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  1. I see they reall are making good use of their 'resources'. It's a real slap in the fae to all the PC GR players who have been waiting years for GR2. it burns me more to see those idiot skins running around such beautiful terrain. There still isn't any pc shooter that has more solid looking terrain and environs. So it just jacks us off to see them throwing resources into frivolity for the colsole kiddies. jerks.
  2. What scum bags. What are they talking about 'in the interests of the gamers'? How about they release GR2 when they promised then release GR3 a year later? They won't see us complaining about that. In any case the Q4 2005 release date for the PC gr3 ain't gonna happen we all know that. So why not just get her done and release her in June as promised then give us GR3 in August 2006 as probably will happen with GR3. Too busy developing two extra content packs for the xbox to 'allocate' any manpower to finishing off the pc gr2. Well i get my GR fix from playing the Obsidian Edge mod these days anyway so I'm not as jacked off as i would have been. I just jackes me off when in the same release they break a promise and then make a new one. Like anyone is going to believe them. I hope they release GR3 for the pc in Q4 actually and no one buys it cause they are all playing Battlefield 2.
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    Our Own Game

    I played FarCry singler player and though i wowed at the graphics and scenes it was a little boring, with multiplay being basically an open expansive version of Quake 3. I played OE and it is a totally different gameplay experience. Apart from GR1, the FarCry mod 'Obsidian Edge' is the only online team game that has what me and my friend call 'The jump factor'. That means you are concentrating on looking for the enemy, sneaking around and getting all tactical on their ayasses when you come under fire and cause you were really feeling the tension of it you suddenly jump in your seat. I honestly say after over three years of nightly GR1 multiplay that OE is a better all round experience. Don't even get me started on the GR map conversions, Tank and Swamp Airfield are amazing and Caves is due soon. Oh the sweetness of the prospect of a silenced SR25 on caves. If you are in the UK you can get a new copy of Far Cry with free deliver for as cheap as 9.99 (pounds). I honestly lamented the none appearence of GR2 on the PC but since i've been playing OE I actually don't mind as much.
  4. Man, if it wasn't for PC GR1 players the whole GR thing would never have taken off. First they delay work on GR2 so they can organize versions for every kiddie console in existence including the NGage. Then when they do start GR2 they even do it for the freakin Gamecube before they'll sniff at the PC. For Gods sake they even finish off downloadable packs and advertise downloadable pack2 comming soon for the consoles and still no news, screen shots, movies, demos for the PC. I reluctantly admit that I don't blame them for following the money but let's face it. UBI don't give a stinking rats behind about the pc community. When i think of all the modders and skinnners and activists that passionatly promoted and created a GR community that ended up spilling over into cross format poppularity it makes my blood boil at the way they are treating the PC crowd. I've just about written off the notion of being in PC GR2 heaven. Thankfully the FarCry mod 'Obsidian Edge' re-creates (and betters) the GR game play experience nicely so I don't actually need GR for an intelligent, tactical online gameply experience. Thank's for nothing UBI.
