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  1. I seem to have found the problem, maybe it has to do with steam, i'm not sure. But the extracted sb_weapons file is missing some lines. I added the line: <var name="spread_zoom_transition" type="number" default="0.05"/> which solved the zoom in error but then shortly after I got a crash referencing another missing line about shotguns. I was able to find a patch for a mod which included an intact sb_weapons file which I referenced to get the missing lines. When I found that file I also found I had been right about the spread zoom transition line except for the value should have been 4.0 http://files.filefront.com/bp+wpnPack+v141...;/fileinfo.html That is the file I used to find the missing lines. I did try extracting the quick.bundle a few different times, to get fresh sb_template files, same thing each time.
  2. I tried this fix and it works great for giving me 4 gernade rounds, but with the edited file in place I get this error crash whenever I zoom in. Crash in application version: 30899.3048 data\lib\units\types\weapons\bulletweapon.dsf(-1): cant find member: spread_zoom_transition in type <Statsblock:weapon_data> SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\units\types\weapons\bulletweapon.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded I edited the sb_weapon_data.xml file as specified and placed it in C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\ghost recon advanced warfighter 2\Local\English\sb_templates Do I need to have other files in the sb_templates folder as well? I tried it with all the original files from the extracted sb_templates and the game would crash at the menu screen so I removed all files except for the edited file (also tried it leaving the matching xmb file in) and then the game loads fine but crashes as soon as I zoom in to scoped or iron sight view.
  3. Crash bug in ready for bear, only happens with the 1.16 patch, if i uninstall the patch i can play through the mission. I uninstalled the game reinstalled game and patch and still got the crash, the crash happened several times in the same place. I get the following text when it crashes: this happens between checkpoint nine and the mission end on the level "ready for bear". After gaining control of the two tanks and sending them out to kill the first tank, to the NW if I remember right. After killing that tank and starting to move the tanks towards the tank north of that spot the game crashes, each time it crashed I was either in the tac screen or it crashed when I tried to exit the tac screen. It seems to have something to do with enemy AI. Whats happened at and around the crash time is an enemy tank to the east leaves through the tunnel you enter the area through, also the friendly tanks are usually firing on people in the guard towers in the area, I'm in the tac screen ordering one tank around the western route to flank the northern tank. Thats when the crash happens. It's funny, that graphic bug is exactly what a new, empty map looks like in the map editor. Although without the gun floating there obviously.
  4. Reminds me of the AA.. There must be some possibility as they made it move some. Heck the guy doesn't even have to show an animation for it. Just move his ret 1 inch left or right per hit taken (rather sights are up or down) Currently it's about 1/8 an inch (actually less then) only with optics or scope up. We aren't asking to spin the guy around like when he's killed. (although you could use the death animation and make the guy get himself back up with an action key ..just throwing that one out there) I havn't tested this yet, but someone said the "thud" was there in SP. Is it possible that there was a mistake made where the thud doesn't happen in MP but only in SP? Maybe due somehow to network lag, saw it mentioned that if the shot was from very far there was no sound at all. I noticed this in a coop game yesterday.
  5. Well I uninstalled the patch played through without crashing to the end of the mission then reinstalled the patch. So the crash is caused by the 1.16 patch. With the patch it happened at the same place each and every time. Anyone else had that in the SP campaign with the patch?
  6. Game keeps crashing in the same spot. I have the newest patch. savepoint nine in ready for bear, you take control of the tanks after killing one of the enemy tanks as I'm moving them closer to the exit and before I engage the second tank patrolling there the game crashes and gives me this text: Any Ideas? This is my second time through the game, on hard now and I've never had it crash before.
  7. I wouldn't really want them copying my stance all the time, but I would like the ability to give them stance orders. To get rid of the micromanaging feeling the AI could decide on its own stance, as it does now, but the player could if he wanted assign a certain stance to override the AI. If no stance order was given they would decide on their own. As far as Rules of Engagment, it would be nice to have a recon mode, standard assault mode they use now, and a mode that would tell all or one or the members to use explosives if availiable, Hand gernades or GL. I don't think you need an assault and suppress mode, they seem to do that right as it is, besides already having the cover/suppress cone. I think what I said about stance would be good for RoE as well, lacking a specific RoE order from the player they should decide however it is they decide now. You could give a RoE or Stance order for a situation and it would stay in effect until you canceled the order or changed it, then they would either follow the new order or go back to thinking for themselves.
  8. The silencer isn't a silencer as such, it's more of a muffler, it dulls the sound of the shot and decreases mussel flash. You can mod your gun with GL, scope etc as long as you got the cash or points to pay for it. In SP you can use any and all mods that don't conflict. In other words you can have scope, silencer, and handgrip. But you can't have a handgrip AND a gernade launcher since they attach to the same part of the gun. Also there might be reasons NOT to take all the mods you can. Weight is one although I don't see much impact from weight another is the effect on accuracy, stability and impact that each mod has.
  9. I don't think I buy that. From what I've seen they decide to move tactically or run based on whether the AI perceives it to be a high threat area. Sometimes they move fast and sometimes with more care, regardless the order given.
  10. Is there any plan to include assigning Rules of Engagment to your teammates in a future patch? Aggressive and Rcon mainly, at least swapping to silenced sidearms in recon mode if no other ai change. Stance orders would be great as well, but they usually do alright with stance on their own, although I've never seen them go prone except for when diving for cover. Is there a rule in the friendly AI for situations in which they will switch to their sidearm? I have seen them use the GL often enough, but no other non primary weapon like silenced pistols, m8 compact, or hand gernades.
  11. Is there a mechanical difference in assigning a cover arc and using the move order to assign a cover arc? In another post Desmond22 explained the cover order but also said that dragging out a cone with the move order will cause your teammates to suppress enemies in that area as well. Seems like the cover order is redundant.
  12. If you go up the alley on the left once your mission changes to finding the scramblers you can totally avoid the square, the tanks stay in the square patrolling up and down the two streets. I went for the scrambler on the far side of the square first and the chopper attacked me near there, I took it out with the zeus. I used the two tanks to get the tanks in the square for the final segment. The friendly tanks are a pain in the but, I would assign them to attack a tank and they'd take one shot then turn the main gun back on the MG nest in the middle, and they always miss until you line them up just right so the main gun hits one of the pillars of the MG nest.
  13. i'm just as confused by the answer, as I was by the question! are you asking what is the purpose of a squad? Wow, do you know anyone in the military you could ask? He's asking what benefit there is in the squad function of GRAW Multiplayer. Obviously if you are connected to VOIP with friends you can play with squad tactics whether there is a squad functionality in the game or not, so the question is what benefit is there to joining a squad in-game. Answer: So you can spawn on the SL. I think its lame that you need to spend points for that though, being able to always spawn on the SL would encourage a little more cohesivness to squads.
  14. I hope to hell there are expansions. Maybe one set in a non urban local.
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