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  1. I think the reason GRAW2 isnt that popular is because its a hard game to play.I just picked it up for 19 bucks.Been playimg it on and off over the weekend.I think its the best tittle I have played in a long time.I was just messing around playing some coop by myself. I had to stop cuz it was so hard.But I will be going back. Online play is great also. I just think this game would have a certain amount of apeal to only a few.I was going to tell a few friends of mine to pick it up.However when [GR] was in full tilt I told the same friends to pick it up. Out of 6 people only 2 could grasp the game play. The others returned it. However I do strongly recomend it.
  2. Well I just bought Graw 1 for 10 bucks.What a fantastic deal.I remember when the game came out and alot of people were not happy with it. I didnt buy it then because I coundnt even run the demo on my PC. Now I have upgraded and couldnt turn down giving it a run.Well MY conclusion is.....And this is from ad die hard [GR] player.I played that game for about five years. Anyway its a great game. A nice addition the GR family. I dont no why people gave it such a hard time. I mean the system specs were kind of ridiculous for the time. But I really have had a good time with it. Multiplayer is pretty tuff and its kind of hard to find a server.All in all IMO its a great game. Now of course I have to download every single coop map and try them out. However After installing about 12 maps. I cant seem to see some of them in the lineup. Its not because they are installed in the wrong place. There doesnt seem to be any scroll to chose them. It shows a list and I cant see some of them at the bottom. Anyone else have this problem? Does anyone no what I am even talking about? anyway feedback would be appreciated. Also ,I came across about 8 gigs of GR mods in my collection yesteday. Anyone looking for something specific? You need anything added to the DL page Rocky? Thanks all
  3. I have a chance to download the demo this weekend. I have use of a good internet connection. Will the most recent demo work for USA pc's ? I am really looking forward to the release for the full game..Thanks for any help.
  4. Ok first of all this Game is great. I wrote a bit about it in a previous post. It does have a SP mode which is better than most. I am also suprised that it has not recieved that much interest from the [GR] community. You do have to connect to Steam to get everythng updated and patched. I have dial-up and after a day or so I was set to go. Lots of custom maps al;so available. There are no zooms ,and you do have iron sights. The sniper firearms do have a zoom. It is a great game. Its not to fast and not to slow. Honestly it is my favorite game since [GR]. I own and have played all the major realeases FPS over the past 6 years..Just get it....you wont regret it,,,
  5. WOW,,thats just crazy...That what my son is asking for ,,for xmass.....I think thats going to be a big fat NOOOOO!!!!>>>lol
  6. I was wondering if this cannon even existed ? Is a Fake ?
  7. I fixed it I fixed it....You can take down this thread if you like.
  8. I need some help please. I just took out my Nvidia fx 5200, and istalled a fx5600... with 256 instead of the 128. Anyway its not recognized by windows. The Nvidia display comes on for a bit when I restart my pc. But I dont even see a display device registering on the device manager tree. I did install the drivers. But it does not help..ALso when I check DXdiag you dont see anything for the new graphics card. But it says everthing is working fine. Oh one more thing I have lost sound also .Its all messed up.. SHould I re-format ?..I dont really want to. Help Me please
  9. .. Would love to hear more of your dial-up experience! Well My experiance isnt all that bad. I have had a ping of up too 900 before.. But I think I get it around 150-225-..Yaa I no thats not all that good. But I played [GR] for many years on dialup. You seem to learn from your handicap. It was funny because I had Dsl at one time for a short while. And When I went to play [GR] on it I ruled!!!...I was actually acused of cheating. Surely that never happend again once I had to go back to dialup..Anyway. As far As Red Orchestra goes. I usually stick to the semi auto firearms.I have had good experiances being a machinegunner also. I look for the lowest ping servers and try to figure out which ones are US ones. There are always tons of servers Runing. I also look for mostly Infantry maps being played. The only painful time was when I first got the game and had to all the updates. It took about a day. But As I mentioned before Steam alowed me to pause and resume updates. Once all was updated I had no problems joining games and using the offline practice mode. it is by far the best game I have played since [GR]. Its been really hard for me to find any tittle that comes close to [GR]..IMO..I just downloaded about 20 custon maps, and there seems to be many more Mods to come..Its definatly worthwhile to check out.ANd dont be to scared if you have dialup.
  10. I dont comment or review very much. However this time Its different. I have been looking at this title Red Orchestra for over a month now. From the begining it caught my eyes. I usually come here for feeback and look at a few other sites for reviews. Well It has been reviewd fairly well. And its seemed to have a fairly large and supportive community. It was mentioned that its a multiplayer game. I have dialup so I restrained from buying it. Well I broke down and bought it on Thursday. I had to download about 348 MB of updates,Which on dialup can take an eternity. A nice feature about Steam is that it alows you to pause and resume updates. SO finally on Saterday I was updated and ready to go. I first tried the offline practice mode to get familyer with the maps. Every single map is stunning. They are just the right size and the detail is wonderful. The city maps are about the best I ever played. Your choices of player range from machine gunner,to tank comander. Tank fights are a blast . The AI for the bots intelegence can be adjusted, which is a nice feature. I set up an off line lan game to see if you can play it that way. Well you can. and you can have as many bots as you like to join. On Sunday I figure why not try the multiplayer. I connected with ease and found many many servers. I just picked one and figured I would be lagging because of my dial up connection. Well to my suprise it ran fairly well. The controls are fairly simple to understand. the gameplay was phenomanal. This is truly a TAC game. There is not to much spray and pray. You just dont get effective results. And teamwork is essential. also there are no rets and no zoom other than the sniper rifle. And you have to take into consideration distance because of bullet fall. (not sure of the right name for it). The details are a constant state of awe. Missed bullets whizz by you hitting concrete and the ground. Machine gun tracers hitting sand bags and ricocheting off slowly. Its just to much here to describe. I have played all the major Pc releases over the past 5 years . And most of the time its a huge letdown or the joy quickly leaves. I do enjoy Bf2 , But it is what it is. I still play [GR] and nothing has compared to it. However this tittle is a diferant. Its not a comparison to [GR]. But its made with the same quality and support. Lots of Mods are being made at this current time. If your looking for a a great Tactical game. Are ok with the WW2 theme, and like realism. Look no further. Check this game out. You will be quite suprised. and slowly addicted.
  11. Is there even going to be a US release date? I think this is the only title am looking forward to.
  12. And I'm with him on this...I'll sacrifice cutting edge graffix any day to get outstanding gameplay. Totally have to agree with this. I think this is the only up coming tittle I am looking forward to.
  13. Soooooooo...Its only an online game..And when I first install it I mostlikely have 60000000 million MB of upoloads and patches to even get in a game. And there is no way to practice offline...WOW.. That aint gonna work for my dialup connection.. It does seem like a pretty decent game..Thats to bad for me.
  14. I was thinking of getting this title. Its pretty in-expensive But I was waondering. 1, Do you always have to have an active internet connection to play. 2, Is there single player with bots availbe with out a connection. 3, Anyone like it?
  15. If you play single player do you have to be connected to the internet? Is there an offline Lan choice ?....
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