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  1. GR 2 was a joke, GRAW is a joke and any bets Graw 2 will follow the same path and yet youll still find thoughs same supporters of this garbage. Its no wonder the PC gaming industry is fading all because of the mindless consumer who will settle for crrap --> . What will u all do when GRAW 2 comes out and turns out to be garbage, probably keep hoping for the best with the release of GRAW 3 lol
  2. I use AKG great headphones for picking up the slightest noise in the battle field.
  3. Damn straight AMMO, theres a lot of silly clans out there that because theyve played for so long that they think they know what there talking about when it comes to cheating. I was ejected from a team not long ago accusing me of using names because the team was getting owned in a big way by me. I intend to get proof of this that i play fair and when im done someones head is goin to be on the chopping block.
  4. That's a major statement. Most people have been complaining because it has very little in common with GR. I could only wish it was similar to GR then I'm sure it would be getting play time on my PC instead of collecting dust. Im not sure if this is possible but wouldnt it be nice if they had graw graphics with [GR] feel and balistics like ELITE SNIPER all in one. Who knows, maybe thats what well get from GRIN when GR2 gets released, the way the keep working on patch after patch after patch, they might aswell just do it and GET IT OVER WITH. hint hint GRIN.
  5. Exactly why would u, even the noobiest player with a mouse would own against the best control user.
  6. yuo mean a tablet? try wacom Thanks.
  7. Anyone know of any peripherals besides a mouse that can be used for MAX7, something like a pen. Ive heard of them but dont know who makes them.
  8. Ya ive had these before, found they were ok. I went through a few headphones that were all around the $100 and non were too my liking. Finaly i went all out and bought AKG studio headphones and fell in love with them. They were about $350 and absolutely AMAZING YA CANT BEAT THEM.
  9. Im not sure but dont 50cal snipers reach 1.5 to 2 miles. I think draw distance should be set up for high powered scopes. Anything less is ka ka i think.
  10. I'm in for some mature coop gaming, I hosted a game this weekend, but got stuck with running and gunning typo's that killed me since I was too slow.... so next time I'll put on a password. I hope to find some nice clan based servers with good anti cheat and mature players. DM is DM but COOP or DOM is different. it would be great to join a server with teamspeak/ventrile and play. Maybe some clans that host such could state that here. I get confused who is who and which servers to put in my favorites list (how to do that is still a question for me) I keep a list on my desk with names of players on them and I put a plus behind good players (fun, not by their hit score but more if they are fun top play with) and a min with people that act inmature, and run and gun on coop plays without looking after the team. I love the coop gaming, it is different playing coop when your mates run just like you, and you have to keep track of them. i admit I'm not that good yet...... but I can look after someone, mostly I take care of the leader or a sniper by guarding them. OK I don't get all the kills but the game lasts longer and is more fun.... And by doing so people start to like you..... All the sorry's counted after was shot.... good job and good attitude
  11. good info. Yah, I am assuming that is why they have M-1 Abrams tanks in the game. The PSG-1 is a nice gun, but same as the Walther WA-2000 it was just much to expensive to be used by anyone. All militaries are, after all, being run by accountants doing a cost-benefit analysis of everything With the .50 in game though it didn't look to me like the reticule was actually part of the 3D weapon model ... could there be some why to make the PSG-1 just jump to the reticule or will the solid scope still be in the way? Clark WA-2000 expnsive hehe more like a small fortune just for one. One man in the states purchased i think 7 or 8 back in the 80's. Today he'll sell one for 75,000 US a pop.
  12. hmmm. whats animated on these weapons cept maybe the dispersal fire from the round.
  13. that helped alot thks GRIN Bogvaldt
  14. Anyone know what the min/max poly's used for the weapons, maybe GRIN can help with this question plz.
  15. When i saw this tutorial on shag:fur the guy made a tree and used photo shop for the leafs i think.
  16. yup sorry I didn't know shag fur had that ability (I've only used it for...fur) so I had to take a little time to check it and even if it does a quite good job keeping low the polygons, it's still too much to handle in a forest and definitely grin didn't use it (you can use it to create some nice trunks btw) I think grin's trees work more like the plugin "forest", with alpha-textured planes auto-aligned to the camera What do u mean its still to much to handle in a forest, too many polys ???
  17. wassup digi i see u well u were there a min ago.
  18. Hi Wille. I have a question on what u guys used for tree environments. Did u use a plugin like SHAG:Fur or did u guys simply use MAX7 .
  19. Im not 12 Im 30, but thanks anyway. I think that the gaming community would have complained if the game continued to be delayed yes. BUT we were use to the idea of Ghost Recon being delayed. Do u remember GR2. I think giving us a betta game for $50 is worse then a full game 3 months later. just my opionion. 30 ----------------------------------------------------------->
  20. I like the uncertainty of who's who at long distances, names should be an option to be removed on the dedi server side. might help prevent hacks like NAMES also.
  21. So far so good but still needs some work.
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