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  1. question. i am not a subscriber to ign, i just use the free services. for the paid stuff, do you still see the ads on some of the pages? i have never really cared about the ads myself. i use mozilla and have 20 tabs open at any given time so i just click continue and move to the next tab and come back to it later. as for big business and choices, we will always have choices. will ign be the best choice? they should be with all they got and will gett, but even if they arent, there still will be othres out there. look at examples in software. os- microsoft, apple, linux ; browsers- ie, opera, mozilla ; video game- pc, nintendo, sony, microsoft ; cars, toys, cable, phone, anything there has ever been a monopoly in we have always had other solutions. so i dont fear big business. -caf
  2. i think this is a good deal. i have been a fan of ign for a long time. remember, most of the downloads for gr from this website come from an ign owned site: fileplanet. they are still free. -caf
  3. "hawke" and "assassins" by ted bell. very good books like tom clancy really. -caf
  4. just a question about the mod? i used igor and checked the multiplayer checkbox so i could play online with some friends. missions 1-4 work great with two ppl. mission 5 doesnt work multiplayer at all. my question is, when we have three or more playing the missions crash. is it just bc they were meant to be played solo? just wondering. oh, and again, cool missions... -caf
  5. yeah im getting on now too as for trillian and gaim, no, if msn servers are down they wont let you access them but at least you could talk with a different account to your friends if they got some different accounts too. i try to get all my buddies to have at least two accounts...usually with msn and icq...
  6. taken from neowin.net: here is the status window to check how the server in your area is doing: http://messenger.msn.com/redirs/SERVER_STATUS.asp if you get an error then you probably still cannot connect with msn...i still cannot as of this post... on a side note, this is why i have gaim and many of my friends have trillian. you can get accounts with yahoo, msn, aim, icq, and others and then if one account goes out you still have a backup or two to talk with your buddies. also, xfire works with gr and is pretty cool too. -caf
  7. pillar - fireproof....um, wait, now its pillar - bring me down
  8. hey i was just playing it on coop...very cool! this is the kind of stuff gr was made for...good job! -caf btw, ive been having problems with fileplanet also...just wait a minute or so and it comes up...
  9. hi, im looking for the container yard map. the link in the forums doesnt work. i have went to a couple sites now posting in forums asking about it. if you have a link can you post it? or if you just have the original compressed map tell me and we can set something up so i can get it. also, if you just have it on your computer in your mods folder, maybe you could make a copy of the container yard folder, zip it up, and send it my way? thanx. i know its in the fc map pack but there are a bunch of other mods in there too and i dont need them all. please help. -WCI-Caffeine
  10. WCI sar servers! lots of fun...no cheaters, tkers, or spawn rapers! they get the boot or the ban. come for some fun 24/7
  11. hi everybody! i am staring my first 12 hour gr marathon at 8pm tonight. come join me at the wci sar servers for a lot of fun games and give me a hello for support. my second 12 hour marathon is this sat night. think i am ready? i also have chips and salsa, cheese popcorn, icecream...just like i was a kid again! (im married with kids and 24 years old) here are the server numbers: on there you will find our ts server number too!
  12. alright. i am having two 12 hour marathons at the wci servers next weekend. the first will be october 1st (next friday night) starting at 8pm central. i will be on for 12 hours straight. the next one will be that sat night same bat time, same bat channel. the wci servers kick a lot of butt and are very fun. they play a lot of sar so expect some good games. hope to see you all there. ip's: -caffeine
  13. ok this may be premature but in light of recent news and previews of ghost recon 2: I TOLD YOU SO! that is to all the ppl who have no faith or who have always seen the glass as half empty in the ghost recon 2 development process. now i may still end up being wrong but it sure looks like they are going to get this game right. now if i can only make it until sept 16/17... nobody take offense or attack me please. like i said, i know i could still be wrong. its just looking good from where i sit
  14. ok, this is just an idea and i dont know if somebody has tried it yet or if it even works so if anybody has any info for me just put it here please. in some ghost recon mods like utah beach there is water you can crouch into. is it possible to put a grass texture on top? make it look like there is grass blowing in the wind instead of water? not for utah beach but i mean in a mod in general. i was just thinking that if it was possible to do that and add a whole lot of trees with a dark atmosphere and maybe even some fog we could have a really good looking jungle map using ghost recon 1. thats all...thanks for any input you may have.
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