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  1. u should try to split the zip file up
  2. mine had no problem when i got mine (im an aussie too)
  3. i think the specialist will always get put on the bottom of that platoon. on the GR.com website a while ago, they had a poll asking if they should make an exp. pack before GR2 or not. i think most people choose not to have another exp. pack
  4. i really doubt that its the CD, have a look on the CD and see what files are on there
  5. ah, i no what ur saying, ur trying to complete the Dossier Mission thing. they arnt on the PC or Mac version, sry
  6. ok, i figured it out. i just simply copied us_marine_ver1.atr, renamed it and pasted it in the same folder and it worked, lets just hope that i dont have anymore trouble with the second level
  7. i tried star downloader, and it works v. good, thanx j-man
  8. i just downloaded Combatech's "101st Airborne Division 2009: Desert Seige" and installed it, but when i go to play the campaign, it starts to load the first level, but then crashes.my ike.log file is at the bottom of this page, i searched for us_marine_ver2.atr but cannot find this file. here is my Sstem Specs: 333 MHz Pentium II 192mb Ram ATI Radeon VE (7000 series) 32mb ithink Windows XP Direct X 8.0a (cannot update due to graphics card) Ghost Recon and Desert Seige v1.4 ***** User's system configuration ***** CPU: GenuineIntel 333 MHz Pentium II RAM: 192 MB O/S: Microsoft Windows 2000 5.1 build 2600 Ghost Recon (RELEASE) version = RSDisplayMgr::CreateGameWindow: Creating a 800x600 window at 0,0 on monitor Plug and Play Monitor attached to RADEON 7000 SERIES RSDisplayMgr::CreateGameWindow: Game running on primary display Plug and Play Monitor attached to RADEON 7000 SERIES HAL (sw vp): RADEON 7000 SERIES R5G6B5 RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file ike_fx_fire_type2.tga RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file ike_fx_fire_type2.rsb Unable to find ike_fx_fire_type2.tga anywhere. RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file lighthalo_effect3.rsb RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file lighthalo_effect3.rsb Unable to find lighthalo_effect3.rsb anywhere. RSSoundMgrPC: Selecting sound device Creative VIBRA 128 driver is sbpci.sys RSGameStateMgr::ProcessMessage() duplicate state change request SOUND: Cannot Find: S01_briefing.wav Loading map d:\program files\red storm entertainment\ghost recon\mods\origmiss\map\m12_docks\m12_docks.map RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file us_marine_ver2.atr
  9. exactly, fileplanet doesnt allow resume because they have those lines that u have to wait in
  10. just turn call waiting off, simple, i get 5 hours before my ISP diconnects me. and it will also diconnect me after 20 mins of inactivity
  11. ive treid DAP, but i dont like that cause u have to resume the download within 24 hours
  12. i really liked this mod (like all of jacks mods) good work, but one bad thing is that i cant play ur latest mod because i dont have I.T
  13. dont get the wrong idea by the topic title, im not asking modders to make there mods smaller, im just asking if theres a site that offers British Royal Marines V2.0, and Frosbite in 3 or 4 different parts. i have 56k and it would take me ages to download these huge mods. and if they arnt available in parts, would someone be willing to do this?
  14. i think he has the console version cause on PC, it doesnt say W S E L, it jsut says weopon , stealth, endurance, leadership
  15. couldnt u just put a mic up to ur speakers and record that using a sound recorder?
  16. make sure that u r using shift-left click for every path waypoint except the first one. which u use Ctrl-Left Click
  17. thnx, i was just lookin in the recon section and i seen that so ill get it. thnx again
  18. heres a question, i no thats its an easy question but im just starting to do mission modding, ive done weapon modding before but thats a different story. anyway, heres my question. how do u insert tango's into the map? ive never been able to figure it out, i no its something easy but im not that good would stuff like this. thnx
  19. seeing that it said that cinimatics are not veiwable for voodo 3 cards, try this. open up ur GR folder and open up the file 'options.xml' with notepad. and in the 13th line (i think), change it so it says '<ShowIntro>FALSE</ShowIntro>' with out the ' things. that will disable the intro from showing wich may be cause ur problem
  20. if its the level im thinkin about, then make sure that u kill every other soldier on that island first. i have never played it on ps2, only on xbox so im not sure but u should be able to use the weopons u unlocked in single player
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