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  1. PAL versions wont work. I take it you two are using NTSC?
  2. Although some games will work (via Hard drive emulation) on a 360 not all will work via VGA displays. You also get other werid ###### like HALO2 Classic editon WONT work on a 360 yet HALO2 original and the HALO boxset (halo, halo2 and halo2 map pack) will work. I've had GR SS working on my 360 on the week of release, but that was going thru a regular CRT TV, since them im HD and ive since sold on GR SS so i cant test it for you. ack!
  3. MS upgrade 360 chip due to heat and power issues
  4. Define failed. Crashed and acted a bit arsey for a few days or totally dead with the red halo to proove it? I had one. First up I work in games retail in the UK and due to a ###### up I had to take a core unit on launch (my premium went to another customer...) Anyway i picked up a core with the HD and other assorted ######. A few weeks ago, about 2 weeks after GR:AW was released my box was acting really weird.. getting way to hot (yes i know all about heat issues and the 360 PSU) and would crash in PGR3 and GR:AW. Then one friday night mid game with Cobblers it just turned off. When i restarted it would only stay on for a few seconds then crash. Sometimes it would crash even on the xbox360 splash screen. I was well ###### off, especially as i had the whole of Friday night to myself (Mrs idiwa was away) and i thought i had nothing better to do than kick back with some decent beers and shoot large holes into the back of Cob's head. So next day i went into work with the core unit, and swapped it for a premium and paid the difference (by this time stock in the UK was back to a semi normal state). I'd taken the HD off the core and just replaced the HD on the premium. So now I've got +1 HD thats spanko new, so i guess i'll be on ebay when I can get my ###### into gear. From a retail point of view there have been a few returns to us, nothing at all like the amount with the PStwo slimline (that was something stupid like 1 in 12 were trashed*) Some poor guy on 360 lauch picked up a core (core's within our company were not allocated for pre-orders, it was a 1st come 1st served) and when the guy got home it was a faulty machine, by the time he made it back to the store (in like 15mins) they were all sold. So id say since lauch we have sold about 200 units of premiums and cores and probably had 5 or 6 back to us. Thou people at lauch were told to contact XBOX to get a replacement rather than in store (since we had zero stock). Another thing, our Pod in store has been busted 3-4 times, and now the case is knackard (the outter pod case) so we cant even get in to change the sodding game disk......... nice one eh? *based on our store not world wide/ uk figures
  5. I don't know if this has been covered on the forum yet.... its a site that will generate a gif of your gamer profile on live and link to the xboxlive profile page. It's dynamic so your sig will update as you play different games, change your avatar and unlock achievements etc. There are a few different formats (thou the avatar size is just bloody pointless...). Apologies if this has already been posted. MyGamerCard.Net sig default mini mico/avatar
  6. Hi Waz, try using this in your sig rather than iframes and a link to your xboxlive card: [url=http://profile.mygamercard.net/wazsub][img=http://card.mygamercard.net/sig/wazsub.jpg][/url] you can get different formats here: MyGamercard.Net
  7. Joytech is what i use and it comes with an optical cable whereas the Microsoft one does not come with an optical cable thou it will take a optical connection if you buy a cable ( this is only for using surround sound amps/ sound cards that take optical inputs). The MS one is a rip off tbh the joytech from what ive seen is better quality cable than MS. Ive no idea about Pelican, never heard of them.
  8. Like i said above...a KVM switch lets you use one display with serveral devices. So in this case you have your monitor between the monitor cable and your graphics card/ PC you have a box, on this box there are two connections (the same as what is on the back of your PC for the monitor to plug into). So the pc goes into one of the connections, and the 360 VGA cable goes into the other. Flick a switch and your monitor will show the PC desktop, flick the switch back again and it will show your 360. Think of it like a channel button on your tv, your switching what signal the monitor is getting, from its PC signal to the 360 signal. just search google for KVM switch or ebay or whatever and loads of stuff will come up. So in this example, one of the PCs would be a 360, or a Mac/ a Laptop etc
  9. VGA Splitters on Pricewatch You can find a whole lot of them there. And for your "looks better" question, you'll never be able to go back. ← Awesome but will the splitter work with the 360 vga cables? ← Would you not be looking at a KVM switch rather than a VGA splitter cable? As for me i use a Dell Ultrasharp 2005FPW 20" widescreen which has 4 inputs, so i have my PC running on DVI and the 360 running via the VGA input. Coming from using a 28" widescreen tv it's a jaw dropping improvement. Playing Gotham and GR its so crisp, and the colour is a hell of a lot better. As far as sound my soundcard has optical, so i use 5.1 surround, the only downside being that the PC is running when the xbox is running (not the end of the world) also whilst in game i can be known to grab the mouse when setting up a GR:AW match....ack! If you do go for a KVM* switch dont go for dirt cheap, depending on the shielding on the cables it can make a major difference to the quality of your image. *Keyboard/Video/Mouse, used for one keyboard, mouse and monitor over many pcs (devices).
  10. Do it in illustrator or freehand (as they will give you a lot more control in setting up the 120 degree segments) and then import it as an eps into photoshop.
  11. you could try using this tutorial. It's more for a weathered/aged look to paper/parchment, but you should be able to adapt it to just basic creases and folds. LINKY
  12. Logitech MX mouse fix for GR The above link might help you. I use a MX 500 and all 8 buttons work for me fine... (shame GR dont wanna run on 2k now...ack!) cheers [22nd] IDIWA
  13. yeah thats the same version that i am using. just installed IL2 Strumovik (which id say is more heavy on the graphics card) and it plays fine (or as good as it did in 98SE) a week without GR... oh the humanity... i might have to buy the xbox versioon as a quick fix.
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