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  1. I think if they do it right, such as spend the money to get a good plot and good actors, then a Ghost Recon movie would be nice. I would like to follow Captain Mitchell's career, kind of like Jack Ryan. As for Assassin Creed, that would make a good movie as well. If they can get Prince of Persia, I don't see why AC would not work.
  2. "The only change from the last beta is one of the AI at the extraction road has been removes as he was shooting through the wall." Do you mean that the bullets can go through walls? This would be cool, as it adds a little more realism to the game. Thanks for the map, John.
  3. That's some good tactics. My problem is I can never run away from the tanks after planting the C4. I like the way how you are standing throughout the mission. Cool.
  4. Hi John, I got that description from the map's description. I don't know what HH version means. Perhaps you can go back and read the mission description. Thanks for your response.
  5. P.s.This map has a conflict path with the 'HH' version.You will have to remove one or the other from custom_levels folder. INSTALATION:unrar 'coop_grand_valley.bundle' into GRAW2 custom_levels folder GR.NET DOWNLOAD ENTRY Sorry guys, this is my first time playing this map. What does "conflict path with HH version mean? I tried to launch GR2 with this bundle, but I get invalid path with coop_grand_valley.bundle. Thanks for the help.
  6. I just posted a message on gamespy forum about the problem. Let's see if the problem can be fixed. It's darn frustrating getting kicked all the time. We need people to go to the gamespy forum and put in their comments. Hi struth, Sorry I didn't see your post on the gamespy forum. If I did, I would have responded to your post.
  7. I'm getting random drops too. The number of coop servers has dropped as well. Is this related to the gamespy datacenter move? Progress is a good thing, right?
  8. John, Thanks for making more maps. I really enjoy them. Hopefully I can find a server with this map tonight.
  9. Thanks everyone for the response. Triplex tells me it's still in beta. I'll be waiting for it.
  10. John, Good job with this map. I've been playing it with other ghosts, and I really like it. For some reasons, the entry point is so hard to get by. I eventually kill all the tangos, but it's hard. I've seen other players get killed here as well. Anyway, it's sweet. Modders and John, if you guys have got the time, please keep the maps coming. I'll keep playing. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I used to play GR, GRAW and GRAW2, and gave the series up when the new CODs series (MW, CodWaW, and MW2) came out. But because of how the PC players got treated by Activision with MW2, I decided to pick up GRAW2 again. And I must say, I really really like it. I play the coop terrorist hunt and I just can't believe how much maps are available for it. Some of the game play and gun simulation are excellent. For example, having to manually reload your weapons when you are dry is a nice touch. It makes you aware of your weapons. I tend to stay away from the deathmatches, because I'm
  12. Hi, It's one of the maps on the GhostSoldier Elite Server. Ok thanks, I will PM triplex.
  13. Hi everyone, I can't seem to find coop_triplex_pro_snipers. Can someone tell me where I can find this map? Thanks, Toaster02 Sorry, not sure how my post ended in the modding section.
  14. I would say more because of the weapon mods available on the PC. You are stuck with what the default is on the xbox.
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