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  1. I totally understand. ArmA has a lot of features GR had: you can switch between your teammembers, it's absolutly tactical and the modding scene moves in hyperspeed. But it's a released beta version atm. It is really to hope that a lot of bugs get fixed soon. The game has a lot of potential ...
  2. Hey Snowfella! Looks like a Nuclearplant. Edit: btw there is a lot more to do ...
  3. It can't be the part of an community to made "today" better parts for a game (ArmA) that is brandnew and up to date and gives his self the claim "...best of all time!". Gameart has changed!
  4. I bought the game at the release date. ... it is totally different from GR:AW: the weapons from AW are so detailed and well animated, in ArmA not even a mag change is really scripted. ArmA is an allround man but GR:AW is something special. It is really to hope that the GR community will come back to his strenght and made the game so great as it was before.
  5. Because the aiming down ironsights and scopes is tied to the character animations. It's not a problem to lower the scope via the dummy null in max and make it look like it's attached to the weapon, but then you won't be able to aim properly. You'll be looking at a bad angle making it unusable. GRIN has released no information on how to line up your own sights. If it's something simple, I think they would have told us by now, but I'm pretty sure it has to do with re-creating lots and lots of char animation files. They haven't provided any examples and it would take a lot of trial and error to guess what the solution is. So, the next simplest solution is to put a spacer like Snowfella did in his M4 mod. Thank you! But that's not Mod - friendly ...
  6. I just ask for information: why has everybody problems with the original designed scopes and the new modded models? There is always space between sight and model.
  7. After reinstalling and patching up to 1.30 - several times now - my cross com doesn't work. That means that I can activate it with my Mouse 2 Button (Wheel/Click) but I can't give any commands to my squad members!
  8. I'm looking for short descriptions, tutorials or steps how to do this. For example: how do I get the XM8 Compact with Combatsight in the primary weapons list togheter with the right micrographic for weapon and scope for the activate button. Thank you for reading and help ...
  9. Thank's for the link Rocky, great site!
  10. I watched the animation ... very cool!
  11. Ghost Recon is not the same it was so the people too ...
  12. This would be a great loss for the active modding scene on this board ...
  13. I'm sorry to read all of this - after such a "new" start. Please don't take this all too serious ... I'm not in 3D Max but it wasn't hard to read in this thread that bringing this mod to work really wasn't easy! What you have done here was in the first way for you.
  14. @ Snowfella You did nothing wrong! Just as you said, it's another model. I'm so glad to have this mod now! Edit: You created a Knight's M4 Silencer. Is it your purpose that the silencer is present on every rifle now?
  15. @ Snowfella I just ask for information. What sort of grenadelauncher did you build for your m4 mod? It looks different to Colt's M203 40mm.
  16. Tack så mycket Snowfella!!! Thank you very much for bringing this to an succesfull end and start too. Your Models looks - as always - absolutly brilliant. Perfect!
  17. I got the expansions but it's nice to do this too!
  18. Thank you all togheter for this new piece of entertainment!
  19. Every format is welcome.
  20. Nothing of that is a problem in my opinion. See my post just as report not as criticism. I'm sure you have a vital interest of YOTM in progress. This is my reason for writing the post " ... about Insertion and Extraction" Thanks and Greetings
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