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  1. After watching the 11 minute E3 demo video and coming here I'm feeling a grim satisfaction to read that most of you felt the same way I did after watching it.

    During the video the only thing that kept going through my head again and again was: this is recon? What the hell is recon about this? :blink:

    In GR1 you spend time to figure out where your enemy was, how many of them you have to deal with, and then, ultimately, you'd take them out before they even notice you're there.

    GR2 on the other hand suggests that you rush in and shoot at whatever shoots at you.

    "Take out those machine gun nests". Yessir.

    "We can take down the chopper with the AAA gun". Aha. <_<

    First of all, thanks for the info. Maybe it had to be pointed out, since that chopper would have made me want to keep my head low and stay out of sight, and not go Rambo with a stationary machine gun. So then the chopper goes down gracefully like a banged tin can. But seriously, what else do I have to expect to be hearing, "Throw a grenade into the building to eliminate the resistance," or better yet: "Take out the enemy up ahead by shooting your gun"? "Hide in the bushes so they can't see you"? :huh:

    If it turns out that some scripted voice gives me a step by step guide on what I have to do "Blow up the tower.. take out the snipers", wow. Maybe RSE/UBI thinks the console gamers need advice during gameplay, but I'd feel like they're trying to pull my leg. I don't want the computer telling me how to take out the bad guys, I want to figure it out myself and do it my way, thank you.

    The medic scene was just silly. I'm not opposed to medics if their role is a reasonable one, mind you. Imagine a soldier getting shot in the leg and dropping to the ground. With the proper medical treatment by one of his teammates his leg could be restored to the point where he can walk again, though with a limp. If the use of medics worked that way in the game, it would be great. But completely healing him? That's the final step to arcade mode.

    Speaking of, and mentioned in numerous posts before this one, that's what the game looks like: an arcade version of Raven Shield. The demo mission looked more like an infantry rush than a recon mission.

    I can understand when people say that this was just a demo run, thus they tried to pack as much action into those 11 minutes as possible. But that attitude makes it sound like they'd be afraid that the REAL thing wouldn't sell. And if they're afraid that the real thing won't sell, they'll alter it so it WILL sell. One look at what sells on today's market, and voila! GR2 is going arcade.

    And GR2 aiming primarily at consoles pretty much looks like they're adjusting to the market. :angry:

    Oh, about the god mode and the AI.. playing god mode doesn't effect the way the AI of your teammates behaves, or does it? From what I could tell, the player's teammates were just running around the area like a bunch of firstgraders during recess. You can actually count the situations where they should have died (running past and into the enemy several times) - in the end you're probably more busy with keeping your AI teammates alive than anything else. But then again there's still lots of time for the AI to undergo some improvements before the game hits the stores.

    And yea, somebody already pointed out how unrealistic the jet situation was - why were they still on the ground? What were they waiting for? Apparently their only purpose was to wait there for the player to blow them up.. which is kinda lame, because it doesn't make any sense. :wall:

    I'm fed up with this. Most games just turn out to be a disappointment nowadays.

    I just hope one of the GR2 developers visits this site and reads the forums every now and then, because the feedback we're giving them so far is something they shouldn't ignore.

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