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  1. Centcom Team: This will not the last time that you will get a "Thank you" from me ... The textures, that's for what I'm looking at first, especially from the weapons are absolutly brilliant! Types, scratches ... it's all there ... The uniforms are so well made too. It is so great to see what people with heart, mind and a vision can do! Thank you for bringing GR back to life! And I hope that this opus will bring new wind in this community. Edit: Thank you for your work, I got a lot of esteem for it.
  2. My monitor runs and being on the left side is just a little problem. All of this looks like a bug ...
  3. Thank's Dannik - you are very fast! Edit: [GR] and R6:Raven Shield are the only ones with this.
  4. Thank you! Is there a way too to change the 800x600 setting in the GR file?
  5. Hi Fellas, since I bought a new monitor my GR menu screen never centers in the middle. As you know the solution for the menu screen is 800x600. I run the ingame graphic with 1152x864x32 but I'm looking for a way to change the menu screen setting. My Belinea has the latest patch, but atm the menu screen fits on the left side ...
  6. Gentlemen, thank you very much! Edit: ... New Year's Eve; staying at home with a big bad cold. WinRAR worked too for uncompress the 300mb file of Centcom.
  7. Oha! Does this mean that I have to install [GR] again? This would be great!
  8. There's my second "Best Wishes" to all at GRIN. ... including the hope that Santa or Santa Lucia has brought to you our genious GR:AW2 wishlist from the best community of this planet! Edit: and just the best too to all at GR.NET!
  9. Thank you all at GRIN! Just the best back to sweden and much succes for the next year.
  10. Haha ... I take this as true for Centcom! Edit: Waika, the idea is great but you need a large team for this.
  11. I really hope they remind what has [GR] made so special ... I know there must be a seasonably development but tactic features must be. Or they give the game another name as Ghost Recon. Just so you know.... this has NOTHING to do with RSE, Ubi or Ghost Recon. We are not affiliated with them. -John Thank you ... so I can expect something special new! -Martin
  12. I really hope they remind what has [GR] made so special ... I know there must be a seasonably development but tactic features must be. Or they give the game another name as Ghost Recon.
  13. Thank you for the news and I'm sorry for that what happened.
  14. I have written a little bit about ArmA in the Flashpoint Subforum of GR.NET ... just take a look. Edit: ArmA
  15. @Pritzl: your wishlist is very well but it's a list modders will do not developers ... but it would be great to get it in!
  16. Hi Beracus, it would be nice if you let us know any news about your modification. Keen
  17. Thank's for your help guys! I reinstalled the game several times but nothing works and sure, I started the campaign from the beginning. If I patch the game with 1.30 my cross com doesn't work. Edit: I've dl patch 1.35. It's still the same ...
  18. All you've said are right but this phrase is the essence of all! Just the name is still there ... I remember weeks at this board where everyday a new mod for GR was released. Armed Assault is nice and looks very well but it's not the same. In very much things in my eyes GR was avantgarde. The preperation menü, the loadout, the different and various character models, the leveldesign, the navigation ingame - just to name a few! But all in all GR had atmosphere. These days I see more quantity than quality. Ghost Recon gives me five years of excellent entertainment! Ghost Recon is dead, long live Ghost Recon ...
  19. Why they made so short after the release of GR:AW the second version of the game?
  20. Yes it does! But where is all the nuclear energy? Look what I'm enjoying atm ... Edit: I never thought that I got this sort of entertainment back.
  21. I bought it. Today they released the second patch. Nice game!
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