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  1. Well holy cow then. I guess those pilots I flew with, in a navy passenger jet (leer style), must have been jarheads wearing Navy uniforms when I was flown from Palermo to Palma de Mallorca where I met up with my first ship in port. IE Air To Land. Come to think of it that means stations like NAS Jax must all be run by Marines as well. Or the number of Naval Avaitors I've seen doing cargo runs. But we are getting decidly off track. When it comes right down to it the only way I'm going to believe that a SEAL or Delta operators are working in NO TDY or otherwise is if a verified SEAL or Delta operator comes around here and says it themselves. That or the true Ghost that is on staff here corrects me. Again do not confuse that statement with me somehow trying to say that I am absolutely 100% right. You may have seen what you thought were operators that fit that catagory but I highly doubt they were what you think they were. Plain and simple. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk ← You guys are a complete joke. Thanks I hope others found the info interesting
  2. Since when does the US Navy not have logistic and support personel? This is something I DO know about. That is unless somewhere between 1988 and present the government has cut military funding so drastically that they don't have it anymore. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk ← They do! Thats what I thought too. Until they gave my unit a call. Well, its like this.... The Navy has logistic "types" on ships mostly. As I understand it they do not move anything unless its ship to ship or land to ship or air to ship. Everything else moves by way of the Marines. This may be a recent thing. I was questioned by my friend about this earlier. He was UDT so youd think he would know, unfortunately he had no clue either. So, there was some big rukus going on over in Iraq (remember) Clinton was on his way out, and everyone was like "here we go again" and at the time the Marines were either currently busy MOB'in thier guys or just unavailable for some odd reason. The Navy couldnt scrape up Logistical Support quick enough soooo.... The Airforce (Los Angeles i think) could do it, or the Army could do it. It could be because of cuts in plain ole Man Power to be honest. I know that sounds rather sad but you would be amazed at how closely the Army works with other branches now a days. Most of it is due to lack of personnel, in my opinon.
  3. HEY, by the way anyone there this Senator of Mississippi ( I forgot his name will find out /Sep 9th MSNBC) Well, anyway he was complaining about the response time of the Military. Well in his interview he said that other than the Coast Guard, he was personaly approached by Canadian Military group who had flew in to help with rescue efforts. He went on to say he was awaiting helicopters and the Canadian and Coasties were all he had for a few days until the National Guard showed up. I thought this was intresting if anyone is from MS and know more about this please post some pics or links . Also have any you heard about the Mexican soldiers on the beaches of Alabama and Gulf Shores MS. Yeah I saw on NBC and CNN they set up camp there. Looks like they brought ships and boats with them. What do you all think of that, I am not good with dates but I think its been at least a hundred or more years since Mexico had any troops operating on American soil.
  4. Armchair, I am not sir. I must tell you I know what I saw. I wish you all would just see for yourself and make the decision based on whats seen. 1. Look these Delta SF and Seals guys believe it or not ar human. They arent supermen. Most SF guys I knew when I was in school and when I was later served in a MASH unit in Panama and Costa Rica I met alot of these SF guys, I road marched with them my first First SGT out of basic was SF most of my instructors in AIT were SF (88 Delta MOS) and alot of them were from the south and midwest. Not Valhalla or something imaginary like that. So it would make total sense for them to even WANT to be there helping out. 2. To assume that someone dosent know what they are speaking about is on thing and it is another to call someone on it and havent seen what actually took place. 3. This whole thread is FYI not "hey look what I can fabricate and watch people beleive me." 4. I am not sure if you know this but I have served in Mobilization and I know for a fact Ranger Bat rotate in readiness I dont know how long youve been in there soldier but I have seen specs as recent as OP Enduring Fredom, and Ranger was on GO for 24-48 deployablility. I have seen and personaly processed PAX sheets for the Airforce with weight and dims for Riggers. So you may not have know it or not FT Lewis was on call . 5. Another thing sir I was attached to a Navy SEAL Support Group out in San Diego. I know exactly what they wear. How? Because I have mobilized 1 team and demoblized 2 teams. I have personaly packed thier gear inventoried it and put it all away. Thats was my job and that was one of the longest jobs I had not working exclusively with the Army. So I remember it quite well. It took about 3 weeks to demobilize 1 of the teams because the Navy does not have any logistic personel. They rely on the Marines. I was there because the Marines had no available logisitc and mobilization personel in the area. There is a story behind that if you all remember a lil skirmish of words our Pres was having with Iraq right before Bush took office. Well, fill in the blanks fellas. 6. CAG- I know what and who these guys are I got them to alot of places. They had to get clearance from my group and we had to put them on the planes and sometimes ships. They and thier stuff wouldnt go any where without us. Not even the 3rd Ranger . Come on guys give me break. I have supplied links and even invited some of you to investigate on your own .
