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  1. I've never had it happen on startup of the game, it seems to kick in after I have played a while...leading me to believe it either could be heat related or memory related.

    I believe the same about the memory and the heat...

    Edit: -

  2. Can someone tell me something about that error?


    EVGA 7600 GT (265 MB), 1 Gig Ram, AMD Athlon 64 3000+,

    XP Pro up to date, all other relevants too.

    All settings are plus minus at medium, dynamic lightning is off...

    Edit: Changed pic size.

  3. Do you mind posting a wireframe of these weapons ? I am almost sure i have seen them somewhere else ... Oh, if there is something else you would like tell us do so now (i mean today), before i contact webmaster.

    You should first contact your therapist...

  4. Great!

    Finally it has come to this... As always, good and innovative things must be

    ruined for profit.


    Every person where bought this game will sooner or later visit this site

    and read the ubi - dementia. I can't believe that they give GRIN such childish


    But if your mainbusiness is creating games for kiddies... you will act like one

    of it...

    Hey ubi: why not asking your parents about that?

  5. just sounds to me you guys are some dorks and you take internet forums seriously, come on now. Is this really your life? Walk out side and get your drivers license. Maybe get a girlfriend or something. I have a job i have a girlfriend i have a life. i work 9 to 9 12 hours a day. What do you guys do. sit on forums and take them to the heart. get ######ed in a nice way now hows that for a hateful ######in post.

    i look down on half ass mods for this game cuz its sad. im trying to make ###### new. so dont get your panties in a twist. Im gonna make you be my bitchs. and believe that


    I believe the mere act of posting what you just did, is illegal.

    Further posts directed at other members will be deleted and warnings issued.

    Back on topic.

  6. Thanks! I used helvetica-neau-light and variations for titles. I've always liked that font.

    Helvetica 55 New Roman - you're right, it's a very cool type.

    Edit: I never recognized that font. It would be great if the GRIN dudes - :D - would

    help you to correct the small bugs.

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