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  1. Yeh, I like it ALOT...But anytime I try and de-activate the CO2 mod in GR after I activate it, the whole game crashes and I have to re-install GR 4 or 5 times before it works again. Any comment from the Co2 team or anybody else on how to fix this? I really love the mod, but just cant use it and be able to de-activate it so I can use any other mods.
  2. Um...I think it's comnig out November 2005 too...... (not sure tho)
  3. In my opinion..Gr2 should be just like Gr1. The only things that would be changed are a few of the graphics on the soldiers (maybe give them new skins), more guns, but still a few of the old ones, more combat level points (have it go up to like, 15 or something) and the glitches, AI, ect. Basically, same as the old, except new maps, new skins, new guns, and fixing the AI and all..So it's basically quite close to the original...........I do like the medic idea, cuz many times whenever one of my guys died, I felt like I had to just instantly quick load..And I catch myself quick saving about every 4 seconds...So yes, the medics are a good idea. But I do think the UBI team is ruining everything GR was supposed to be about. Recon..sneaking around...using teamwork to take out the Opfor. Took the smilies right outta my mouth bud.
  4. I want to hurt the UBI people..........Bad......
  5. My thoughts exactly. So wait....We have a game that peeps have waited for for more than 3 years...Where you CANT change character...The sniper specialist is a girl (girls, in my opinion...DO NOT belong in a special forces unit)...and the games going to be based around the Xbox instead of PC. This is one game I wont be wasting my money on. The UBI soft team cant take GR2 and shove it some place, because this game sounds like it wont even be half as good as the first.
  6. Hey snowman, I got a question....And this has just been nawing at me....When you saw the snipers ingame..Did they have ghillie suits or anything? Cuz from what ive seen of the GR2 characters (and it's been limited, so thi is just an assumption), they didnt look very "militaryish", liek the guys in the first GR did...And if the snipers dont have ghillie suits...I'm really not sure I wanna buy it.
  7. No, dude, these guys are good. I can just send like, one guys out and he'll complete a whole mission on veteran. Yuo can totally tell the diference between them and a guy with all his stats up to eight
  8. Hey guys, I threw a thing together than gives you the island thunder guys, with the boonie hats and all, but you get to use them as specialists in the original GR campaign. The different thing about them tho is that they're insanely good. I copied these stats down...... Rifleman Weapon:20 Stealth: 15 Endurance: 10 Leadership: 17 Demo Weapon:20 Stealth: 15 Endurance: 8 Leadership: 25 Sniper Weapon:25 Stealth: 20 Endurance: 5 Leadership: 20 Support Weapon:25 Stealth: 10 Endurance: 15 Leadership: 10 There's no new modeling or anything, and this is the type of stuff a 2 year old could do, but i just made it cuz i got sick of how bad the original specialists suck, and I just thought that i'd be nice and share with the community some of my $#!@ty work If anybody wants em, just leave ur email....
  9. I got a friend who's a sniper in the Marine Corps, and I must say, that is possibly the most ballsiest job ever, besides the navy seals or delta force. To crawl about a mile into enemy territory, while the enemy's all around you, snipe out a "Target" and then haul ass outta there.....Damn Althought most could call it "cowardly", I personally dont think so.....Whats more cowardly....Sitting in a 5-10 ton tank, miles behind friendly lines....or being out, a mile into enemy terrain, with nothin but a backup pistol, your sniper rifle, and your spotter...lookin for a specific target. I'm not sayin being a tank operator isnt gutsy, but I just think snipers are way more brave \ skilled than some peeps that operate tanks...but just in different ways I guess....
  10. Ok, thank you so much guys
  11. I checked the "ModsCont" text file in my Origmiss folder of GR, and it said I have version 1.00
  12. I cant see it, My resolution must be messed up because the place where it shows what version I have is off the screen. Any way I can adjust the resolution of the main screen in GR?
  13. Hey guys, when I try and play GR online, it says something bout me not having the right software version. Are there any patches that I need to download, or is something wrong with my game? I just have the original GR, DS, and IT, other than that, I havent installed anything else.
  14. Hey guys, Whenever I try to play a campaign for a MOD, my GR crashes. I tried to play the Canadian Operatives 2.0 campaign, but it crashed everytime...same with the British Infantry Mod...I really dont know whats wrong, I'm installing the mods right and all, the campaigns just wont work..or the single player missions included with the campaign. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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