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  1. Anyone seen Mila Jovovic's 'The Fourth Kind' yet? Just went home from seeing it. It was surprisingly intense. IIRC, Rocky likes UFO/alien abduction stuff. If you're into that, the film is highly recommended. The 'semi-documentary' style of the film really works. Unlike 'Paranormal Activity' which I found not scary at all. But then again, I'm Asian. We're used to much scarier stuff than that.
  2. I can tell you right now that this is wrong. Even if it is as Para said, even if the school ISSUES the uniform to EVERYONE, there's always peer pressure and fashion. In Indonesia, EVERYONE wears the same uniform from elementary (white shirt with school board logo, red shorts/skirt with zipper and belt loops) junior highschool (white shirt with school board logo, blue shorts/skirt) and high school (white shirt with grey trousers/skirts). Private schools may, of course, have their own uniforms but they are all issued. Thing is, kids come up with ways to show off. The newest sneakers, the latest phones, expensive bags/backpacks... While I agree that in someways they help off set social gaps and peer pressure, unless the school mandates that students wear only ISSUE clothing and bags everyday (which no one will accept), its a moot point.
  3. I'll hold out for a plasma rifle in the 50megawatt capacity. BUT..failing that, I'll trust good ol' SS109 that is available in quantity here. That and a .45 should do the trick. He's propagating an urban myth. The uninformed will start carrying little pea shooter .22LR as CCW soon enough. That would not end well.
  4. Dude, who are you calling in Jakarta? That's my AO! Hahahaha. If its a good friend of yours, lemme know if I could help you with anything.
  5. Ok..its a shot in the dark but.. You guys remember Operation Stabilise? I'm rediscovering that great mod (as I'm rediscovering GR classic) and something caught my eye: In the hero folder within the actor folder of the mod, there's an ATR file called 'NOD_Rifleman.' I've finished the campaign, unlocked all the specialists, but I see no C&C looking character called 'NOD Rifleman.' Any explanations? Anyway of getting this character to show up in lieu of another specialist? Thanks guys.
  6. Yeah, that long eh? Damn...when was it that I registered to this site? Went through that crash thingie too! How ya doin man? Just today, TODAY, I decided to forgo all my newer games. Forget Mass Effect and Crysis and what not, clean up my PC and start over with just one game: GR classic. Brings a smile to my face. Damn..I've got a lot of mods to download.
  7. CMIIW.. But doesn't making it into one of the Ranger batts. automatically win you a slot in Ranger school? Or do you have to be a certain rank (even though you're a scrolled Ranger) before you're eligible?
  8. Actually, Slaneesh was created BY the Eldars during their decadence. This is what ultimately fractured the Eldar race, giving birth to the Craftworld Eldars and the Dark Eldars. In any case, that trailer was pretty cool. I agree, though, that the Blood Ravens are getting tiresome.
  9. I've never played DoW. Just Dark Crusade and now am trying to make sense of Soulstorm. I never had any problems with DC, because of its relatively smaller/fewer patch, but Soulstorm definitely left a lot to be desired. The patches are upward 200 megs each. Anyway, firefly might be right. Try to download all the patches and install them in sequence.
  10. I'd have to say Dark Knight, followed closely by Wall-E. I don't know...none of the other movies impressed me as much. I haven't seen Punisher though.
  11. The journalist didn't throw his shoes because it was all he had. He threw his shoes quite deliberately, as to many in the middle east, throwing shoes at someone is a very severe insult. I know, I know that culture well. What I wrote was meant to demonstrate that one cannot anticipate everything. That the journo decided to throw his shoes at Bush was unfortunate, but what could the PSD do? Confiscate everything that was throwable at the door? I have to agree with Saint though, especially in regards to the Americans on this board. I'm not going to comment and get into a debate about the merits of his policies. You may like him or dislike him. Be that as it may, he is your president. If someone were to throw shoes at our current president, despite the fact that I despise the man, I would be bloody livid. Our stance in such situation is that no one throws shoes at our president but us.
