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  1. exactly , damn prozac made me come out of the darkness , lol
  2. i hope you are including a suppressed version with an acog , i asked for that along time back , but was greatful for what was given by dtd at the time so i didnt press the issue (not that im pressing now , hehe) if not , still great work !
  3. Besides that ,you can just configure zonalarm to allow vbs1 to pass through .and still otherwise be "safe". i play with zoneala rm everytime.
  4. Cool , til now WP33 has been the only "server" to speak of in the States . though he does have the power (AMD Athlon 64 3400+ and 2g of ram) , he isnt a dedi
  5. I dont post much(mainly because i feel i dont have much to offer in way of modeling,scripting ect. and the community doesnt like load mouth winers asking when the mod is gonna be released repeatedly when they themdelves dont model or scrpt , not that i havent tried , lol . ) but ive read alot of the posts here on this forum . I think we were / are getting a little bored with G.R. (i do still play it and download new mods ), as it is getting on in age and alot of the guys wanted a good tactical sim , not convinced G.R.2 would really pan out as what we are looking for . Especially scince the
  6. well , wp33 and i have added the sr74/47 add-on from earl , to vbs1 for that reason . You can pick up ammo at will ,and still have an ACOG scope . Whisper 44 was accually the one i seen screenies of with it first . I think wp has gotten a few others to get it also . Mac and S.C. so far . the weapon is suppressed , or the model is but it isnt in game or it would'nt be able to use standard opfor ammo. the add on csn be found at baconbomb .com
  7. maybe someone can post some siimilar screens shots for nvidia cards , please thanx
  8. Is there any way to get the M468 you guys did a few weeks back in a mini-mod with a suppressor attached? I just can't find anything approaching it in detail and workmanship.
  9. Umm, Thanks goes to Whisper44 also , DTD is the ######!
  10. Got it...probably Friday ← Hope its still on the way , awaiting patiently. DTD , you guys rock :punk: ←
  11. One in M4 Armoury is exact as far as i can tell
  12. Got it...probably Friday ← Hope its still on the way , awaiting patiently. DTD , you guys rock :punk:
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