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  1. Would you be so kind as to explain to us unfamiliar with 3DSM, the exact process in which one would go about importing the characters, and adjusting there poses? Thanks! Very nice renders by the way.
  2. Hey guys, Been away a while not too up to date with the latest news on Ghost Recon or Ghost Recon 2 for that matter. Let me cut to the chase, has there been anything worth reading/viewing in relation to Ghost Recon 2? Concept Art? Screenshots? Press releases? I have been having a blast playing Raven Shield, and Ghost Recon (as it is right now) doesn't have much of an atmosphere. America's Army Operations is fun but it has alot of room for improvement. I'm hoping for a Ghost Recon 2 on the Unreal Engine just quietly. Anyways, any help will be appreciated. Cheers.
  3. I was wondering how this was going. Glad to see everything is coming along nicely Baja.
  4. I believe the MP demo's are like public beta's. They give the public the opportunity to get a taste of what the final version will be like, all while allowing the producers/makers of the game to get some well needed feedback/bug reports from the community. Just take RvS for example, if they hadn't released the public MP demo, the gameplay probably wouldn't have been changed, and the final version may very well have been like v1.0 (but hopefully without the bugs). The community (the small minority I feel) made their voices heard and eventually got the reticle/speed system changed in the firs
  5. I love renders. What's Project IGI like anyways? I have never played the original, although the new one sounds ok. Opinions?
  6. Or you could just keep all your spam for people to visit your boards in one thread...
  7. Very much so. Thank you. Exactly, I am. I am not referring to you doing hosting, but the webhost you deal throw. The most common form of hosting done by sites is throw reseller programs, which means that your clients would be hosted by the same one you are - meaning there is a good chance that they could also experience random downtime (such as this site has a few times). Obviously, if you are going to create your own server boxes and buy bandwidth from an ISP, that would be a different story (and one I wasn't taking into account). For the record, I am familiar with the phrase/c
  8. A very well written post 300, thank you. Even though I am not a US resident, but from what I see/read/hear this is the exact impression I get of George Bush.
  9. Unsure how me visiting the paypal link has anything to do with hosting? Please explain. Only relation I see here is money, I don't want the hosting, why tell this to me for? There's no need for that Rocky, it was a suggestion, if you want more complications than by all means try it. For a person who claims to have little spare time due to maintaining this website, I would assume adding another big (or bigger) feature would only cut down on this even further, but hey, it's your decision and my post was simply a suggestion - take it for what it's worth. A new server? Wow! I am imp
  10. Moral to the story -- You get what you pay for. Rocky, you have had a history of downtime with this site. Unless you have an extremely large amount of bandwidth, an extremely fast and reliable server, and enough free time to manage accounts and troubleshoot for people, than you are WAY in over your head... this is unless you are planning to get them next to nothing in features and resources. Just my opinion of course, and it isn't intended as an anti-hype post.
  11. I really don't understand why people are so worried about other people viewing their source and what not - encryptors are a waste of time and just cause alot more trouble than they are worth (also worth mention is that the encryption is very easily decrypted by using a similar program/method). Someone who knows how to turn on their computer could probably work out how to view source, steal images, etc. One of the more annoying things I always see is the no-right-click script which is easy enough to overcome anyhow (and once again, offers no real solution to the problem). I think time
  12. You stole my link! You ######!
  13. I think it's time I adopt a kid... Or just rent him for shopping nights
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