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  1. i just downloaded Combatech's "101st Airborne Division 2009: Desert Seige" and installed it, but when i go to play the campaign, it starts to load the first level, but then crashes.my ike.log file is at the bottom of this page, i searched for us_marine_ver2.atr but cannot find this file.

    here is my Sstem Specs:

    333 MHz Pentium II

    192mb Ram

    ATI Radeon VE (7000 series) 32mb ithink

    Windows XP

    Direct X 8.0a (cannot update due to graphics card)

    Ghost Recon and Desert Seige v1.4

    ***** User's system configuration *****

    CPU: GenuineIntel 333 MHz Pentium II

    RAM: 192 MB

    O/S: Microsoft Windows 2000 5.1 build 2600

    Ghost Recon (RELEASE) version =

    RSDisplayMgr::CreateGameWindow: Creating a 800x600 window at 0,0 on monitor Plug and Play Monitor attached to RADEON 7000 SERIES

    RSDisplayMgr::CreateGameWindow: Game running on primary display Plug and Play Monitor attached to RADEON 7000 SERIES

    HAL (sw vp): RADEON 7000 SERIES R5G6B5

    RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file ike_fx_fire_type2.tga

    RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file ike_fx_fire_type2.rsb

    Unable to find ike_fx_fire_type2.tga anywhere.

    RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file lighthalo_effect3.rsb

    RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file lighthalo_effect3.rsb

    Unable to find lighthalo_effect3.rsb anywhere.

    RSSoundMgrPC: Selecting sound device Creative VIBRA 128

    driver is sbpci.sys

    RSGameStateMgr::ProcessMessage() duplicate state change request

    SOUND: Cannot Find: S01_briefing.wav

    Loading map d:\program files\red storm entertainment\ghost recon\mods\origmiss\map\m12_docks\m12_docks.map

    RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file us_marine_ver2.atr

  2. I have 56k and to top it off, my phone line is the same as my internet. So in other words, if I am playing and someone calls- I get alot of lag or disconnected.

    just turn call waiting off, simple, i get 5 hours before my ISP diconnects me. and it will also diconnect me after 20 mins of inactivity

  3. dont get the wrong idea by the topic title, im not asking modders to make there mods smaller, im just asking if theres a site that offers British Royal Marines V2.0, and Frosbite in 3 or 4 different parts. i have 56k and it would take me ages to download these huge mods. and if they arnt available in parts, would someone be willing to do this?

  4. heres a question, i no thats its an easy question but im just starting to do mission modding, ive done weapon modding before but thats a different story.

    anyway, heres my question. how do u insert tango's into the map? ive never been able to figure it out, i no its something easy but im not that good would stuff like this.


  5. seeing that it said that cinimatics are not veiwable for voodo 3 cards, try this.

    open up ur GR folder and open up the file 'options.xml' with notepad. and in the 13th line (i think), change it so it says '<ShowIntro>FALSE</ShowIntro>' with out the ' things. that will disable the intro from showing wich may be cause ur problem

  6. if its the level im thinkin about, then make sure that u kill every other soldier on that island first. i have never played it on ps2, only on xbox so im not sure but u should be able to use the weopons u unlocked in single player

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