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  1. I juat remeberd that the Pc version Just came out. I dont ususally Like these sort of games.. Anyone here check it out. It might very immersive if they made it well.. Just looking for any feed back :thumbsup::thumbsup::rolleyes:

  2. UMMM .no comment :rofl: .was wondering what gay that was..Oh I mean Game. I was also wondering if the images a few up by Whitecloud were from first to fight . anyone ,anyone?


  3. Yes I thought it was strange to... I dont keep up on stuff like this. I usually rely on this site to get info and help. The website that I saw it at in a very well known site.. I didnt no if it had any afiliation with VBS or Flashpoint. But who Knows ?/ Flashpoint has seem to have had major problems getting anything concrete as far as a [OFP: DR] goes. Maybe this game uses a simaler engine , Idont no. <<<thats why I come here. :):o=:o=

  4. Hi.

    I own both bf2 and special forces. I cant really play online now (dialup) so it leaves me with single player. I can only seem to acess maps with 16 players. How do I switch to a 32 or 64 single player map. does it have anything to do with the settings ? any help would be appreciated. thanks :rolleyes::rolleyes::thumbsup:

  5. I have tried many games. I dont care for most. definatly trying demos is the way to go. However BF2 is a fun game to play. IT is what it is. There also seems to be a large MOD community developing. I feel this is what makes GR a great game. I would definatly suggest bf2. :o=

  6. Hey thanks for your help. Also that link you set up is a great resource for info. I decided to try to install last night while i was sleeping. Just let it run and see if it actuallt finished the patch and lets me install disk 2. Well it did :yes: . So now I beleave i may be a little late for work :o= . Thanks for the help.

  7. I have and installed bf2 and have no problems with it. Runs a little sluggish and have only played single player. I never patched anything. I just bought bf2 special forces , and it gives me a message that it is installing a patch, but it never completes it. after 25 minutes of waiting and trying again and again, the same thing happens. i went and started bf2 again and it works fine. However i did notice that i now have the wake island map , so it seems that some sort of patch was installed.

    however I have never completly been able to install special forces. i have never recieved a prompt to install disk 2. Is this a bad disk. I mean it should install or at least give me a error message. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks :wall:

  8. You gota understand , I just got a new pc ,so now i am catching up with all the games I have missed over the past 3 years or so. I downloaded the demo for h&dangerous2 . It is very impressive, I almost think its better than COD. So I was just curious of what you guys think of the game. Just looking for feedback. thanks :)

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