  5. OKAY, check! Good point sorry I got ahead of myself. However the lady in the Arron Brown interview said she was rescued by a Navy Seal. For one thing the lady apeared to be very convincing and she was quite older, my moms age. My mom hasnt a clue what a Navy Seal is and she is an Army Mom and Airforce wife. I was little sceptical of what I saw at first. That was until I seen that interview and my friend called me to say he saw the Geraldo report where the camera guy was politely being waved off by a SEAL . Just something to think about. I know many of you dont have the capability to watch 10 hrs of Cable News a day, but I hope you all catch some stuff soon. Try searching online to lots of photos NOLA rescue efforts out there.
  6. ← GREAT PHOTO Caught some Supa Doopa Paratroopa's in action! Stay alert there others around Great Job!
  7. these guys are Delta because 1)they had arabic name tapes and less patches than everyone else 2)That's who the president would send if his back was against the wall. 3) You served 8 years in the Army and your friend was in the Navy. correct? ← 1)I said they were Delta, (um not the guys in that photo you above those guys are paratroopers) The Delta guys had the typical gear that have been spotted in Afgahnistan photos and Somlia Photos with desert bdu. 2) Yes I would thinks so. I am not saying thats why he sent them just assuming there. 3)Yes I did. Yes my friend was in the Navy just out last Feb.
  8. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk ← Whats your point im, confused. Are you questioning my back ground... Im just calling it how I see it on television and if you dont agree with what I have seen just look at the links I posted before. You can also use google to verify any other info I stated. My Cred: served 8 years in the Army served everywhere from southwest asia to south and central america. worked exclusvely in Mobilization in recent years, working closely with US Senate, Pentagon, and 5th Army. My Friend's Cred: served 4 years as a Naval Underwater Demolition Team Member, served in South Pacific (SOUTHPAC/ San Diego) and South West Asia (Sudan, Sadui, Kuwait, Jordan, Isreal, Egypt) 2 Years Naval Reserve (Iraq) Navy Rescue Diver (Pilot Recovery/UD Repair & Salvage) worked and trained with SEALs, Marine Force Recon and Army SF. So we know what we are seeing honestly. I mean alot what we stated is complete factual although the other things we stated like said for instance what was going on in the Presidents mind. Well , I just thought "hmm well if I were PRES thats what I would do." simply to explain what I and my friend were seeing. I was somewhat amazed at what I saw. My friend on the other hand was not and simply said "makes sense, these guys missed responding to 9/11 so of course they want this action. Type A personalities, they dont sit on the side lines when the stuff hits the fan!" I know personaly when the Pres comes calling every head huncho of whatever group- 24 to 48 hour or less deployable units Ranked 1st (82nd Airborne,173rd Airborne) all jokey for position. They all want to show what they can do the best it is called esprit de corps. Thats the culture of the Military in general. Since I play Ghost Recon often, well not as often as most of you. I thought it would be cool to post some observations of what I have been seeing and thought some of you could catch some REAL Ghost in action. Unfortunately it seems to be some of you are confused about what I have posted . So let me clear this up, I have been there and back I know what I saw. Unless you have seen the footage on TV yourself and came to some other conclusion, please respect my opinon and let those whod like to try to see the guys in action do so.
