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  1. Lol - and with the price of petrol, it'd double the price you paid for the ticket too! I know what you're saying about Silverstone, but as I said, they are meant to be building a new pit & paddock complex and have planning already approved (something that Donington, worryingly, does not) - whether or not they bother if they're not going to be hosting the GP is anyone's guess though. But the point is that that would fix the worst of the problems with Silverstone. If they then just spent a bit more on building some new (permanent!!) grandstands and paving over the grass banks (which I can
  2. Okay, I stand corrected on the circuit lengths, but I still think that there's no way Donington can play host to F1. I hear they've promised a £100million revamp for the track, but is that really feasible? Why not redo Silverstone, which would cost a fraction of the amount - and bear in mind that Silverstone already has planning permission for a new pit and paddock complex between the Club and Abbey corners, has all the space the teams need, and has the traffic and parking issues solved. I agree the BRDC have been a pain and have frequently promised upgrades that haven't appeared, but all
  3. Donington is just too small for F1 cars. I like the circuit and it's great for bikes and touring cars (which can handle a bit of contact when they try to overtake), but F1 cars simply won't have room to pass each other anywhere there, even with the Melbourne Loop section of the track. "Races" would be even more processional than Monaco or Hungary. The track is also too short (2.5 miles, inc Melbourne Loop - the only other F1 track shorter than 3 miles is Monaco) so a lap there is going to be very quick, meaning lots of issues with lapped traffic. The paddock at Donington (newly refurbished) is
  4. To make a more positive contribution to solving the global vodka surplus problem, which is becoming more critical than ever before...
  5. In no particular order: - Top Gear - Have I Got News For You - Spooks - 24
  6. Now you mention it, it could have been something like that... I wasn't really listening to be honest - I never bother once she starts talking!
  7. So is this what you meant by "with benefits"...? And you said it was special, not me... I thought it was all very run of the mill really, but there you go.... *ducks* EDIT: Thinking about it, if he's paying for a trip to Spa, can I come too...? Err... you are talking about the motor-racing circuit in Belgium, right...?
  8. Hang on, you're dating Rabbi now? What about me? I thought what we had was special?? [/trying to turn this into an "I'm Spartacus" thread]
  9. I can believe it's the most over-used word of the year, yeah!
  10. Ciao!!! (Let's see how many Eddie Izzard fans are here to understand that one...)
  11. I was playing with a 280-tonne one the other day. That had counterweights on separate lorries too. It was only lifting about 10 tonnes, but it was a very long radius!!
  12. I think we should all get to drive cranes around - then you can just pick up the traffic in front of you and move it out of your way! What size is that, Tinker? 50 tonne? 80? Somewhere there anyway, I presume, since it's on three axles...
  13. ... Err... Why am I being attributed to that post? I never said that - it was xG5kdo who said that in the post above mine...
  14. I didn't bother teaching you about football (the real kind - known to you as "soccer"), because it's a pointless game that should be left to the girls! Real men play rugby... There... That should be enough to light a pretty big fire!! Lol
  15. This weekend, I'll actually be driving a Ferrari 360... And last week, I drove an Aston Martin DB9... And sometime next year I have a voucher to use to spend a day driving a Ferrari F430, Porsche 911 Turbo, Subaru Impreza WRX, and Lotus Exige too... :D
  16. Evanescence - "Bring Me To Life"
  17. I'm not sure I'm funny enough either, but I certainly never let cowardice (or good sense) get in the way of me insulting zjj... I'm sure she'll just put it down to backhanded affection... maybe...
  18. Congrats mate - and long time no see btw!
  19. Surely it comes down to an issue of jurisdiction... As Parabellum said, the attitude of judges in the US is that they don't care how they defendant came to appear before them in court, so a US judge wouldn't be too concerned about US authorities "kidnapping" suspects for trial. If the suspect is "kidnapped" in the UK to be brought to the US for trial, however, such action would be illegal under UK law, and since the act would take place on UK soil, under UK jurisdiction, it would be UK law that took precedence... assuming it could be proved, of course. I'm not naive enough to suggest that this
  20. I dunno, two weeks in a proper country last summer and she thinks she knows all there is to know about ROW "football" as well as the American kind... *Ducks*
  21. Oh dear.... There's a similar option in Firefox too.
  22. The wheel tethers have been in F1 for years too, but they're always tweaking the rules on them - eg increasing the minimum tensile load they have to withstand before breaking, or the altering the elasticity of them, or changing the number of them etc. I've no idea whether F1 or NASCAR had them first, but the FIA certainly does look at safety devices in other forms of motorsport - eg the HANS device was introduced to F1 a few years back after being imported from American racing. Wheel tethers were actually compulsory at the time of both marshals' deaths in 2000 and 2001, but the force of the
  23. Yeah the "keep these settings?" dialogue boxes are a must, surely?? As are the "click to continue" ones (on long-load games), for pretty much exactly the reason Rocky explained - although I'd personally be off getting more vodka rather than chocolate! What they could do instead of a specific box is load you in but then instantly pause the action until you make your first movement...?
  24. Ooh, I hadn't seent that one... the camera didn't get the best view of it, but the marshal being hit really makes you catch your breath. Whatever people think of the FIA (F1's governing body, who generally aren't very popular with fans), they've certainly done a really impressive job at making the sport safer... Some of it was obviously common sense (eg not allowing marshals to run across the track whilst the race is in progress, or making seatbelts compulsory - how they ever managed to race without them I'll never understand), but the car impact tests and wheel tethers etc really make a diffe
  25. The marshals were slow, but what I really don't understand is why, a couple of minutes after the accident, there's a marshal in the foreground waving a yellow flag (ie "caution, accident, slow down and no overtaking until you're past the scene" - as though the black smoke didn't give it away!): surely that should have been an instant red flag (ie "race stopped")?? I've seen that footage before, and although David Purley's obvious dejection is bad to watch, I still think Gilles Villeneuve's crash was worse. I don't know if you've seen it, but there are no flames, just a high-speed impact wit
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