  5. ding ding, round two. I'm getting in on this baby wayyyy late. I have a bad habit of posting on a subject only to find out that it's been done to death already. Well after reading this thread i feel the need to chip in. I absolutly can not believe some of the thought processes i'm reading here. The very idea that everyone should settle on an inferior input device just because it's 'the same' seems mindboggling to me. On a basic level only the answer to the question of 'Why should people be allowed to use a m/k on a console is this. . . . Many people hate contorlers and simply 'want' to use a m/k. They can't afford $1500 for a good computer and so are happy to pay a few hundred bucks for a console to get their gaming experience. Why should they then be told they shouldnt use a m/k by otheres? Most of the time and for a sizeable number of them all of the time they won't even be playing 'against' other people. By everybodies admission a m/k input device is superior. It's insane to insist that people dont experience their game the way they want to. On the subject of why the console makers are eager to prevent their customers from using a m/k set up. On the surface it seems like crazy bussiness sense. I know quite a few people who didnt buy a console for the sole reason that they hated having to use the controler for fps games. So obviously thousands of sales are lost. I would confidently guess that MS has lost hundreds of thousands of Xbox sales worldwide due to the lack of mouse support. It wouldn't even need a keyboard, just a mouse in the right hand and a controler for keys under the left. So the folks at ms and Sony must also know this, even have research data on it. then they reason they avoid the m/k option (which would makes millions more in perhipheral sales by the way) must be quite profound from a bussiness strategy point of view . . . and the notion that they want to keep gaming 'fair' for all users just doenst cut it. they aint our big brothers, they dont care about us they care about bussiness and everything they decide is dictated by that. I can sense the direction of their logic behind this but not the 'actual' reason. It could be something to do with the way hardware is taxed. Perhaps toys revenue is taxed more lightly than computer hardware and a m/k attachment might change its classification. From microsofts point of view it could be something to do with windows and ms's relationship to the hardware world. Although ulitmatly i doubt they care about anyonje and would steam roll over the entire pc hardware and software world if they could so that angle is weak. All i know is that there is some complex strategy and thinking behind the reason but it's very unlikely to be because they 'want to keep gaming equil.
  6. I don't know if anyone has seen this so i'll post on it. Im no fan of the xbox. I dont like the way they beef up certain aspects to look good in the screen shots, in Halo the main character looks ace but most of the scenery is bland. I don't like the consolization of the gameplay. Despite the average age of a gamer being 28 they still design the games for 12 year olds. Anyway i didnt want to touch GR2 on the XBOX even though it's a long wait still for the PC version. Not only the graphics but also the controler is awful. All that rediculous waving around to try to center the reticule on the enemy. I jus saw this 'smartjoy Frag' device that lets you patch yoru pc keyboard and mouse into the Xbox or PS2 and program the keys. The trend of the PC being the gameworlds black sheep platform is only going to get worse so by the time the PS3 and Xbox come out we could see the GR2 situation being standard. I wouldn' be surprised if HalfLife3 came out on consoles first. Anyway, the lack of mouse from the consoles was the biggest obstacle to my having one so this gadget might let me play games that i dont want to wait an extra 8 months for till they appear on the pc. here's the link for it. I don't work for that company or anything. I just could never believe the stupidity of the console makers for not shipping it with a mouse just so they can keep a differentiation between consoles and PC's. http://www.lik-sang.com/news.php?artc=3495
  7. Sweet job speed. I'm reminded why I stuck with one game for almost three years.
  8. Thank's for a detailed answer Geezer. I did use the programs adusting tool, even in game. i think it may have bee a little more complicated and sublte though but basically had the two hot keys for adjustemnt. The problem whe i adjusted the guy staning way in the background (deeper in the screen) so that his image converged into one then the guy standing in for forground seperated. There was no way to get them both converged. As a balance they would both be a little double imaged so i had to choose between having the back ground or fore ground set right, but not both. I"ll consider getting another pair. I'm interested to hear more about what you did with the projector. Can you pm me and ill give you my email address. I have fantasys about being in a room with an image projected in stereo on all four walls, im wearing the wireless glasses. So whereever i look i'll be in that 3d world. It could be a beach or a desert or out in space, it would be awsome. it could have soft atmosphere sound effects from the respective environments playing. Also imagine if this site http://www.panoramas.dk/fullscreen/fullscreen32.html (you need quicktime to see the photo) was displayed in setreo. With the glasses it would look amazing as you rotate around it in space. Of course, GR2 would be ace . . . if i could get the darn things working right. Oh and to 'Born to kill' . . i stood very close to a mirror and looked dead ahead to read the tapes reflection so my eyes didnt have to cross .