  9. I dissagree with you on that. Sure there are SF Gaurd units there not many because unfortunately I think those guys are over in Iraq. Well let me say any that were from LA, MS, and AL. So it possible that they had to get some guys from Ft. Campbell. I think I stated earlier that the SF guys I saw on television all had combat patches and 82 Airborne Unit Patches on thier shoulders meaning that: 1. They are currently in the 82nd Airborne 2. Fought recently in Afgahnistan or Iraq. Due to the mess of things in NOLA the President most likely asked Ft Bragg or Ft Campbell to send down some quick responders. Okay this would mean any unit or group that could mobilize in about 24 hours. There are about 3 levels of readiness in the Military the 82nd Airborne and 173rd are both 24 hours or less anywhere in the world deployable. That would be the top level 101st are 48 hours or less. 2nd & 3rd Ranger Bat. and most Sf Units at Ft Lewis are about 24 hours. So if something went down real bad like in NOLA. WHO would YOU want to respond if your back was against the wall and the Media and civilian population was up your ######? Well, the President was dealing with acrazy situation and I am sure congress and northern command was very cool with it and all and understood perfectly. National Gaurd was on the scene however they were in way above thier heads and need help, the best help. Now, my friend that I mentioned that has been keeping up with all this stuff is a former Naval UDT member. He quickly agreed what I saw at Kenner airport footage was Delta. UDT and Seals have been trained to recognize other covert unit operatives and operations when in the area. Just in case they happen to stumble ''GHOSTs" or "SPOOKS" (CIA) in to the in the field things like friendly fire or blown cover happen. If you need any documentation to back this up please see any Ranger Survival Smart Book, there should be a section about that in any good one. Also check any Navy SEAL or UDT School Guide. You can find these books usually in a AFEES PX Store, or any good Army Surplus Store. About the SEALs : I also listed a link to an Interview given by Aarron Brown from CNN where a lady who was rescued said that the people who rescued her were SEALs. I dont think many 50 something African Americans even know who Seals are so I dont think she was making that up. Arabic Name Tapes I have been told by a friend currently in the reserves and a former infantry man who just got back from Iraq that that patch that is Arabic most likely given to a soldier because they performed some great deed. It dosent say a name in most occasions. Another thing it could say the soldiers blood type and if he has some condition. Since there are Arabic medics and doctors in Iraq this could be helpful they were wounded. Also the Soldier could have been an instructor who has taught some course in South West Asia. I will find out some more info on that. Please make sure you read all that I have found out before you make your decision on what is or is not. Just keep your eyes open, they are out there!
  10. jchung are you sayin that what I was mistaken in what I saw. I did actualy catch a few glimpses of the Delta guys in NOLA. It would make complete sense if the President requested thier assistance. Being that only he can mobilize them into action. If I were president and this happend I would want the absolute best and most efficient to take the snipers out. The quicker the better. Really would you want a 9 to 5 cop try to do it in that type of conditions. That officer would have terrible a time. Okay what about SWAT?! What about them they are trained in urban assault not flooded chaotic with changing terrain assaults. THE WORLD IS WATCHING. So send the absolute solution. DELTA. On that note it appears that the police chief of New Orleans has been questioned about a few shootings that have resulted in the death of some civilians. The cheif told the media that there had been a few incidents and that he was not clear on specifics due to the obvious. The commanding general of Task Force Katrina, told the media in a press conference that there were some civilians who were mortally wounded. He explained that the civilians in question were hendering rescue efforts and were endangering the public and military personel. So they handled the situation and continued the rescue efforts. I think what we have here is an actual sniper take out by Delta. One thing is for sure the local police chief was seemed to be out of the loop when asked about the altercations. The other is that it seemed the general knew alot about what happend and very discreetly did not say in detail who took them out or what exactly the civilians were doing. If the police got the military involved in a incident you best belive that it was not because they spotted a few looters at the local walmart. So its not too far fetched. The soldiers could have been Marines or Army for that mater, However Delta Force is in the area and I myself caught a view of few of them on tv as I stated earlier. If youd like to see for yourself just keep watching the news its really intresting.
