QD can only was used on the M4 but unfortunately I couldn't find any reference in the .xml files that says what model will give the suppressed effect. So nomatter what I tried with the M4QD it the M4 always sounded unsuppressed even with it mounted.

    So in the end I got forced to, through an .xml edit, overwrite the original primary suppressor model.

    There is a big note about it in the readme file, including how to revert back to the original model.


  6. ok..where to start.

    The heli missing the drop point in mission 1 is a rare issue that seems to be happening on a few rigs.  We so havnt been able to troubleshoot it or even get the problem to happen to us.

    For mission 5 (the sampan stealing one), am I correct in assuming that you were not spotted by any enemys?  Because I think if you were spotted, you have to kill them all..and I think you also have to have all of your troops at the boat.  I'll have to go back and review that mission more.

    Also, the reason why you dont see any troops in the boat during the exit cinema is because GR has this issue where it will load up all troops even if they have been killed.  Dead troops in the boat look really funny so a fix for the issue was to just an empty boat leaving.

    Bottom line...use your imagination and pretend they are hiding behind the crates.

    Nothing of that is a problem in my opinion. See my post just as report not as


    I'm sure you have a vital interest of YOTM in progress. This is my reason for

    writing the post " ... about Insertion and Extraction"

    Thanks and Greetings

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