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  1. I Been playin this on and off all day.It does kind of remind me of an improved OFP.I mean it has some of the same feel...If they could do a lil better with the AI it would be a great game. I have like maybe 6 or 7 hours in the game,,and I havent even really scratched the surfice....Some long load times it seems ,and the Ai lacking,,but there is alot of playability. It does have some feel like BF2..But it much more stealthier and much biger maps..I like it..Definatly worth the cash.. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

  2. WEll I just bought the game,,I needed something to mess with..The engine and graphics are a lil dated..Its kind of like Blackhawk Down. I havent really bit into it yet. I played online for about an hour..Huge Huge maps. Tons of weapons..I think it might be kinda good..It was definatly fun for what I played. And a hell of alot better than some of the more recent games I have tried. I am all about the Gameplay..Not an huge eyecandy person. I would rather have good gameplay than good graphics...thats why GR1 is still my favorite even now... :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: and for 19 bucks,,######,, :shifty::shifty:

    Just going through the manuel right now,,,,there is so much stuff,,I am just wondering if it is all relavent,if it is,Its pretty deep....

  3. There are a couple of realism mods out there. I have tried a few in the past. But I think it was the last realism MOD that was created that worked best.I have forgoten tha name of it. DOes anyone remember???Also I found out that in the realism mods that it would hide objects on the map.THis made it difficult to find mission objectives. Anyone here can point me to a tested realism mod....Much appreciated...


  4. Hi..Well I guess I have a few questions I need help with. First of all I found a great site that has lots of obscure media..Tons of stuff,Legal and free..


    Check it out if you havent already. Ok They have lots of stuff in stream format. is there anyway you can save and burn in this format ?

    Also I was wondering can I burn mp3's to a DVD ( Lots more room ) and then rip them from disk later to burn on a CDR ?. Basically saveing them to DVD to play on my PC,,But might burn them later to listen in my car ?..

    Anyway I come here to this site when I have questions..CUZ you guys are all so smart... Actually every question i have asked has been sucesfully answeared..



  5. ya mine passed ,actually pretty good.. I just need more ram,,But 512 will work. yes its not going to be the best looking,but it will do for the moment.. i have purchased almost every major FPS for the past 10 years. Iam always a little behind with my pc ,,but I get it to work, Regardless,, To me its the game not the graphics. How many pretty games are there that just suck,,, Like 80% ,,LOL

  6. GR was very Tuesday Centric

    GR Gold day was a Tuesday.

    GR Demo day was a Tuesday.

    GR Release day was a Tuesday.

    GR:AW seems to have an affinity for Wednesdays.

    GR:AW PC gold was Wednesday 19/04/06

    GR:AW PC Demo MAYBE Wednesday 26/04/06????????

    GR:AW PC Retail is Wednesday 03/05/06

    Synchronicity or marketing ?  :unsure:

    DAM you should be an investigator......


    Nice work though :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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