  11. The Word Is Out On Delta! Hmmmm.... http://www.conspiracyplanet.com/channel.cf...&contentid=2718 Hooah Delta!
  12. Okay once again the Ghosts are out and about in New Orleans! I just finished watching CNN and on there I happen see an interview of a older African American woman who had been recently evacuated from her flooded neighborhood where she had been for days. Apparently she had refused help from police earlier in the week and they told Marines who made it by a her home to drop off food and water a few times and check in on her. She explained that she was fine and her home did well in the storm ( her home had no flood damage) and she did not want to leave until it was extremely necessary. After a few visits the Marines relayed to the Navy that the woman had to be advised of the danger she was in and that someone wold have to evacuate her as soon as they can. The Navy responded and were sent in: Alison Hodge was rescued today by a Navy SEAL helicopter unit. Ms. Hodge joins us from the New Orleans airport, where she is going to be evacuated soon. What were you doing for the last seven days? ALISON HODGE, NEW ORLEANS EVACUEE: I was in my house. BROWN: What did you do? HODGE: I was just waiting there until I get myself together so I can get out, the best way out. BROWN: How did they find you? HODGE: A gentleman told me he was in the Navy SEAL , and he saw me asking for help, and he showed a sign, and he called down the Navy SEALs to come down, and they flew down, and tried to save me the best way they could. BROWN: And... HODGE: They put me onto the helicopter, and they slung me into the helicopter, and they brought me here to the airport. BROWN: Did you have food in the house? Did you have water in the house? HODGE: Well, the Marines was coming around with a little water and a little food when they can. And I appreciated that. BROWN: Where do you go from here, Ms. Hodge? HODGE: Well, I'm trying to get to my elder sister, who is in Ocala, Florida. But I have misplaced her number. So if she's watching the TV, please get your number out to the closest Red Cross you can get to, and they will get it down to New Orleans, Louisiana, at the Louis Armstrong Airport so I can get some help to get there. BROWN: Do you know where they're going to take you tonight, or tomorrow? HODGE: Not right now, sir, but I'm asking them to take me to Florida. Once I get to Florida, and my elder sister gets to see me on the TV, she will try her best to come and reach me to help me. BROWN: Well, I hope... HODGE: That's why I'm here. BROWN: I hope she's watching. If she is, and she calls us, we'll make sure that the two of you get in touch. Thanks for your time. HODGE: Thank you, sir. BROWN: Thank you. Best of luck to you. You've had a tough week. Thank you. This interview took place on the CNN show News Night with Aaron Brown Sept 5 2005. the transcripts can be found at CNN.com Also I ran across this: Students Rescued By Navy Seal Team in Louisiana Information systems senior Neer Patel, who was trapped in New Orleans about eight blocks from the Superdome for almost six days, is safely back in Arlington after being rescued Thursday morning. Patel, who was on a company business trip at a Fairmont hotel when Hurricane Katrina made landfall, said he and roughly 800 others were told they would be evacuated by a team of rescuers hired by the Fairmont corporate office. “They said, after we eat, we were supposed to stay in our rooms until morning and that we’d be evacuated — that it was for sure,†he said. He said the anarchy and looting in New Orleans delayed the evacuation, which was supposed to begin at dawn. “We didn’t get word to leave until 8 in the morning,†he said. “The delay was the hostility level was just increasing.†From his room on the ninth floor, Patel said his trek to the evacuation buses wasn’t easy. He said it was about a mile to walk from the hotel to his bus, traveling through thigh-level water, looters, rioters and people desperate to leave with them. “People were shouting at us, like, ‘Where’re you guys going? There’s nowhere to go,’†he said. Patel said the Fairmont officials told him the team pulling them out was a hired mercenary crew composed of Navy SEALs and Dallas SWAT members. Employed by the hotel to protect the occupants and get them safely out of the city, the team was forced to fend off others eager to escape on the buses. “They made it in, and these guys were ruthless,†he said. “They were there to protect us, and that’s what they did. Those guys didn’t joke around.†Once everyone was loaded on the buses, Patel said they moved to a church in Baton Rouge where they wanted to house the evacuees but discovered it didn’t have the capacity. They then moved to Lafayette, where they stayed in the Cajundome, a convention center located on the campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Patel said they were going to lay over in the city for a few days while the buses continued pulling people out of New Orleans, but it was decided that the current group of people would continue. “They said that whoever wanted to stay in Lafayette could stay, and the rest of us were going to Dallas, and we could stay in a Fairmont in Dallas if we wanted,†he said. Patel said he stayed on the bus as it traveled into Texas, covered by a police escort and moving above the speed limit. “These guys were driving around 80 miles per hour,†he said. He said it was late Thursday when the group arrived at a hotel in Dallas and that he was treated to a warm welcome by the staff, complete with a ‘Welcome Home’ banner. “They all came out and clapped for us, like we were the heroes, not them,†he said. “Even though I wasn’t staying there, it was like a homecoming feeling.†Patel said he called his friend to come pick him up to get his car from the airport and to talk about his experience. “Basically, I was not emotional throughout the whole trip until I sat down and talked with her, and she told me how scared she was, that she didn’t know if I was going to be there anymore,†he said. http://www.theshorthorn.com/archive/2005/f...n090605-01.html HOOAH! Go Navy! KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR GHOST COS THEY ARE OUT THERE SAVING LIVES!
