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  1. I also have a start up organizer . So I have what seems less startup applications starting. So I dont think thats it. But thanks
  2. I am having a problem with my pc. I recently downloaded some anti viris programs and defraged for the first time in a year. What I was intending on doing was to clean things up a bit. However when I start up it takes almost 10 minutes for me to get to my main screen. Usually when its loading I hear my Pc crunching like it usually does. Now it crunches for a few then stops and then starts. I have run al sorts of spyware programs ,cleaners, and adaware . nothing seems to fix it.any suggestions on what the problem may be ? thanks
  3. I was Just messin with ya. Really thanks for your help.
  4. OHHHH , I got ya. Thanks I will check it out. Soo first I should un-install Gr before I read the file.Hey thanks for your help.
  5. Soooo the verdict is that there is no way to find out what the mission objectives are.
  6. I downloaded Scab island and it is not in english. I dont understand what the mission objectives are beacause of this. Is there an english patch, or a readme file to understand what to do. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Ok I have a few questions , and maybe someone here can help me. I just got recordable Cd player that also does dvd, and the double layer thing. This is obviously for my pc. It came with Nero player, which hels you burn cd and play files. I dont really like the interface that much. I downloade windows Media player also .But it has caused me problems burning anything.I was wondering if anyone could recomend a free media player. Or even a pay one that is good. wht I am looking for is , easy interface. something that can scan and asily find files. And a grab and drop menu for burning. Edited thanks for our help.
  8. Thank you. I have never been known for being the sharpest crayon in the box.
  9. UM so I need both bot hunt and this new bothunt wsv in order to use this mod.I think i deleted bot hunt ,thinking WSV would replace it. Help me.
  10. I installed it ,and it ran fine. However I could stand right next to the enemy AI and they didnt hit me when they were shooting.any reasons why this happend? I no this is an early version ,and I am sure things need to be worked out with development. so please keep up this work. Its probably very anticipated. thanks.
  11. hey thanks for the help. I really hope you keep this mod developing. Its much appreciated.
  12. Hi ,I just downloaded the mod. Were do i install it? and is it single player or for multiplayer. thanks. looking forward to playing this. And to think there were never going to be BOTS
  13. I was wondering if there are any mods available that have the AI as different enemy. Such as civilians or , Al Quida. (turbin wearing dudes ). Also are there any mods that have the AI with different weapons (m16 , Grozas ,ETC. I also noticed in HX5 there is a coop gameplay that is called rambo , that changes your weapon every time you die. However it only uses Hx5 weapons.Is there a mod that with the same type of gameplay but allows you to use different weapons mods. And finally has anyone modded a bizon with a better scope and stopping power. I love the sound of the weapon, but it is not so good for multiplayer. All these mods I mentioned I am looking for would have to work for coop multiplayer. Thanks for your help
  14. Once again, another great Mod Black Arien. I love all the campaigns you have done. Keep em comming I hope.
  15. Is it able to view models of modss people have vreated or just the original game ones??
  16. hey thanks for the info. where can I find that wolfsong viewer
  17. Hi All, I was trying to figure out how to view models of weapons, and charectors in my mods folders. I figured out how to hear the different sounds and videos. however when I want to view charectors and wepons it asks me what I would like to open it with. I tried Igor but that didnt help.Do I need a 3/d program or something. I dont want to change anything just view them. Hey thanks.
  18. OK, that makes sence and i did di it right the first time I think. However when I go to look in my mod folder it shows all the mods in there, but the traffic columbia is named mods . and like I said before its is not listed in my mod directory when I am running GR. Should I install the mod on a different target . I have never had this problem before , and i have like 30 mods installed. thanks
  19. I am talking about the traffic columbia map
  20. I downloaded the map and the english patch. However it does not show up in my mod directory. I did tagert it to my mods directory. I was also wondering where I showld put the english patch. Any help will be appreciated. thanks
  21. Is there any way to tweak ER so you can see some of the enemy on map. It seems kind of essential to have some intelegence when playing different game types. Rescue POW and some others.
  22. You may need vehicles in order to get to place to place. Which would mean much bigger maps. The Ghosts do need some sort of tranportation.
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