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  1. Please Note: THIS IS A SERIOUS POST because I used all caps there. Desmond you asked sarcastically if we wanted all objects not to blow apart. Please consider this - can you guys make a "Matching MP" option that allows you to do this - eliminate all unnessecary "immersion physics" to allow for less memory to then allow for a decent replay file to be reproduced from the match. All us Clan ladder players care about is being able to easily have a match with anyone. The fact that I can shoot every clay flowerpot with one shot and the big cactus flowerpots with three doesn't really matter as much as who shot who and who won. As vehicles provide cover, and this cover can be reduced with fire, I consider them important to matching. But the lightpanes of glass that shatter, flowerpots and pallets and cardboard boxes that stick to your feet when you try to run thru them (by the way good sound there!) aren't required and just drain resources for matching. Please understand that all the effects that I see when I play MP for fun are awesome - I have bought a new video card, extra gb of ram and an X-Fi to make this game more enjoyable, and I haven't been disappointed. But, at my heart, all I want to do is match, and I want GRIN to make this game MP matchable. In a match replays are a far, far more valuable item to have then all the great immersion candy. Please think about this, GRIN, I am sure there is 10000 old GR ladder players waiting on your June patch so we can start competing. And I want you all to post on this thread now.
  2. huh? Do you mean the demo that was released 2 months ago? Or the game that was released a month and a half ago? OR do you expect a demo for the upcoming "June patch" so you can try before you buy the game and then get the patch? I think this is what you meant, but your post is very vague, you might want to be more specific. My questions are two - A)will the camo mod by tillboy I installed need to be reinstalled. (Awesome by the way!) and B) do you have a specific date for the release of this patch yet?. I have read June 16th, after the patch is tried at a lan event in France between June 16-18, or the day after Duke-Nukem Forever is released. I am politely curious as to when this patch may actually come out. Thanks.
  3. Well I agree with you Z that it is technically a glitch, however, if we really have to search to try and find these type of areas in GRAW that can be exploited, as opposed to almost anywhere on any map in GR could be exploited because of the programming, I'm happy with that. I think glitching in ladder matches will turn out to be a minor issue in comparion to not having replays to use for AC.
  4. I like it, and use it a fair bit in MP when I actually by a weapon. I keep it in 3 round burst mode. The only drawback I find is the recoil on full burst. Three round is accurate as long as you remember to hit the trigger.
  5. Yes you are right, the potential to cheat is there. But having installed Tillboy's camo mod and having played it in multiplayer, I have to say an already impressive looking game looks even better; my only main gripe about the graphics (other than the system requirements) was the "plastic army man" appearance of the players - the mod makes the US team look much better (I will take jungle camo green over desert plastic army man camo tan anyday)
  6. Well I just tried it out in multiplayer and you just removed the ONLY beef I had with the graphics. The skins look awesome! The opposing team has the same as the original but your teamates and yourself look great - Much much better! Thanks! Ok now that I've played it some more a couple of things - this only mods the skin for the US side. But I could swear that the colours used in the game are ... less orange, for lack of a better description. Looks fantastic for sure.
  7. Hmm... I stated this before but I think in order to have a matchable LMS game we will need new maps. The current 5 MP maps, although visually laid out nice, contain far too many routes to get to the same area. When CDN matched LMS the general strategy was to clear a section and move on. Unless maps are designed that not bottleneck, but allow a team to clear and defend a region, then fan out to clear the rest of the map, the gameplay won't be comparable to [GR]. Domination is an MP mode that I am starting to like, as an alternative to something like siege, but I would never consider using it to match with. I really, really hope GRIN takes a good look at the [GR] MP lobby. I believe Desmond22 stated it was simply a matter of changing the rules for more MP modes but a matching MP will require a lobby that prevents in-game joining, a lockable lobby, pre game kit selection, a distingishable chat window, an ability to check what map is upcoming, what the server settings are, etc. I can't count the number of times before a match that someone poined out some setting that was wrong and was able to be fixed. The [GR] lobby should be disected and ressurected for GRAW. Also, I would be curious if the "in-game demo recorder" i.e. replays were still being attempted. I don't think this was what was meant by AC software. Desmond the sound is great. I just bought a X-Fi card yesterday and now I can play this game much slower, listening for someone running up on me. Also the distant sound of gunfire is PERFECT!. I also don't consider the patch as a hypeable event, just a continued effort to finish the game. I would like GRIN to publicly state at some point that GRAW is finished, then I will judge how it compares to GR. Right now I think its a good game in its own right, one that when it's finished might be a great game.
  8. Although DOM mode is not my normal preferred type of multiplayer, I have an idea that might make it a little more bearable. Why not allow at the beginning players to select any weapon they want. Once they have selected their kit, set the Tac points at 0. This way if a sniper wanted to start the game and sit back and provide cover for other players, he could ... until he was killed. Now if he wanted his sniper rifle back he has to go and capture enough zones to do this. I know this will cause some people to play a little more conservative in the beginning, but I have rarely seen a game where a player doesn't die. Just a suggestion. Usually I run like hell in the beginning to get enough tac points until I get the weapon I want, then I start to play carefully, like I would have in the old GR, because I don't want to lose my weapon.
