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  1. Ahem...did someone mention ghostown? (work in progress view from the house)
  2. lol...we've only been pounding on folks to not be afraid to try something new/old here. We're pretty sure you won't be sorry.
  3. Yeah, I wished they had included better modding tools for the AI...this would have opened up more co-op gameplay options, anything, actually that required AI players in a multiplayer environment. I really wanted to do a defend gametype. I do know that the C++ code release for FarCry is impending, so that will open up new options. Right now, there are LMS, VIP and Domination gametypes in the mod. I really just want to get folks in the GR community to try it out...we were thinking a lot about those folks when we created this mod. It's not FarCry anymore, but rather feels like GR on a better engine.
  4. All we ask is that you try the mod after August 1st before you publicly state an opinion about it, good or bad. Once you've actually tried it in a server with other folks in there, we welcome your opinion in any public forum. Constructive criticism from folks who have actually played the mod with others has always been welcome, and listened to...just check our forums at www.ObsidianEdge.net and you'll see this to be true. We are just attempting to create a gaming experience that has been missing in the more recent FPS games that have been released. It has been a long road, puncuated by FarCry folks shouting "if we wanted GR, we'd buy it!" and GR folks saying "FarCry?!? Ewwww!" All we ask is a fair shake, if it's not your cup of tea, we understand. But we do ask that you hold your opinion until after you've played it. You may be suprised. We hope it's a pleasant one. @Jack57 - I'll still take the complement, though...lol.
  5. Wow. I for one will not just tranfer my hopes to GR3, assuming the best...just like we did for GR2 when we heard we were not first. No, that's what put us where we are standing now...empty-handed after TWO console releases. I'm not going to assume that since UBI has made so many bad decisions to this point that this inevitably increases the probability that their next decision will be a good one. Try that logic at the gambling tables with your money and see how it turns out. No, it's time we stopped whining and did the job ourselves. Come help, or just continue to sit here and cry, and hope, and cry. www.ObsidianEdge.com
  6. Soroc

    Our Own Game

    The lightness or darkness of each type of tree can be easily modified on a map. Or you can simply include your own tree models. Besides, not all of the maps look like a tropical paradise...recognize this map? Compare these with mp_caves_oe and and mp_swamp_airfield, and you see the wide variety of environments we can do...
  7. Soroc

    Our Own Game

    Rugg is right. And to make everyone feel at home, we remade a few old favorites. When was the last time the Caves map looked this cool? This is mp_caves_oe from the Obsidian Edge mod for FarCry. Just finished up for playtest this morning...still needs some edge work. Many custom non-GR maps also. pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 pic 5 pic 6 [oversize images replaced by URL's]
  8. We are very close to releasing the public beta (Beta3) of Obsidian Edge. Read more at www.ObsidianEdge.com
  9. Why wait? Check this out... www.ObsidianEdge.com
  10. I just hope the editing tools (especially the mapping ones) are more user friendly...Igor is a piece of crap compared to Sandbox. I'm hoping for big improvements!!
  11. Lag issues in the mapcycle necessitated a version 2 to resolve them. Get it here: mp_tank v2.0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 2.0 - Mapcycle Lag Issue Resolved ------------------------------------------------- Fixes include: Creating new maps from scratch seems to cause a lag issue on the map following the custom one. Redid the map entirely on a production Crytek map (mp_airstrip). This resolved the mapcycle lag issue. The map is now two kilometers across instead of 512 meters. This allowed for nice edgework, making the mountains more realistic. It also allowed for a larger play area. Look around. Adjusted textures for better coloration. Normal rendering mode is now preferred. Vegetation completely redone. Sprite usage adjusted on the grass...looks better. Lag by second ammo pickup (by the big truck) fixed. Other minor changes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's some pictures. The first three show the actual environmental settings, while the fourth and fifth have the fog removed to better see parts of the map. About half the map shown here.
  12. Your question is a good one, and a tuning issue. The fadeout or "sprite" usage distance on the foliage is controllable. It remains to be seen what the appropriate distance is. I may go look at the stock maps as a reference. In any case, it's just another setting that we can control in the map-building process.
  13. Part of the reason for the color saturation is that I was not fully aware of the affect of the "ambient color" under the environment settings when I released 1.7. With that changed, the map renders in a less saturated fashion. That is really the problem...all of the colors are heavily over-saturated, and the ambient color is causing much of that effect. In fact, in the night version of the map, before I changed the ambient color, the rocks still glowed in a warm gold color in a night environment! That's how much effect it has. There will be a final release once we determine the source of the memory leak that appears in about 50% of the custom maps. We are testing right now. I will also have the ambient color toned down at that time also.
  14. If you put the same engine in a Corvette and a Chevette, wouldn't they be the same car? lol
  15. I'd like to be hopeful, but I have little confidence that UBI isn't going to "gamebox" or "xbox" the title. Of course, I'd love to be surprised. Harntrox's mod has been the only oasis in a very long desert of neglect from UBI on this game.
  16. Rugg is right. If no major issues arise by around friday, We will put the final version on-line by Friday night or Saturday morning. Please bear in mind that this is my first map project ever, so impressions may vary. What we really need is for someone to get into the LUA code in Farcry and create mission types like coop and last man standing. Then we can have the GR2 that we all really want!
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