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    Crysis 2?

    Back in March I was one of the lucky folks that Crytek flew over to Germany to see what they were doing. I about crapped playing the SP at that point ...and of course I was sad/glad that MP sucked even then. They sure left the door open on MP for mod teams.
  2. Weapons modeling, texturing, and rigging has taken a back seat to learning all of the new stuff in the engine. From a weapons and rigging standpoint, there doesn't seem to be much difference from the FarCry standard mechanics. On the other hand, the whole coding model is diferent, the entire way to approach modeling for frames per second impact has changed from poly oriented to materials oriented, etc. So we have had our hands full learning all the new ropes.
  3. I think the big thing was that OE1 was not immersive enough. There was still too much FarCry fabric sticking out from underneath the OE1 covers. It wasn't a toal conversion by any means, so you were always being dragged back to reality by seeing recognizable models and features from FarCry. And since FarCry was unapologetically run and gun, I think that was the issue. At least it was for me. That's why we decided if we wanted to try it again, it had to be completely immersive...a total conversion with it's own flavor and style.
  4. Right, you don't. I appreciate that you admit that rather than just ragging on the team.
  5. This thread shows it on the Bridges map...although you can't really see the dynamic static of the display that you get when you really use it. http://www.obsidianedge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=127
  6. The folks that got their Igor stripes will be spoiled silly with the Sandbox Editor. Since the Crysis version (Sandbox2) works principally like the FarCry version (Sandbox1), you can scoop a copy of FarCry from the bargain bin, download the 1.4 patch of the game and take the editor for a full spin on the cheap. (Shhhh...The heightmaps can even be imported into Sandbox2 later!) I haven't messed with the Graw2 editor, so I can't make a comparison.
  7. I'm not sure I agree entirely. Sure, the late release of the SDK was a mistake (and they have been very clever in getting the SDK out even before release this time) but I suspect it had more to do with the game itself running out of steam rather quickly. I guess that is why there is a mission editor included at release. Respectfully krise madsen I wouldn't disagree with you. But mods would have had a better shot if they could have produced something before the crowd drifted off. So our points are quite similar. To really have a successful mod, you need a large audience for the base game...because not all of those players will like your mod. You will only get a percentage...and your percentage is a larger number of people if the potential audience is larger. If you're only going to get 10%, wouldnt you rather it be 10% of 100,000 rather than 10% of 1,000 ?
  8. heh...you have to remember that just about the only thing we focused on for OE1 was the gameplay and the maps. That's where 80% of the work went. A few weapons got modeled, and the characters got reskinned for better cammo, and that was pretty much it. OE2 on the other hand is a total conversion. There is very little from Crysis we are borrowing besides vegetation and some terrain textures. We've averaged 10-14 modelers working at all times on the mod for a year now. The trickle of content we have shared doesn't do the modeler's work justice. I mean, you gotta have *some* surprises, eh? If you think you've seen what we have, we'll be releasing some teaser video footage in the 4th quarter to show that you are mistaken.
  9. Crytek screwed up FarCry by releasing the SDK about a *year* after the game came out. That pretty much killed any real mod possibilities on CryEngine1. They have learned their lesson.
  10. Yes. We are still waiting for some final Crysis SDK elements to finish them correctly for the game. No sense acquiring gratuitious rework...
  11. With the heightened learning curve on the Crysis SDK as well as resource constraints, we (the OE2 team) had to make a decision to start with either SP or MP gameplay. As the public has now heard, only PowerStruggle and FFA will be available out of the box for Crysis MP, so we targeted the MP side of gameplay. We always had plans for a SP campaign (with the plan to see if Co-op could be done). There could well be opportunities to create the SP side of OE2 once the game comes out and the NDA and EULA baggage we are carrying is no longer an issue. There are already early draft mission designs...
  12. I wasted $45 on Call of Duty and could never play it more than 30-45 minutes because of this very thing. In the GRAW2 demo I have already had to stop playing because of this. I'll wait and see what folks are saying before I make that mistake again and waste $$$ on another game I end up not being able to play. For those of you that can't comprehend what this is like, reverse your mouse control (Invert mouse) and try to play for 30 minutes. Keep a trash can nearby...
  13. Wow...I haven't stopped in here in over a year and I thought I'd come post a few pics quietly and leave, but Lightspeed beat me to it. So I'll just post a few select early in-game screenshots and leave. In spite of the fact that we are creating somethig very special, I'm not planning on posting updates here as it was clearly not appreciated last time around with OE1. If that has changed, please let me know as we would be happy to share with you what we are doing. But in any case drop in at our site, as you might just be interested in what we are doing...then again, maybe not. Have a nice day. http://www.ObsidianEdge.net These are in-game screenshots using the pre-Alpha CryEngine2 SDK.
  14. Soroc


    Could you imagine if there could be a ghost recon shooter, with allthe GR feel in that realistic jungle? I'd be hooked. http://www.crymod.com/index.php?area=1&amp...&newsid=231
  15. Wow...I wish I'd caught that discussion back in April about one shot kills, or alternatives. I always thought that games with one-shot kills came from the fact that it is really hard to be realistic with getting shot in a game. Basically, you only have a few options: Player is dead (ala GR1 / RvS) Player is damaged in some lasting way (think GR1 legshot) Player reacts physically in some fashion (like OE1 bulletspin) Player is completely unaffected while health/armor counts go down (think BF2 and FarCry...yes keep shooting while being repeatedly shot in the face!) Other variants / combinations of the above I never liked the idea that you could keep pouring lead into someone while being shot...seemingly unaffected, so we introduced bullet spin into OE1. Also, I liked the idea of a permanent consequence of being shot (like GR1 had) but we ran out of time on OE1. I kinda like the idea of a "stagger" effect. That also could be done with the bullet spin, having an impulse cause a stagger and a turn based on where you are shot. We plan to have lasting damage in OE2, as well as medics that cannot completely heal you to 100%. Just some thoughts.
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