  9. GRIN I bought the game as soon as it came out - am playing DOM quite a bit - some parts are brilliant, the graphics are looking better as I tweak my system but I can't get more than a average of 25-30fps with decent graphics settings. There is alot of strategy that can be used in DOM. As I learn the maps I do much better and enjoy it more. But ... My GR preference is LMS, no respawns, 10 minute games, and matching other Clans on ladders. My request here to you, GRIN, is can you please state exactly what you plan to include in the "JUNE" patch? Desmond22 has said some thing requested are outrageous, some are doable. Can you please state what exactly you intend to add to GRAW?. I am encouraged by the upcoming bug patch as it appears you are indeed listening to the problems commonly associated with the multiplayer now. Can you please list what is in the "JUNE" patch, or what you intend to try and put in the patch. I have my list of thing I would like but if I say them here everyone else will pipe up with their 2 cents. So I would request that you tell us what you will include. Thanks, CDN 12Gauge Edit - If this has been already posted somewhere then my apologies. At this point in time I don't see any reason not to tell us what is in the patch.
  10. Why can't you guys just look at the release as it is as a Single Player Game for now. Forget about the MP, right now its buggy and the interface/lobby systems just plain sucks. However, treating this game as a SP, then don't care about the MP, atleast until it is patched, then, if we don't get what we want, there can't be any excuses anymore. You know, the absolute superb sound, well crafted and detailed level (good for MP repawns, seige, or C&C type games)( with multiple paths and elevations in every map it will be difficult to "clear" a map zone and advance in a LMS no-respawn type game.) and graphics that are ... growing .. on me (wonder what they will be like on a x1900xt) I think there is promise here. I have the game, am very frustrated attempting to play consecutive MP games, but I don't consider it a total waste ... yet. But I will wait for the "finished" game before I render a final verdict. This game, for me, is not comparable to [GR] until I can play in a TvT LMS no respawn, first to 5 ladder match with any number of other like minded clans on a vibrant gaming ladder league, just like I did with GR. For now I am actually enjoying SP quite a bit.
  11. My 2 Cents ... I am running a 3.4 gig w/ x800XT 256 meg, 2gig DDR2 533 mhz ram, and get around 35 - 40 fps running 1024 x 768 everything med - high , low post effects, dynamic lighting off. I thought the Shantytown map I played in multiplayer today looked good but with the settings I run I find the players look almost like orange plastic army men, and when people slide or run across the street they look like they are superimposed on the landscape, not part of it. I guess that is my main beef, and probably has something to do with high textures on objects and no dynamic lighting. The actual level architecture I actually find well done, some parts of Shantytown and Avenues maps I liked the graphics. This is my GR2 system I bought (I did add one GB of ram for GRAW) so I now consider it a middle level gaming machine, but I find when I play games like F.E.A.R. or BF2 I am getting 45 - 50 for F.E.A.R. (med to high settings) and 75-90 for BF2 (1600x1200, high everything) Everything in BF2 looks like it belongs (soldiers, landscape, vehicles) whereas in GRAW the players stand out from everything else. The only reason I have the settings as they are is to get decent frames, if I bump things to high as possible and the resoulution to 1280 x 1024 I only get 20 - 25 fps.
  12. England win the World Cup? Riiiiiiiiiiigggghhhtttt ........ Probably the same year that the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup. Don't believe me? .... lets see that last year the Leafs won the cup ... 1967 The last year England won the World Cup (correct me if I'm wrong) ... 1966
  13. I think an example of this (from memory) is a store in Western Canada released 16 copies of the latest Harry Potter book a day or two early. The customers that bought them bought legal copies. The publisher wasn't happy, but I don't think the store was "punished". Basically nothing illegal happened, the book was just released early. A mistake, it happens all the time. As far as Acid's purchase goes, I think the game was actually released a few day earlier that the official release date in Europe, but am not sure. I think that was intentional on the part of the distributor (UBI). Just my opinion here folks. Hope that sheds some insight without wasting too much time.
  14. Hmm, will have to check out here tomorrow ... actually better not, tons of work to do.
  15. Hey Skratte you buying GRAW? Your system will run it?
  16. I guess I look at the time w/ the single player game and some Dom mp as pratcie for when the real versions of MP come out. Of course, being a canuck I can't buy the damm game until the 11th ...
  17. Hey Panic, didn't I see your name in the credits in the GRAW demo? Isn't that enough? Or does it mean I should blame you for no LMS multiplayer. I'm just jealous you have your name in the credits
  18. Gezz Rugg, you even put a little tombstone in the middle pic showing the spot where you always died when CDN matched BSR. I am impressed with your attention to detail.
