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  1. Hasn't anyone here watched GI Jane? Its a decent movie. Honest. As long as there are no double standards in training, qualifications, etc then I see no problem with having female combat troops.
  2. And I have a problem with the first mission of Free Russia. In the first mission the second truck never comes. First one does but not the second.
  3. I have nothing to contribute to this project, sorry, but I am excited about this. I find sup's Woundz V1 to be very excellent and is an always on for me. Kafee's stuff is also extremely good. Good luck with the project, I can't wait to dl.
  4. Can somebody please say something BAD about this...training sim. Please, this sounds like the game I have always searched for. I want a negitive review to quell my unobtainable desire.
  5. I agree with many things already mentioned. I want to change some things that annoyed me in GR1. -No more magic AI backup that can immediately tell if a guy is dead or not. -More wounded enemies, seriously, not everyone dies in war. -Surrendering, retreating enemies. -The ability to jump(such as over fences, perhaps a system like AA where you can't jump around forever) -Better sniping system, not point and click. -Slightly more gore, if you shoot someone in the head sniper a cracked skull or so.(not importent though) -Bigger maps, better graphics, etc...
  6. Sniping in GR should be more realistic. You should have to account for bullet-drop and have slight skaking when attempting to aim after a run. Ideally a sniper should set up his tri-pod, gauge the distance to target using a laser, adjust trhe scope for that distance, aim, fire, evac, re-adjust scope for standard distance(approx. 250 feet) and repeat. Having this would cut down on online snipers to a reasonable number yet still keep snipers deadly for those who choose this path.
  7. These glasses sounds great. I want to try a pair but I never heard of them other than from here. One question, if you have the glasses, do you still use them? Sometimes you get a new thing and use it for a month before going back to a simpler way of doing things. So, a nice experience or the only experience?
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