  9. Just downloaded it and installed it. Everything went smooooooth. I had a quick blast but want to hold of playing the rest till my friend has it too. I don't play GR much these days. I'm a bit worn out after 3 years and really need something new. Well, im back to playing it again cause WW3FFF is awesome. I really like the atmospheric feel. Good job, I can only imagine the hard work and love that went into it. A few questions. Is the Russion Front mission the only co op one available? Does the threat indicator have to be on. I'm sure mine is set to off but in the mission it's on. Is there any way to restrict the weapons load out for the multi co op? Im sure the OICW wasn't available in the campaign when i tried it. Cool job dude. So, what are you going to do now you have retired from mod making? It's a loss to us but i'm sure the fam are down with it
  10. Thank's Rocky. I did a work up on paper and- though it doesn't seem much and considering that our eyes alreay look inward to a distant center point- that quarter CM closer (off center) on each eye causes dizzyness and an uncomfortable view. Some friends of mine tried the same glasses and had good vision. I don't know if there is any other reason for the problem. I remember I tried tweaking the software but could never get the result balanced.
  11. Hi. Sorry if this is the wrong section for this post. I bought the 3D glasses about 3 years ago but they were not compatible with my sight for some reason so i had to return them. If the image in the forground was stable then the back ground was double imaged or vice versa. Although what part did work was mind blowing, especially in Operation Flashpoint. I wasn't sure but i guessed that the center of each lense was either too wide apart or too narrow for my eyes. I called them at the time and they told me they have no plans to make an adjustable model. On their site now though (a link can be found on the home page here) says that they are adjustable. I sent them an email and they replied that they are adjustable at the 'ear' . . whatever that means. Also i mesured the distace between my pupils and i'ts exactly 6cm. Can anyone who has the glasses mark the center of each lense and mesure it for me and let me know the distance.
  12. How is it that the founders canhave 14% of the share and EA 19.90% yet the founders get a higher voting right. Also, does that mean that EA would be the biggest single sharehoder? i reckon all the ubi staff should do a 'Bullfrog' when their bought out contracts are up and just leave the company and start another. That way EA will be left with a back catalogue and a bunch of empty chairs and desks.
  13. I presume 'hostile' means they covertly bought the shares from thousands of individual small time shareholders I don't have any knowledge of stocks trading so can someone fill us in on how it works? What do they do, contact the idividual shareholders and make them a generous offer? Then once they have the 19% what happens? Who owns the rest of the shares? Is there some collection of major shareholders that considerthemself UBI and don't want to be owned by EA so they just refuse to sell??? Basically if the major shareholders refuse to sell then that's their defence from the hostile take over right there isn't it? Or is it more complicated than that. So does anyone know who hows what percentage of the UBI shares?
  14. Glad that's cleared up. Soooooo Battlefield 2 then. I was watching that long assed demo movie. www.gametrailers.com is a great site, no mucking around signing up or being re directed. You just go to the site, one click and you are streaming the demo or right click and you download it. Anyway, the B2 movie is great and shows you a lot of stuff. The only worry i have is that the human (most of it is vehicle warfare) seems to run a bit too fast, even sideways. he also jumps like a CS player on a pogo stick. I didn't like the 'no jump' feature of GR but the walking/running speed was spot on.
  15. Geezer, so if 'relativist' isn't a word i can use to describe somone who judges something based only by it's relationship (i.e. the earth is big only in relation to the moon but small in relation to the sun) to something else rather than on it own merrits . . . then what word shoul i use? Surely the route of the word 'realativity' comes from the word 'relate' or 'relationship' so the physics use of that word is entirely 'contextual' and it can be used in other contexts. I think this is a 'language' issue and not a 'field' issue. I know this is a departure but let it ride fora few more posts as it's interesting. Oh and Hoak, the names 'effin' not 'elfin'. He he i know elfin sounds pretty cool but effin is a 'spelled as pronounced' name. As in a 'Git' is a derogotory term for someone and a 'F&*$%ing Git' is worse. Hence 'effin GITS' (Ghosts in the Shinola).