  19. you want tactical team game,, but prefer to Land man standing Just play DM with NO respawns, DONE ← Capteenix, you are no fan of no-respawn you have stated that. Do you ever think about what you write? If you play DM with no respawns, what prevents you from winning the game by simply eliminating the other team and ignoring the DM rules? Domination is about controlling zones, when you have respawns then you concentrate on aquiring real estate, not wiping out a renewing enemy. With no respawns, you now don't really have to bother with the zones, you just eliminate the other team. Since this mode is set up w/ tactical points rewarded for control of supply lines, you never really get access to decent weapons because you are simply killing the other team quickly. Point here is, DM won't work with no respawns. In 4 years of matching on GR, I don't think I ever played one match w respawns on. I enjoy respawns in fun games, (seige and command and conquer) but nothing personally gets my adrenaline flowing like a one-life, death in an instant game like lms. I won't tell you how to play multiplayer, quit telling us please, and think before you type. Now on with the topic at hand. There are a lot of good suggestions, basically what I would like is the GR1 options with a little better server info and admin control. Things like Iggy suggested - the match info packet; and stuff like the ability to boot or move players, even in game.
  20. You know, this Q & A talked about Co-op and Domination Multiplayer. Why is everyone saying there is no LMS? Did I miss the line in the interview that said these were the only type of multiplayer? People assume too much from whats not said, and its taken as not included. Wait for the demo or game and then make a six page thread. I expect there to be several types of multiplayer, and a load of server side options, but I think the reason Co-op and Domination were discussed in this thread was because of their uniqueness (Iggy is that a word?) to GRAW It's just a two week wait, relax.
  21. Who cares if PC Gamer as a spread or not? One thing for sure, they will do a review on GRAW when they get the game. Then they will decide if it makes Game of the Year or it sucks. The pre-hype means nothing. I still have the Duke Nukem For-never preview mag. Yes I would love to open my next PC Gamer and see 20 page exclusive on GRAW and their fantastic expectations, like they did for BF 2142. But didn't they do a 4 or 5 page exclusive preview on GR2 PC?. I guess once bitten/twice shy applies here. GRIN, and GRAW will get their deserved accolades when its released and reviewed. Not like here where the gratitude over how accessable Bo and GRIN has been lately translates into the best game ever (even though not played) Disclaimer: Based on all the media I have seen and GRIN's responses here I have EXTREMELY high hopes for GRAW. I do expect it to be GOTY, I do expect it to be a more than worthy replacement for GR1. Bo himself has said so and I actually think he might be right. But, I'll let you know how I feel AFTER I play it. (Can't wait!!! )
  22. ← Stupid reviewer. He's making it sound like GRAW PC will also get a poor review because it's different from the xbox 360. Well GRIN, congrats on going Gold. If the game is made anywhere near the high level of quality interaction that your company has had with this forum, then we are in for a treat! One thing I really, really hope for is that if the game does turn out to be great, I may actually bump into one or two of you in a friendly mp game somewhere, and that would be cool. Of course, if I fluke and make the GR.Net team then I will only be bumping into your dead bodies. So far, so good!
  23. Hey desmond22, a little off topic here, but I hope you are really proud of the sound you made for a bullet striking a head. Because if I get selected to the match, its a sound you'll be hearing quite a bit. LoL I like your "location" so I couldn't resist a little smacktalk. You can just call me the Anti-sniper sniper.
  24. Hmm where to begin ... (Remember, Just my 2 cents, or kronors, or pence, wherever you are) Its nice to see in the first video I watched (limo) how the tac map works. To watch the player set orders for his machine gunner to suppress an area and actually see that gunner in the corresponding position (and effectively donig what he was ordered to do) when the action resumed sends shivers up my spine. Watching the physics in the second video (destruction), and the player shooting thru a chain link fence and a planked fence in the 3rd video (tactics) makes me think the tactical approach in the game is going to be 3 or 4 times more immersive than GR1. ... Excellent! The fact that the vehicles destruct more easily than in real life, and Bo's response saying this was done for a more dynamic gameplay enviroment, is also encouraging. The camping days of GR1 multiplayer, protected behind doors and fences and vehicles, just got a whole lot harder, and good. And I'm a camping whore when it comes to Multiplayer T v T, err, I mean cautious ... Bo, although I for one would have been pleased if you had bothered to show enough attention to detail to actually have blood, being sprayed from a body upon bullet impact, actually boil and sizzle at different temperatures depending on the calibre of the bullet. (Please note for those who require it: last sentence contains sarcastic humour). However I do agree with your point that I don't think this game will require it. Stalker Zero, Yes I am also waiting to play this game, and I will reserve my opinion on the Gameplay until then, but everything GRIN has done on this forum and all of the available media on GRAW to date has gone a long way to removing the taste of bitterness every time I type UBI. This is saying alot, and for that I will give GRIN my upmost respect now, plus unlimited fawning and devotion, and if requested my DNA in any form ... Finally and probably the best compliment I can make. No real info on multiplayer yet, and this is my only interest. TvT is what I am dying for but with everything I have seen, GRIN you are actually making me want to play the entire SP campaign. For me anyways, that is a huge compliment, so thanks.
  25. TCZ is an excellent league and have a great anti-cheat attitude. Very well run, am looking forward to GR:AW matches there.
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