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  1. Not yet, but the Colonial Marine chr is close to beta
  2. Time for an update. I have a first draft of the Alien character that will be one of your targets in this mod. When I say "first draft", I mean first draft. Whilst the overall appearance of the creature is reasonably good, it is currently still under development - ie very much beta. Both the model and the texure are getting new treatment. The model is being improved by making the hands and feet much more "alien-like" and the texture is being fine-tuned to give it more of a "scare-the-XXXX-out-of-me" appearance. There are two pics to view. Note - neither of these pics include the new map (the LV426 settlement) that will be included in the mod. First pic, you and fellow US colonial marines get a reading on your tracker, but can only make out a dark shape in the unlit corridoor. Obviously you quicky switch to night vision, only to be confronted with this. The next sound you hear could be your last. You be the judge
  3. Take back my previous post Stalker! It worked! Although it defies logic, after deleting the new music.xml file, all soundtracks work fine. I tested and re-tested between menu's, and still no CTD's. Thanks heaps mate
  4. Hmmm.... You will have to ask LV-426 (S) that same question. I hear that a United States Colonial Marine Model is quite near completion.
  5. How is that possible since the original music.xml will not line up with the new sounds? Sure, the names are the same, but the entry lengths are now different.
  6. Yup The Pulse rifle uses actual sounds from the movie, as does the grenade launcher. The Smartgun also has the correct sounds. Even the Aliens scream that horrific squeal when you nail em with the M41A. My favourite sound however, is the hydraulic sounding effect when the M577 fires up it's twin cannons. Sounds like a gattling gun warming up and then letting loose
  7. does it also lists your new main theme, load themes...? xml entries: - <SoundVolFile> <VersionNumber>1.000000</VersionNumber> <Count>7</Count> <Entry Filename="gr_main_theme.wav" Length="31.791" Min="1.000" Max="2000" Rolloff="2000" /> <Entry Filename="load3.wav" Length="30.407" Min="1.000" Max="2000" Rolloff="2000" /> <Entry Filename="action1.wav" Length="30.668" Min="1.000" Max="2000" Rolloff="2000" /> <Entry Filename="action3.wav" Length="30.668" Min="1.000" Max="2000" Rolloff="2000" /> <Entry Filename="afteract_loss.wav" Length="30.668" Min="1.000" Max="2000" Rolloff="2000" /> <Entry Filename="afteract_vic.wav" Length="30.668" Min="1.000" Max="2000" Rolloff="2000" /> <Entry Filename="load1.wav" Length="30.955" Min="1.000" Max="2000" Rolloff="2000" /> </SoundVolFile Names of files in music folder: gr_main_theme.wav load3.wav load1.wav action1.wav action3.wav afteract_loss.wav afteract_vic.wav BTW Stalker - great pic of the alien. I searched until 3.45am and never came across THAT one. Got any more like that I could use?
  8. I have a new music.xml that lists only the music in the "Music" folder. No other sounds are present. Model is finished, just searching for better textures. I can't believe that one of the best Sci Fi movies of all time doesn't have many Alien creature pictures on the net. Might have to take the best from bits of different shots - unless anyone else has seen some particularly good hi res shots of the alien creature?
  9. I have read many questions about adding music to the loading and menu screens, but no real definitive answers. I have added a few new "Alien" music tracks by replacing the names of the music tracks found in GR ie GR_main_theme, load1, load3 etc. I have resampled the new sounds to the same frequency as the GR ones ie 705kbps, 22Mhz, 16 bit stereo. But I still get random crashes at the menu screen It seems to crash just when it's about to change tracks (as you flick through menu's). Has anyone mastered this yet? What tips can you give coz I have tried everything.
  10. I forgot to add - the models shown are not just 3D Max renders. They all have been exported and work in GR. Sounds are done, ballistics are still being tweaked. M577 & M41a Pulse rilfe in action M240 Flame Unit shot Ignore the actors in these shots. Final chr models of the US Colonial Marines are not completed yet. Cheers,
  11. ambitious yes - impossible, no.
  12. In the real movie - the Aliens (except the queen), were essentially men in alien suits. Special effects, dim lighting, ambience etc was what made us believe they were aliens. Special effects, lighting, ambience can all be re-created in GR with clever scripting. I use that mission that AUS_Viper did in his Operation Stabilise mod as an example (mission 11 or 12 I think). You entered a house and some strange looking chick turns up and kills your squad. Doesn't sound very scary - but the lead up to that event with all the sound effects and stuff was what made it scary - it scared me We plan to do much the same - create a whole ambience, not just a bunch of missions. If your not sweating by the time you fire your pulse rifle, then we haven't done our job
  13. Yes it works (within the limit of the GR engine) Having said that, you still actually get to toast bad guys! Nothing like flaming a bunch of bad guys to make the heart pump
  14. More pics.... M577 APC The Enemy skull...
  15. Remember the 80's? Boofy hair, drum machines, invasion of synthesizers and a few very good "classic" films. One of them that is burnt in my memory is ALIENS. Ripley and the crew of the USS Sulaco (All die hard USCM - United States Colonial Marines) are on their way to LV-426 because the colonist's have lost contact with the Weyland-Yutani corporation. As Sgt Apone likes to comment, these marines are "absolutely bad-asses". However, a Xenomorph may be involved...... And so another GR Mod is born....... How would you like to take hold of the M41A Pulse rilfe and blow holes in Xenomorphs? Maybe the M240 Flame unit (incinerator) is more your style. Then of course if you have run out of primary ammo, pull out your VP-70 pistol and empty the clip into the Aliens skull. You do all this knowing that the M577 APC will be there to pick you up later.....or will it? If this sounds like type of mod you would enjoy - then watch this space. The mod is at early stages yet, but the LV-426 team has the folowing to show/ annouce: > A Brand new map based on the LV-426 installation is under development > Enemy forces wll be Aliens > No standard class soldiers will be available to fight. You will get 12 specialist's of the USCM to play with. If they are killed - there are no replacements. >GR is a military sim, so the actors are all US colony marines. Ripley, Bishop, Newt etc are not included >Much more to add - but not yet In case you feel this is just a bunch of modders dreaming about a mod that will never come to fruition - here's a few shots of work completed... M41a Pulse Rifle with underbarrel launcher... More to come.......
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