  16. I'm a bit slack on forum etticutt so sorry about that. (not too tight on the ole spelling either) Dispite having my wrist slapped I'm still impressed by there maturity of many of the members of the GR.net forums. I hope GR2 is good enough to sustain the great community.
  17. Thanks for the correction. Firmly but politely put. I did click on the link though, several times thought the evening. it was always dead though. Ah well, it gave me a chance to say what i wanted. I think the points i made still hold though. I mean, you have to worry about societies self confidence and educational direction when you see service announcements/appeals to 'teach someone to read today'. Basic literacy should be the starting point, then we go on to urge each other to do good things. But when appeals for saintly acts are the things that are our duty anyway then there’s something amiss. It’s a subtle but telling shift in attudes. Maybe others haven’t noticed it yet. Don’t think it’s the result of 911 trauma alone either.
  18. It was parraphrasing from either 'Count Zero, burning chrome or oneof the others'. I read them all at once so not sure. I still have hopes for GR2 but i have come to realise that you can't always trust a game legacy. Sometimes you wait and wait and wait for a sequel expecting the same magic and whe it comes it's just flat. The magic seems to have jumped to another developer and entered a completly different game. For that reason i'm keeping an open mind about all games. The last five or so years have opened up more terratory with eastern European and Russian developers. I wonder what will happen if China and India take off as game developer hot houses. The more game purchasers there are the more games can be sustained, the more chance of haveing a great game.
  19. When I was young and dumb i just thought 'the bigger the better'. I thought I should join the biggest bank (crappier service), I thought the European union was a good idea cause we'd be big and ard then like the USA (prawn cocktail crisps are now a no no), i thought that Microsoft being Maaaasive would mean a consolidation and sharing of departmental resources resulting in better products (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha). Now i'm old and dumb I realise that a bit smaller is better. (anyone remember William Gibsons description of how aliens comming to earth would think that small/medium sized tech corporations were the most intelligent and highest life form cause they were so flexible and adaptable and fast moving and the big ones were lumbering?) anyway. I no longer think it's important for a game i'm crazy about to be the best selling. The important thing is that the company make a good healthy profit and that there is a big enough player base to sustain a community of sites, modders, online gamers etc. That is an absolutist take on it. As long as the game reaches (hmmm what word am i looking for . . . maximum entropy?, no, er satruation? no that means er, being the biggest)well as long as it's big enough to be 'ah yeah, 'self sustaining' then thats' good enough for me. If more players play another game It hardly makes a difference. As long as there are enough to fill a server or a league/ladder (i never know the difference between them) then that's all i need. A relativist take would just compare the market share of a game and determine its success based on that but I think the quality of a community says as much as quantity about it's sucess. P.S. What does Maximum entropy mean again????