  13. Very true Prozac360, very true indeed these SF Army Airforce and Navy guys are pretty skilled and extremely keen. I would say they have the brightest medics in the world. I attended Army AIT where the SF Medics go to school. Most of thier in "classroom" stuff was where I got my army trade. In fact my Company First Sergeant was a Special Forces Medic who had served in Graneda Panama and The Gulf War. Many of my instructors were Navy Coreman and served a number of years with Marine units. Yes I would say most of the guys are all extremely intelligent and are top tier soldiers. Who ever made the call to get the SF involved truly made a great move. If im not mistaken I think the Army Command can mobilize the SF units into action but the President is the only one who can mobilize Delta or the Seals. So, the President obviously wanted some quick decisive action taken in NOLA due the circumstances. Now its my theory these Special Forces units were the first to mobilize after the intial request went out for help from the states to the President for active duty soldiers to help out in the region. Reviewing some reports that I saw on televison ,and in the papers, the President sent a few hundred or so active duty soldiers to the effected areas in the southern states. My guess would be that due to the unknown nature of just what was going on and the loss of time the federal government was dealing with the President wanted to make sure that the intial response from the active branches of the Army or etc. would be resolute. For instance any snipers would be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thats where the ARMY SF comes in. The ability to move and to conduct rescue missions, evacuations, and security at night were to be highly important to the task at hand. Finaly, Army Reserve/ Gaurd and Marine Reserves are not entirely equipped to operate at night due to availability of NVGs state side. Most of reserve units that are equipped are currently deployed elsewhere. Why Delta Force? Your guess my friend is as good as mine. The sniper fire could be the reason for thier presence. My guess since they were seen in gear at the airport in Kenner; maybe they were just helping with security for the President. I mean its all out chaos there so a few DELTA BOYS hanging out would make the Secret Service less jumpy. Also it would free up the SS from walking around with M4 or M16 in plain view of civilians. Yes its true, when people see a soldier carrying a weapon they are less spooked by the weapon. Its similar if you see a police officer about town with a weapon on his hip; he is in uniform and people dont get freaked out by it so much. Then they could be there to help with the medical stuff, although they were in full get up. Okay, the simple answer would be because, they thought they could just help out. So whooray for DELTA! I mean lots of these SF guys got homes, I am sure some are from the South. How about the Coasties! Wow those guys(& gals) are MAJOR STUDS So if you want to see THE REAL GHOSTS in action watch the news and pay real close attention you never know what you may see.
  14. I have been watching the television news stations and have on many occasions noticed the cameras actually capturing images of Special Forces soldiers in New Orleans doing various things. For instance about 30 minutes ago I was watching FOX NEWS LIVE on cable television. Geraldo was interviewing a Airforce helicopter crewman was being asked where was he taking some survivors they had just taken from an evacuated hospital. Inside the helicopter which I believe was a Blackhawk, a Navy Seal was shown there in broad daylight on camera in full gear in desert bdu (no name tags), the soldier would eventualy motion to the Airman to tell Geraldo to discontinue filming him. I could honestly tell the guy knew Geraldo had no idea what he was seeeing, however he was helping and seem to be friendly about the whole incident. Another occasion happend when I was watching coverage of Superdome evac and I saw an Army SF soldier speaking to NOLA police officer. I quickly say his tabs and unit patch. I was able to make out the SF patch and an 82nd Airborne patch on his other shoulder tabs and combat patch. This soldier also had NVG goggles and woodland bdu on. I did not see any rank I would imagine he was a senior NCO or officer. The very last I witnessed was on MSNBC yesterday what appeared to be a Delta Force Operatives at the Louis Armstrong International Airport in Kenner, LA. There appeared to be about three of them I could make out thier gear no patches besides the combat patches and another patch that appeared to be over thier right chest it was not Navy tabs or anything or Army tabs my friend told me it was probably something in Arabic they could have got in Iraq. These Delta operatives were seen soon after Pres. Bush arrived in Louisiana. Just wanted you all to be aware. Its great to see that America Bravest and Boldest is out assisting the Gaurd and Reserves with the huricane relife. HOOAH! God Bless.
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