  12. To be perfectly fair, you can't prepare for anything. I'm sure that everyone attending the conference were thoroughly frisked, but asking people to leave their shoes outside is, I think, a bit much. If there were no cables sticking out of your shoes, and if your shoes were thoroughly checked, most security detail would let you keep them. The way I see it, the fact that the journo had to throw his shoes and had nothing else to throw meant that the detail did their job. As to my take of the situation, I will respectfully keep my comments to myself.
  13. Sorry, I'm not familiar with Tesco (although my sister told me all about it after she returned from Birmingham where she attended grad school), but do "self-service tills" mean automated cashiers? How does that work? You walk up to it, scan the barcodes of the things you put in your basket/trolley, and pay the appropriate amount? It seems to me like it relies a lot on the trust system. Anyway, CMIIW I heard Tesco is causing classic problems usually attributed to modern retailers: They open in city centers and housing areas causing local stores to lose money and eventually close down. We have the same problem here with Carrefour, although its mostly a legislative problem. Our municipality continually fail to enforce its own zoning codes.
  14. I'm not even American. Does that mean, if I was a citizen, I'm qualified to be an American elected official?
  15. Oh, cool. I'll order the kit online. Thanks Whisper.
  16. If you're mounted, depending on your CoC, you might want to consider purchasing a chest rig/plate carrier to keep your IOTV as slick as possible. Guys in the forum said that most mounted soldiers do not use MOLLE Camelbaks since they can have as much water they want in the trucks. Um..that's just the info I get from the site. If you ask me about practical things, I can tell you how to set up your stuff for jungle fighting, but I guess that would be kinda useless for Iraq...hahahaha. Good luck Cam.
  17. So how much do these .22 uppers cost? I just rediscovered shooting and am looking for a viable alternative to the very much cost-inefficient practice of buying 5.56. Do they come as a complete upper? Or is it a kit I have to have an armorer install to an existing upper?
  18. Cam, Have you set up your kit? Do you have a lot of COS stuff or use all issue stuff? If you haven't already, I suggest you head over and sign up at Lightfighter.net. The board is populated by a lot of AD .mil types (not all HSLD SOF types, trust me. There are even some Cav guys in there, including a few 19Ds) and is chock full of useful information for deploying soldiers. There are threads on weapons, on how to set up your load, on what load works and what doesn't in Iraq and A-stan. Check it out at least
  19. Cameron, Stay safe. Have fun...and more importantly, GET SOME! Go forth and shoot some bad people in the face. Dude, you might want to think twice about this. I mean, just blog about your life or whatever, just don't blog about things that you do there. Think OPSEC and PERSEC. EDIT: You're cav? Got your spurs yet?
  20. Oh, that sounds fun. Kinda like MILES gear for civilian entertainment use? I didn't know MILES was available for the public.
  21. Not too bad. I invest a lot of my money on really safe - domestic stocks. Only about 15% of my portfolio is truly aggressive. They suffer a hit, no doubt. But the rest are fine.
  22. I heard about this. Does this use laser, airsoft, or simmunition like?
  23. Tell that to the meat eating zombies in the event of TEOTWAWKI..haha. I have BOKs too. A big SHTF kit stored at the house and a smaller BOK that goes in my car. The car one is pretty cool. Its my old issued 3-day pack with food, water, shelter making aid (for materials, trees are always available here), a poncho, a FAK, a sleeping bag, maps, a compass, flares, gas masks and other stuff. It always pays to be prepared. 'Course, my friends all think I'm crazy. EDIT: I forgot to add: When looking at that picture of Serellan's kit, I can't help noticing a couple of old East German canteens. In rain pattern cammo! That's a great find man. Where did you get it?
  24. Cool BOK Serellan. The only thing amiss is that the whole thing needs its own Multicam pouch. I don't know...I'm such a multicam whore these days.
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