  20. That's all well and good but what exactly does that mean 'donated 10,000 dollars to the armed forces'??? Which armed forces? I presume the American armed forces but Isn't UBI a French company? What is a foreign company doing giving money to the armed forces of another nation? It's even more ironic in light of the French resistance (no pun intended) to the US invasion of Iraq. Or maybe they were trying to mend fences. I'm hoping that 'gave 10,000 dollars to the armed forces' was an abbreviation where the part about the recipient being a charity branch of the army was left out. In that case it would be appropriate. I hope though that Americas extreme reaction to 911 hasn't gone so far as to equate the military with charity. Don't get me wrong, though I’m a Brit I lived in the USA for ten years and love America. I'm not even kidding about that, I actually feel moved every time I hear the words to the 'Star spangled banner' so please don’t bash my point as if it's anti American. I hope you address the deeper point I’m making and don’t disperse the energy of the subject in thoughtless flaming. (edit, though on reflection i needned have added that comment as in my experience the GR.net forums are one of the most mature i've chatted on.) After WW2 most Americans and even Europeans bore the suffering of their troops with quiet dignity, there was an understated yet firm appreciation for their sacrifice along with the understanding that all had some level of participation. In later times it seems to me that America and Americans have begun to sway in both directions (to both extremes). First they were spitting on their soldiers during the Vietnam era (acts that I think the 'spitters' should have received jail time for) then in the post 911 era there is almost a 'Salem' like or Ma'carthyist (spelled that wrong haven't I?) mania and a nation wide assumption that being a soldier is an almost saintly thing. I feel sometimes that they are on the brink of describing the war dead as 'Martyrs’, if you know what I mean. You might ask ‘what’s wrong with showing appreciation’, but extremes of both kinds are equally bad and are often symptoms sharing a common cause. I think a good way to encapsulate the subtlety of what I’m trying to get at is to say that the sentiment appropriate to those who have gone ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ is now felt and expressed to those who have merely but admirably ‘done their duty’, be they teachers, soldiers, firemen, police officers or even social workers. I see this over reverent attitude to all things military in America as a sign of a reaction to insecurity resulting from a gradual losing of a sense of national identity and purpose, especially since the cold war ended, and exacerbated by in increasingly atheist/hedonistic society. It’s not just the military, you see it in the way the politicians and media use the word ‘teacher’ as if it’s another word for a super sacrificial charity or volunteer worker. Of course all these rolls in society are special and soldiers and teachers are on their respective front lines so to speak. But the heightened reverence shown to them by politicians and the media indicates a sense of insecurity and a need to shore up social attitudes toward them. There’s a tinge of guilt and backpedaling from past abusive attitudes also. Though I mention the politicians and the media, they in fact mostly reflect and pander to the zeitgeist so the trend is an indication of the current American psyche. Sorry for the ‘out there’ deep analysis but it’s something I’ve been thinking about recently and is military themed and the comment about UBI sparked me off. It has to be said thought that I’ll be first in line to buy the PC version of GR2 (though it won’t be on sale here in Korea) so I guess a tiny percentage of that ten grand will have come from me in a retro active kind of way.
  21. I'm not a big fan of B1942. I found the first person view and the look and feel of it to be detatched. I never really felt i was there shooting a gun. The sniper scope jerked away so you never even got to enjoy your kill , but most of all there was a detached feeling to the game. GR1 had a real sense of being there, even if you couldn't see your weapon. It also had good sized maps and focus. GR2 on the PC could really build on that. Things have looked better in the last 4 months or so regarding GR2 but the jury is still out. Confidence is hight though. I just saw the latest Battlefield2 movies and the look of the game is very sharp, much better than the vague feeling of B1942. There is a solid look to the small arms handling and the physics, balistscs etc look spot on. The only thing that concerns me is the huge scale. I'm not a fan of 50 km maps with every war machine you could imagine in play. I don't mind some hardware but i like the focus to be on the men on the ground so i worry that B2 will suffer from that. Although its stated that the maps are scaleable so maybe they can be cut down to more intimate battlefield sizes. So, as it seems to me that B2 is the only game to possibly challenge GR2, my question for those that have watched the B2 movies is . . . . ( www.gametrailers.com is a great site.) which do you think will be a better game experience? ? ? ? Considering that I played B1942 for about 3 weeks and GR1 for 3 years, the distinction is a big one.
  22. Whatever you think about EA and UBI games, it just plain aint no good to haveone company dominate everything. I'm not a fan of Peter Molyneux games but i do know that he got the hell out of Dodge sharpish when EA bought Bullfrog. It's not that i think UBI is better than EA. It' just good to have as many different corporate approaches to making games as possible. Plus, i feyoookin hate that childs voice 'loudly' whispering "Challenge everything" every time i start an EA game. I couldn't bear to hear that anytime i wannna play GR2.
  23. Sleeper, not that it's relevant but i'm neither military or a korean national. I'm a brit journalist living Seoul. I review games for an English language national daily newspaper here. Korea Times. I guess i won't be reviewing Ghost recon 2
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